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Chapter 125

When Lu Caiyun saw this residence that was no worse than the general’s mansion, even her heart was stirred. Unfortunately, she only had enough gold coins to drink some wine and play around in the capital each month. Seeing Lu Shiqian’s relaxed appearance, she ridiculed, “You like this house, but can you buy it? Do you have the money?” 

The seller also knew of Lu Shiqian. When she first received her, she was very unwilling, but after a while, she was impressed by her style. She strolled through the residence nonchalantly; her hair was long and silky; her appearance was peerlessly beautiful and her temperament noble. Where was that incompetent woman? Where was that slut in the rumors? 

“I can sell it to you a little cheaper: 400,000 gold coins will give you the deed.” In the spur of the moment, the seller blurted out words that he himself didn’t expect. This house was indeed worth 500,000 gold coins, but he didn’t regret it. If this house was sold to her, it was fine. 

Lu Shiqian smiled slightly, “I have understood mister’s good intentions, but a deal is a deal: 500,000 gold coins it is.” 

This smile was incomparably elegant and warm like the spring breeze. 

The seller looked at Lu Shiqian then looked at Lu Caiyun. No matter what way you look at it, Lu Caiyun seemed to be the incompetent one here. 

Lu Shiqian took out a Magic Crystal Card, “Can I use this?” 

The seller didn’t expect that she could actually afford it and his goodwill instantly rose another few points, “Yes, yes.” 

The transaction was quickly concluded with both sides satisfied. 

The only dissatisfied one was Lu Caiyun. She widened her eyes in disbelief and pointed at Lu Shiqian, “W-W-Where did you get all that money from?!” 

Lu Shiqian didn’t answer her and pulled her little brother into the residence. 

Lu Caiyun wanted to follow but was stopped by Lan Ruo. 

She thickened her face and asked, “Good sister, let me go in and see.” 

Without looking at that shameless fool, Lu Shiqian directly shut the door.

Towards these types of people, the best method would be to flaunt your wealth and make them feel disappointed about themselves. Then, act like they’re air to make them so mad they’ll explode. 

Sure enough, Lu Caiyun was hopping mad. She caught up to them to make fun of Lu Shiqian and to get closer to Lan Ruo. Now, she didn’t succeed in ridiculing Lu Shiqian and instead became the joke herself! The beautiful youth didn’t even touch her skin, giving rise to a whole new round of anger!

“Hmph, what are you being so proud for? One day, everything that is yours will be mine! Including that beautiful man is mine!” Lu Caiyun sinisterly announced. Thinking about the day when Lan Ruo will be under her, she smiled lecherously. 

Lu Shiqian closed the door and took out the magic stone liquid. She beckoned to her little brother, “Quickly come and drink this.” 

Lu Xianghui’s big eyes sparkled, “Eldest Sister, what is this?” 

Lu Xianghui indeed had great talent. After drinking the magic stone liquid, he jumped directly to Rank 4 Warrior. 

An eight year old Rank 4 Warrior… There were very few such cases in the past 500 years of Qin Empire’s history!

Afterwards, if she could find a first-rate teacher to teach him, this guy would definitely improve in leaps and bounds! Lu Shiqian secretly mused. 

Time passed and evening arrived, however, the hustle and bustle on Longyang City’s streets had only just begun. The scholars, merchants, young men and women all came out. The heat in the daytime changed into cold during the night. People went out to play, displaying the prosperity of the Empire. 

The most interesting thing to do was to go cruising on Wuluo River at night. 

Longyang City’s Wuluo River ran from east to west, traversing the entire capital. The river was 300 meters wide and could accomadate both big and small boats. This river had flowed for over a thousand years. It neither dried up nor overflowed. The water quality was clear, raising the women into flowers and men tall and straight. 

There were many beautiful love stories revolving around this beautiful river. 

Gradually, this river became the favorite spot for young men and women. They dressed up properly and came here to play, hoping that they would fall in love at first sight, creating a new long-lasting love story. 

Lu Shiqian thought it seemed fun and also rented a small boat with Xianghui, Lan Ruo, Hong Jin, Yin, and Wang Cai. The Death God flew high above the capital and refused to come down. Who knew what he was thinking?

Lu Shiqian tied her hair and wore simple clothes, but even like this, she couldn’t hide her charisma. On the contrary, she seemed even more bold and unconstrained. Lying at the stern of the boat with her wine cup raised, everyone’s eyes were drawn. 

“Eldest Sister, a lot of people are watching you.” Xianghui smiled slyly. He liked to see other people revolve around his sister. 

Lu Shiqian smiled lightly and didn’t hold back, “It’s alright, around average.” 

A gorgeous boat flowed down the river towards Lu Shiqian’s ship. Just when it was about to pass by them, it stopped. 

A group of noble young men walked out. All of them were bigwigs in the Qin Empire. They saw the passerby staring at Lu Shiqian’s boat and grew curious, so they too came out to see. Once they took a look, their eyes went blind. 

How could there be such a peerless beauty in this world?!

The simple blue dress worn by her seemed to exemplify her beauty. Hair black like the night was tied simply. The most enchanting thing was her lazy look that carried a taste of something new, giving an inherent sense of domination. The best thing was her movements: flowing like water. Just watching was a form of enjoyment. This woman that combined domineering, unrestrained, enchanting, all kinds of charisma, extending her jade hand to pet a fiery red fox, seemed so mysterious. 

People watched and didn’t dare to break this beautiful scene.  

“How come it’s you?” However, a voice broke the silence. 

Everyone dissatisfiedly turned their gaze towards a certain noble on the gorgeous boat. They were unhappy that his tone seemed to indicate they knew this enchanting woman. 

Another noble young man asked the question on everyone’s mind, “Qingchen, you know her?” 

That man was the one that had long scattered from the deepest corners of her mind; the one that the previous Lu Shiqian thought of day and night: Yu Qingchen!

Shock flit past Yu Qingchen’s face. Under his peers’ questioning, he reluctantly said, “That woman is Lu Shiqian, she’s a grass bag.” Rumor had it that she was sent off to the West County, so why was she back? Was she here to nag him again?

At this time, Yu Qingchen had already married the Prime Minister’s daughter, and his career could be said to be a straight path up, his future bright. It was only normal for this woman to want to cling onto him. She created such a scene in order to claim they met unexpectedly. Wasn’t it just trying to attract his attention? 

He wasn’t aware that when he called Lu Shiqian a grass bag, the other people grew angry. 

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