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Chapter 14

Xu Jun and Lu Caiyun were overjoyed. With a broken wrist, they managed to send Lu Shiqian far away. This transaction was worth it, very efficient!
    Lu Xianghui clung onto Lu Shiqian’s hand, reluctant to let go. He had just begun to see his soft sister’s other glorious side but the time he got was too little. Too little!
    Lu Shiqian calmly accepted her instructions; she has always been an open-minded and carefree person. Good times won’t make her prideful or frivolous while bad times won’t make her uncomfortable or depressed. Her heart was as stable as a weight on a scale, hanging steadily. She just felt slightly apologetic to Lu Xianghui and her father.
    Yes, apologetic! She had taken away the original Lu Shiqian’s body, name, parents, brother, but she isn’t able to continue being a filial child using her identity or care for her brother anymore. 
    Parents and siblings were things that were missing from her previous life. 
    Lu Shiqian returned to her room; tonight will be the last night she will be staying in this Lu family house. Tomorrow, she will be leaving for the West County. 
    “Big Sis, don’t be sad. When I grow up, I’ll come over to visit you!” Lu Xianghui cried as he clutched onto her hand. When he grows up, he definitely can’t allow anyone else to bully his sister!
    Lu Shiqian happily laughed at his childish outburst and smiled as she looked at him: “Okay! Big Sis will be waiting for you to grow up and visit me.”  
    This child is the first one to show kindness to her in this world. She made up her mind: even if she currently can’t give him anything, she will be able to protect him someday. Just like how he had unhesitantly shielded her with that small body of his. 
    Zhang Jun secretly stuffed 5,000 gold coins over to her and whispered, “I’ve heard that the West County is quite isolated. Hold on to this in case of an emergency.”
    This large sum given away naturally didn’t cause Zhang Jun any discomfort. He wanted to be thoughtful towards his daughter.
    “Thank you,” Lu Shiqian said to Zhang Jun, feeling touched by his love.
    Seeing his daughter’s peaceful and hardly disappointed face, Zhang Jun was surprised. Since when did my daughter’s eyes shine so brightly and become so generous? Unexpectedly, her leaving for the West County may be a good thing after all. 
    Night fell and only Lu Shiqian was left in her room. She had always been the scoundrel and waste of the Lu family, and now she has been displaced to the West County. She estimated that her life is over, who would be able to stand that? 
    Lu Shiqian brought out the Swift-Wind Dog: may as well contract with it now.
    “Doggy, Doggo, you are going to be my first contracted beast, don’t you feel fortunate?” Lu Shiqian pressed her finger on the dog’s head and circulated the pitiful amount of magic power in her body. 
    Forming a contract is basically tying the master’s magic power and the beast’s magic power together, a very fast process. 
    However, Lu Shiqian’s contract did not succeed this time. 
    She refused to give up and tried again, to no avail. 
    Generally speaking, she has terrifying dedication to the goals she wants to accomplish. As a result, she continuously tried for five whole hours yet it still didn’t form.
    She suddenly recalled that somewhere in the “Contract Book,” written in extremely small characters, were the words: “Note that only five star-grade and above magical beasts can be contracted.”
    What kind of damn rule it that?!
    You must know that five star-grade and above magical beasts are extremely rare and are also extremely risky. Even though the shadows of these magical beasts have been seen in the Forest of Death and Luoji Mountains, but who would dare to venture into these two places? Other places may also have them, but these beasts are usually under protection. Five star-grade magical beasts require a lot of manpower and resources, even if it is caught, very few people can domesticate them. 
    Often, the price of a single five-star grade magical beast is tens of thousands of gold coins!
    Even though the Lu family is the Qin Empire’s number one family, they still can’t leisurely take out hundred-thousands of gold coins at once, even less so for the most incompetent woman in the Lu family. 
    Lu Shiqian felt frustrated, is it not possible for her to increase her magic power through contracted magical beasts? Will she really stay as an apprentice mage forever?
    She shook her wrist and suddenly remembered: she has an entire gold mountain on herself. 
    She turned her consciousness to the pet area, and wah, there were more than a thousand seventy-star to 500-star pets! These are all the magic pets she gained while playing the game, it was her hobby.  
    Except, there’s one huge problem with this: all her pets were seventy-stars and above, when will she be able to summon them? 
    Lu Shiqian refused to give up and loitered in the interspatial space. She figured out that all items with a gray marking can’t be removed, such as precious gems and the like. Everything that had a red marking would shock her when she tried to them out, such as equipment and pets. 
    Her consciousness strolled around and she finally found something she could take out. 
    That thing was a heavy yellow stone: a magic stone!
    A rare and priceless item on the Devil Dance continent, a magic stone stores a large amount of magic power. With over 500 years of toil and hard work, the Lu family only managed to gain a single magic stone, a clear demonstration of how precious this item is! 
    And she, with millions of dollars inside the private server, has an inexhaustible supply of these stones!
    Lu Shiqian isn’t aware of how precious this item is in this world. She only knows that a magic stone contains magic power and is only thinking that it can help increase her strength.
    She took out a stone and held it in her hand and the dense magic power continuously seeped into her magical seas. Generally, one magic stone can let a Rank Five mage rise to Rank Six. But when it came to her, its meager magic power was just a drop in a bucket! It couldn’t even cause a ripple, tragic! She did not believe it and took out another stone and absorbed it. Still the exact same, she took out a few dozen more… 
    If there were a person standing next to her right now and saw the way she was using magic stones, they would either die from anger or from fright. 
    She was like a cow chewing peonies, wasting things!
    And there just happened to be no one around to remind her so she continued on her frenzy, piece by piece…

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