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Chapter 11

“Incompetent woman, have you forgotten your place?” Lu Caiyun screamed. She needs to thoroughly teach this woman that does not know what’s good for her! Beat her up until she’s worming around on the floor, begging for mercy!

       “My good sister, my uselessness, isn’t that all caused by you?” Lu Shiqian coldly sneered, “Do you think I don’t know about those “good things” you’ve done?

       This is because the old Lu Shiqian was easy to bully, allowing them to plot against her again and again. The first time they had harmed her was when she was 10. They had poisoned her and even though it was not lethal, her constitution had collapsed and her intelligence took a major blow. Her days as a proud lady standing above the clouds abruptly ended and she fell and became an unredeemable idiot. The second time happened when Lu Ningxiang left for the battlefield. They beat up and chased away her teacher, who in turn called her an unruly child creating her reputation as a child who doesn’t respect her teachers. For the third time, Lu Caiyun stole pretty, young boys from other families and framed Lu Shiqian for it, branding her as a wanton woman. They have also secretly insulted and injured her countless times, a very sinister pair.

       “I say, if it were not because of our sisterly bond, what do you think would happen if these happenings were to spread to the Lu Matriarch?” Lu Shiqian coldly smiled. She was feeling very resentful right now. If you guys are asking to be face-slapped, then don’t blame me for being discourteous!

       What will happen? Of course they will be evicted from the family!

       Lu Caiyun was scared. The Matriarch strictly forbade clansmen from fighting or plotting amongst themselves. If found out, they will be dealt 40 hits with a wooden paddle and kicked out of the family! If this really happens, she will be finished! She won’t be able to climb up again for her entire lifetime!

       Since you already know everything, then you can’t blame me for retaliating! Lu Caiyun thought, she must find a way to get rid of Lu Shiqian. Would it be better to kill her? The West Courtyard usually doesn’t have a lot of people, even if she killed Lu Shiqian, no one should be able to find out. The servants under her are all stubborn; they will not reveal the truth even in death. What can others do about it? Yes, this is it!

       “Big Sis,” Lu Caiyun suddenly smiled, “this is my fault, please forgive me.” Lu Caiyun steadily walked towards Lu Shiqian. In terms of martial arts, Lu Caiyun has some talent: already at the second-rank. She will personally experience the amount of effort a second-rank practitioner needs against an ordinary person!

       A palm strike was suddenly handed out.

       Too transparent! Lu Shiqian shook her head, everything that Lu Caiyun is thinking about is written in her eyes. Her face was full of smiles but her eyes were filled with a murderous aura.

       Lu Shiqian stood in a Taekwondo ready position. In the other world, she was a 9th Dan Black Belt master! Even though the martial arts of her other world cannot compare to this world’s qi-based one, she has utmost confidence in dealing with a mere 15-year-old girl.

       Lu Caiyun missed her first punch and immediately followed up with another one. Every move was aimed towards Lu Shiqian’s vitals; she was seriously trying to kill her!

       Cleverly blocking her hit, Lu Shiqian grabbed onto Lu Caiyun’s wrist and ruthlessly twisted. There was a “pacha” sound and Lu Caiyun fell to the floor screaming while clutching her wrist.

       Her wrist is broken.

       Lu Shiqian did not hold back at all and shocked all the people nearby. She had so swiftly and cleanly dealt with a second-rank practicioner? Is she really the same useless and incompetent woman they had known?

       There was not a single ounce of pity in Lu Shiqian as she watched Lu Caiyun scream her head off. This was just the tip of the iceberg compared to what they had done to her before.

       “Daughter, what’s wrong?” Xu Jun heard his daughter screaming and rushed into the room to find her squirming on the floor, holding onto a hand that was as big as a bowl. Distressed and confused by the situation, he sternly asked a servant nearby, “What the heck happened here?”

       “Eldest… Eldest Miss…” the servant shuddered, afraid to say more, and pointed at Lu Shiqian. The servants had faced Xu Jun’s fury before but this Eldest Miss in front of them was like she changed persons. They dared not offend her.

       Xu Jun narrowed his eyes at Lu Shiqian and sharply demanded, “You bag of grass, what did you do to Yun’er?”

       Lu Shiqian unhurriedly and nonchalantly faced the most frightening man in the Lu family, Xu Jun. She slowly said, “What can I, a grass-bag, possibly do to her? She tripped over herself and managed to break her wrist, how is that related to me in any way?”

       Tripped and broke her wrist? Who the f*** would believe that?! However, Xu Jun did not have the proof to refute these words. He carefully lifted his daughter and threatened, “I will definitely bring up this matter with the Matriarch and ask for her judgement, Lu Shiqian!” He gritted his teeth as he said the three characters in her name, showing how much he hates her.

       Yes, he abhors her! When he was young, Zhang Jun managed to win the affections of Lu Ningxiang. He finally managed to have a daughter but then Lu Shiqian held the affections of the Matriarch. He abhors the pair! He can’t wait for the day they die with no burial place!

       The place quieted down after Xu Jun brought his daughter away. As for his threat, Lu Shiqian was not afraid of them.

       She felt relieved: people are delivering themselves to her and that is good, now she won’t have to personally go find them.

       “Big Sis?” Lu Xianghui tentatively called out to her. Earlier, he had seen Lu Caiyun walking towards his sister’s room so he hurried over to protect his beloved sister. To his surprise, he heard his eldest sister refuting and putting down Lu Caiyun. Each sentence was sharp and he had never heard his sister say such words things before. Listening to these words only made him feel satisfied. After that, he even saw his sister use some strange move to break Lu Caiyun’s wrist. His feelings: incredible! Is this really his Big Sis?

       “Lil’ Hui, you’re here! Did you bring any good food over?” Lu Shiqian joyfully ran over and looked at his empty hands. Seeing nothing there, her mouth drooped down.

       “Big Sis!” Lu Xianghui found this situation funny. Does his sister only know how to eat? But this is also good: this is just like Big Sis!

       This is the sister that he needs to properly protect!

       Meanwhile, Lu Ningxiang was angered once more. Her rage was about to burst out!

       Most of the time, she is a calm and strict woman, very rarely is she mad. In the past three days, she had been angered twice. These two times were not caused by anyone but her incompetent daughter, Lu Shiqian!

       Xu Jun spilled out his grievances and resentment towards Lu Shiqian in front of the Matriarch. He emphasized how lovely and kind his daughter, Lu Caiyun, was to honor their siblings bond and went to visit Lu Shiqian out of goodwill. However, that ungrateful girl unreasonably harmed his daughter yet Lu Caiyun was still forgiving and patient with that girl. In a sentence: Matriarch, you must properly address the grievances of us, father and daughter, two!

*(Translated by DL Scanlations. Visit to read ahead.) 

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