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Chapter 10

Lu Shiqian thought, since the body is able to store magic power, then the more there is the better, right? Then I may as well do it all at once. In one breath, she opened 100 magic seas and felt her body continuously absorbing magic from the natural world. Her excitement can be imagined; her confidence doubled and she took a deep breath and continued cultivating until she turned to the last page.
    “Shit!” Lu Shiqian is not one that usually curses. But the warning on the final page was like a bolt of thunder striking her. 
    With no doubt, Lu Shiqian is a genius. Her comprehension ability is extraordinary, even more so because she had transmigrated bringing with her the top equipment and pets from in game. Thus, she was very successful at building her magic power, building almost a hundred times in one sitting! You must be aware the amount of difficulty in accumulating magic power and Lu Shiqian’s results can only be from her natural affinity. You can compare it this way: she is an ocean while others are a cup. This kind of starting point is one that others can’t reach in a lifetime! So, she can call herself a peerless genius— one that appears once in a million years!  
    Warning: this sentiment has been passed down since ancient times and has a plausible basis. If you are able to successfully open your magic seas, absolutely don’t open more than two at a time… words of advice from Wan Ye.
    Lu Shiqian may not know who Wan Ye is, but she quickly found out why you shouldn’t open more than two points at a time.
    So why shouldn’t you?
    The reason for this lies in the mage path which is divided this way: first rank is the apprentice mage; second rank to fourth rank is the mage; fifth rank and sixth rank is the archmage; seventh rank is high mage; eight rank great mage; and ninth rank grand mage.    
    Raising your rank to an apprentice mage is akin to filling a cup with water, once it’s filled you will automatically be a first-rank mage. To raise your rank to from the second rank to third rank requires 2 to 3 cups of water. The higher the rank, the more magic power you need and the larger the so-called “container.”
    Her situation is different: from the very beginning, she was able to open a hundred magic seas. Compared to a cup, a sea obviously stretches far beyond the horizons.
    So the question has now become: how many cups of water do you need to fill a sea?
    Especially when it’s not just one or two magic seas, it’s more than a hundred magic seas!
    So the revised question should be: how many cups of water do you need to fill a hundred seas?
    Now she has a formula to gain magic power, and yes, she no longer has to worry about that. But she can’t be an apprentice mage forever, right?
    Thinking about the possibility of this scenario becoming reality, Lu Shiqian’s grief and anger exploded as a string of curses: “You stupid, trashy book! Why didn’t you write the damn warning at the front of the book?!” 
    A lifetime as an apprentice mage still makes her a mage, right? Thinking about it this way lifted Lu Shiqian’s mood as she flipped to the incantations section of “Million***” and reality hit her once again like a blunt axe chopping down on her. The lowest-ranked spell in this book was Rank 8!
    “I might as well just kill myself!” 
    Rank 8, isn’t this… isn’t this just killing people?!
    She decided to take a step back. Since she can’t use the spells in this book, why not use a different book?
    Even though the Lu family is a martial family, it does not mean that they do not have any books on magic. She rummaged and skimmed through many before she reached a conclusion: the apprentice mage really is useless. They can only use a total of six spells: small fireball, small ice-ball, small wind-ball, small wood-ball, small gold-ball, and elementary healing. All these spells contain the word small, and elementary, so the power is consequently low. 
    Speaking of this, another reason why she can be dubbed a peerless genius has emerged. Lu Shiqian is the only one in all of history that can use all five attributes of magic. This kind of person has not existed even in legends!
    Gold, wood, water, fire, and earth: If a person can use just one of the elements, they have the possibility of becoming a mage. If you have two, then congratulations! All mages are waving you over. One person in history had three attributes and nobody has ever had four elements. If a person can use all five types of magic, then they are definitely the leader of a brand new era. 
    However, this legend will probably be stuck at the apprentice mage level, capable of using only apprentice-rank spells, for the rest of her life!
    In summary, Lu Shiqian is a genius— a peerless genius— but is also the biggest failure among geniuses— the peerless failure!
    This conclusion made her want to bash her head against the wall.
    “Eldest Sister is sure relaxed,” Lu Caiyun said as she and a servant pushed open the door and stepped in. Her job has always been to degrade her sister. Look at this useless grass bag. See her dumb and empty mind? She has only been under house arrest for two weeks and she already can’t stand it? Hmph, she should just hurry up and kick the bucket. 
    Lu Shiqian was still immersed in her own world at that moment. She had just received a powerful blow and her mind was a mess.
    “Eldest Sister, don’t tell me you aren’t even able to speak now. Let me think about this. People are constantly calling you incompetent but now they will have to call you mute on top of that, won’t they?” Lu Caiyun satirically said. This useless woman would only meekly accept insults thrown at her and never retaliates but that’s good, she, Lu Caiyun, likes this about her.
    “Were you not taught any manners by your father?” Lu Shiqian’s voice seemed to fall from the heavens and contained a power that shook the heart. 
    “What?” Lu Caiyun was stunned: this incompetent woman had never used this tone of voice to speak to her. Usually, she would just stare with wide eyes and plead for mercy. 
    “I’m telling you that you weren’t properly educated. If you want to enter my room, then you should knock first and only when I approve can you come in. Now, get out!” Lu Shiqian’s cold eyes shot towards Lu Caiyun like a bolt of lightning. 
    Lu Caiyun was stumped by this glare. What kind of look was this, cold and majestic? What kind of eyes were those? Even the eyes of her mother don’t contain that sensation of falling into a dark abyss: so deep that you don’t want to even stand at the edge and look down. But she quickly remembered that this woman in front of her was not some strong master— it was just some useless scum! A woman that even servants dare to bully! Lu Caiyun felt humiliated for being scared by this woman. This shame slowly changed into rage. 

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