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DL Scanlations


You're sitting there in front of the computer, slaving away, trying to translate the next chapter of a novel. You're only one scroll away from the end now... and now you're three lines... two... one... and you're done!

You lean back and pump your fists into the air, screaming "HALLELUJAH" out the window, scaring your neighbor's dog into barking and the squirrels into dropping their acorns on the unlucky passerby that just happened to walk by the tree.

After another few minutes or so, you walk back to your seat and realize... that there's a next chapter button.






















































Welcome to DL Scanlations!

...Oh yes, this is a true translation site. Well, as close as possible.


-Unscrupulous Enchantress: The Eldest Young Miss has Arrived! (Ongoing)

-Medical Examiner Dr. Qin (Ongoing)

-I Heard You Like Me Too (Ongoing)

Describe mental state in less than 30 words


It's time to go on vacation!

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