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Chapter 126

It was outrageous for a man to call a woman a grass bag in the first place, much less about such a peerless beauty. The fact that he called her Lu Shiqian was automatically crossed out by the others. How could such an immortal-like woman be that shameless woman?

Lu Shiqian held Lan Ruo and her little brother back… and a dog. What was there to bicker about? Lu Shiqian called out, “Move the boat.” 

Her attitude, in Yu Qingchen’s eyes, was taking a strategic retreat. It further enhanced his belief that she wanted to seduce him. Wasn’t this a common trick woman used? He stopped Lu Shiqian’s small boat and said, “I can marry you, but you must be a concubine!” 

These words really caused people to be unable to scratch their heads. It made them enraged but also confused. Listening to Yu Qingchen, was that immortal-like woman in love with him? 

Where are the heavens?!

Lu Shiqian was not moved. It was a waste of energy to feel anything dealing with these types of people. She faintly replied, “You’re overthinking.” 

Everyone then sighed in relief. Yes, how could such a peerless beauty fancy this garbage man?

Yu Qingchen was originally considered handsome, but after becoming in-laws with the Prime Minister’s family, he gradually grew a double chin. His name meant light, yet unfortunately, he was as heavy as a pig by now. Compared to Lu Shiqian, it was the difference between heaven and earth. 

He was somewhat angered, “Lu Shiqian, don’t be outrageous! The fact that I’m willing to accept you is from a few lifetimes’ worth of burning incense! Don’t play tricks!” 

(TL: He’s saying that it’s a blessing from multiple lifetimes.)

This shameless woman used to cling onto him and would be willing to marry him even as a concubine. How come she’s unwilling now? How could her wild ambitions escape his clever eyes? 

“F*cking hell, I’ve never met someone as shameless as this before! Master, allow me to bite him to death!” Yin was infuriated. 

“F*ck his mother! Master doesn’t even fancy me, how could she fancy you?!” Hong Jin clenched his small paw and cursed. 

“Master, I want to slice him into strips, will you allow it?” Blood red flashed past Wang Cai’s large eyes. 

The newest addition the white-winged unicorn also added, “He’s… too ugly!” 

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. These magic beasts were too impulsive!

However, in Yu Qingcheng’s eyes, it was a perfect compromise. He proudly declared, “I just knew that such a woman would agree!” 

His expression made not only enraged the passerby, even his colleagues were disatissfied. The young lady obviously didn’t say anything. It’s you that’s sitting there talking to yourself!

Lan Ruo had already prepared for battle. The moment that disgusting man said another word humiliating his master, he would splatter his blood!

At this time, the most magnificent boat on the river quickly glided over.  

This boat was inlaid with gemstones, and the shiphead was actually the mysterious night pearl! The boat was tall and wide with a purple cloth softly waving. 

Even the lowliest of the maids on the boat was a Rank 4 practitioner!

Who was so extravagant?

As the boat arrived, a cold yet majestic young voice spoke, “Who dares shame my fiancée? 

This time, not only was the crowd shocked, Lu Shiqian was also! Since when did she become someone’s fiancée? 

However, with the arrival of this boat, all other boats on the river parted way. Purple was the color of power, the color of the royal family. Not just anyone could get it. 

A fourteen or fifteen year old young man walked out from within. His hair was red like blood; his bearing elegant and natural; his face more beautiful than that of a woman; his skin more delicate than that of a woman. However, no one dared to look down on him because there was a inviolable majesty around him. He was the God of War of the Qin Empire: Qin Xingluo!

“Qian’er, come over and sit for a while.” Qin Xingluo gently said to Lu Shiqian. 

This simple line caused people to drop their jaws in shock. 

Especially the noble young men, they all understood this young master very well. His intelligence was first-class, martial arts peerless, but the key was that he doesn’t like women. 

Yu Qingchen was in even greater disbelief. How could the legendary God of War of the Qin Empire have relations with that incompetent woman? How the others reacted was not Lu Shiqian’s problem, she only knew that this young master was acting up again! Qian’er… that sounded so disgusting!

Qin Xingluo saw that Lu Shiqian didn’t react and smiled gently, capturing the hearts of many young ladies, “Since Qian’er doesn’t want to come over, this husband shall head over there right away.” With that said, a flying figure landed steadily on Lu Shiqian’s boat, smoothly embracing her. 

When these two hugged, everyone’s eyes were dazzled. Beautiful! So beautiful!

“Tramp, how come you didn’t come to find me?” Qin Xingluo spoke in a voice only Lu Shiqian could hear, “Also, who is that pretty boy standing behind you?” 

Lu Shiqian replied, “What the f*ck does it have to do with you?!” 

Qin Xingluo seemed to have eaten a cockroach. He smiled on the surface but raged on the inside, “You tramp, hooking up with another man!” 

Lu Shiqian replied, “What the f*ck does it have to do with you?!” 

Qin Xingluo fumed in silence. Ever since he heard that this tramp returned to the capital, he was so happy he wished he could immediately go to find her. However, he waited for her to find him, but no matter how long he waited, she wouldn’t come. He finally heard news that she went out and ended up being the one running to Wuluo River. His heart felt extremely sour. You go boating when you want to go boating, but why didn’t you call me along? 

The boat was arranged and he prepared to create an ‘unexpected encounter’. Who knew that another hindrance would appear? He knew that Yu Qingchen and when Lu Shiqian had relations with him. However, listening to it now, it seemed like it was Yu Qingchen that was the lovestruck one. Would his tramp like that trash? Qin Xingluo smiled and spoke in a voice that was quiet yet everyone could hear, “Qian’er, it’s late. Let’s return home.” 

Lu Shiqian asked, “Home? Which home?” 

Qin Xingluo affectionately replied, “Of course it’s our home.” 

Lu Shiqian went cold. Since when did they grow close enough for him to say ‘our’ home? 

“I believe you have mistaken the person.” Lu Shiqian wanted to tear apart the relationship between this fake bastard and her. Other people would misunderstand seeing such a romantic scene. 

That Yu Qingchen also hurriedly added, “Yes, yes! Your Highness, you probably made a mistake! That woman is an incompetent trash!”

Qin Xingluo’s eyes narrowed, his eyes like thorns and knives, scaring Yu Qingchen so much his legs went weak and almost fell to the floor!

(DL Scanlations)

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