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Chapter 13

What’s even more shocking is that once the contract is formed, the power of the contract will make the magical beast increase by a rank! The higher the level of the master, the more power a magical beast gets from the contract. 
    Even more OP than that is that if the master increases their level or rank, the magical beast will also increase by a rank! If the magical beast increases by a rank, the master will also gain additional power. 
    You can say that this “Contract Book” is a heaven-defying piece!
    Its only shortcoming is that for every new magical beast contracted, there will need to be an extra space. Actually, this disadvantage can’t really be considered one. You can even call this the best accommodation of the “Contract Book.” There is a small separate dimension created in the contract, and it is the best place for magical beasts to cultivate. The power of the contract will continuously give strength to the magical beast. At the same time, magic power will still be shared between the master and beast and can be used at any time. This is like the amount of resources that were available to Lu Shiqian in the game. In addition, this space is even a panacea for magical beasts! If a magical beast is injured during a battle, it can return to the contract space and it will be continuously healed by the released power of the dimension. It will quickly heal any and all injuries suffered by the magical beast!
    Lu Shiqian was overjoyed. Since the “Contract Book” states that both master and magical beast will receive countless benefits, then the more magical beasts she contracts with, the faster she will rank up, right? 
    “Boss, I want this dog!” Lu Shiqian waved her hand and proudly announced. 
    The owner of the magic beast store felt contemptuous towards Lu Shiqian. Even though the her today does not seem like the her in the rumors, her reputation is still very bad. However, the owner was clever enough to not show it on his face. Here, whoever has money calls the shots, and he has also done business with many strong people. But it is also only limited to the rich and strong. What is Lu Shiqian? An incompetent, useless hussy!
    “Young Miss has a good eye: this Swift-Wind Dog is the best in the store and is sold for 20,000 gold coins!” the owner said with a smile. He has decided to thoroughly scam Lu Shiqian. 
    “What?” Lu Shiqian was in disbelief. Even though the dog is high-quality for this shop, but it is still a rank lower than one-star grade. Yet it is still sold for 20,000 gold coins?
    Lu Xianghui sighed and said, “Boss, are you trying to swindle my sister because she is young?” Even though he is still small, he has already seen much of the world. If you want to bully my sister then you have to pass through me first! Even though he knows that his sister can’t form a contract with a magical beast, he still wants to get this magic beast for her. Making his sister happy is a good thing!
    A few beads of sweat appeared on the owner’s head: this little lord has a good eye! He nervously said, “What are you saying, little lord? This dog’s quality is indeed the best…” 
    “At most 2,000 gold coins!” Lu Xianghui interrupted. “You should know who I am, if I tell the female general that you are indiscriminately raising prices in her area… you should already know the consequences.”
    The owner was speechless, how come this kid was so bright? He had wanted to give that incompetent woman a hard time but was held back by Xianghui. Bean-sized drops of sweat appeared on his forehead: “Will you please raise the price? 2,000 gold coins are just too… too low.” Even though the opening price of 20,000 gold coins was overpriced, it was still worth at least 15,000 gold coins! 
    Lu Shiqian stared at her little brother in amazement. I couldn’t see it before, but this kid has the potential to be a black belly! Looking at his unhesitant arm-wrangling method and the imminent threat of this store-keeper, powerful! 
    “Big Sis, let’s go back first. I’m sure that mother will soon send people over to teach a certain person a lesson.” Lu Shiqian blinked his large eyes a few times as he looked at Lu Shiqian and held onto her hand. 
    Lu Shiqian understood and said: “This store sure is despicable for tricking its customers, especially because it is in the Imperial City. This matter must be taken care of quickly lest other people come and buy overpriced items to go back and announce that the Imperial City overcharges its customers. Hmph, this is a huge matter and must be strictly dealt with!”
    Facing this small and large pair, one singing while the other accompanies, the owner wanted to kowtow to them. If this incident really sends a shut-down notice to his store, he would be losing lots of money! “Sold, sold, I’m selling it to you!” he quickly stated as he set the dog in front of them like they were his ancestors. 
    “Since Boss is so enthusiastic, we will buy it,” Lu Shiqian replied as she felt her coin purse. She suddenly exclaimed, “Aiyah, I came out in a hurry and only brought 500 gold coins with me. What do I do?”
    Seeing his sister’s mischievous expression, Xianghui almost couldn’t hold back his laughter. This sister is even more ruthless than he is!
    “Then we can only let it go…” Xianghui said in a regretful tone. 
    “Aiyah, ancestors, I’m gifting it to you, is that enough?!” The owner shoved the dog into Lu Shiqian’s arms, his muscles hurting and body shaking. But he has no choice, who asked him to scam these two in the first place?
    Lu Shiqian was laughing inside while her mouth said, “Boss is so generous. Since you are so eager, then further refusing will be losing face so I will, with a heavy heart, accept your gift!”
    The owner’s mouth kept twitching. You a**hole, you got things cheap yet you want it cheaper still? You actually dare say you’re accepting this with “a heavy heart?” Devil, devil!
    With the Swift-Wind Dog in her arms, the Lu pair walked out of the store. Lu Shiqian can’t wait to contract with this magical beast. 
    “Eldest Miss, so you were here! Quickly return!” a Lu family servant anxiously yelled. The Matriarch was furious just now and he could see tragedy befalling the Eldest Miss. She is also quite daring, sneaking outside while under house-arrest. The servant looked at Lu Shiqian with an ounce of pity and an ounce of contempt. 
    Oya, cat’s out of the bag.
    Lu Shiqian returned to the Lu family house and was thoroughly chastised by Lu Ningxiang. First was on her disobedience and being an unfilial child. Then it was about her harming her sister, then on her leaving without permission, and for her punishment, she will be sent to the West County. Lu Ningxiang didn’t feel too bad about sending her daughter far away but at the end of the day, they are still blood-related, even if she is completely useless. She couldn’t help but to comfort her daughter and whispered, “Make sure you are careful after leaving.”
    “Qian’er, you must be good this time when you leave for the old home.” Zhang Jun was not able to persuade is wife and seeing his daughter who was about to leave, he felt both happy and sad. He was happy that his simple daughter would leave the sinister schemes and plotting of the Imperial City behind her, but he also wishes to be by her side.

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