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Chapter 2

Luan Hualian suddenly had a weird feeling, but it came and went too quickly and she was unable to grab it.
    The White Tiger swiped its paw and sent a wind blade over to the party. Man Niu was a little slow in avoiding and was sent flying away like a broken kite in a storm. In a blink of an eye, the White Tiger bounded over to Chao Ge and swiped him away with one hit.
    This made Luan Hualian surprised. The White Tiger seems to be very intelligent and unlike all the other bosses they had faced, its movements did not seem to be limited by its program. It even knew the role Man Niu and Chao Ge play within the team and took them out first. Man Niu is the tank while Chao Ge is the healer. Isn’t the White Tiger a bit too OP?!
    Sure enough, with Chao Ge dead, Man Niu couldn’t keep up under the attacks of the White Tiger and with one tail swipe from it he also fell.
    Luan Hualian, Da Zhao, and Kuang Ye Chongci exchanged looks amongst themselves. This is just too powerful, right? The disparity in strength is just too great! The White Tiger even has 700 stars and is level 900! The party can’t help but feel despair wash over them. Do the game creators even want them to live or not?! 
    The White Tiger gave a mocking glance at Luan Hualian and suddenly, the floor was covered in ice and snow. Hualian swore and immediately manipulated her character to avoid the big move. But the poor fellows Da Zhao and Kuang Ye Chongci only had enough time to say, “Boss, make sure you avenge us!” before being sent back to town.
    Now, only Luan Hualian and the White Tiger are left with the two shooting sparks at each other with their eyes.
    “What are you going to do now that all your friends are gone? Let’s see just how long you can hold on for,” the White Tiger condescendingly stated before suddenly pouncing towards Luan Hualian and began toying with her.
    Beads of sweat began to drip down from Luan Hualian’s forehead as her mind drew a blank. This White Tiger is just too unique, isn’t it?! This is a game, please keep it within reasonable parameters!
    Luan Hualian calmed herself down and moved to a good position where she took out the Star God’s Sword and launched her skill “Destroying the Sky and Rending Asunder the Earth” at the White Tiger.
    The White Tiger was surprised and used its paws to block it as it simultaneously opened its mouth and spit out a ball of red flames at Luan Hualian. 
    Luan Hualian retreated a few steps before releasing the sixteen balls of different colored from her body. The flames collided and became a colorless flame.
    When the White Tiger saw this flame, he immediately bowed down and turned into a golden card. Beside the golden card, there was a pure green stone.
    This bizarre scene happened quickly, and Luan Hualian was slightly confused. She picked up the White Tiger card and the green stone and put it into her interspatial bracelet, her brain still unable to comprehend what had just occurred.
    The 18th level was before her so should she move on or not?
    Does that even need to be asked? Of course she move on!
    Contrary to her expectations, there were no monsters on the 18th level. Instead, there was only one huge door with many carvings on it. The door exuded a strange force of attraction on Hualian and she could not help being drawn towards it. Just what is beyond that door?
    Luan Hualian touched the door and felt a slight depression on its surface that could hold one green stone perfectly.
    “Ring,” Luan Hualian’s phone suddenly began to ring.
    “Hualian, the game data is abnormal so I forcefully shut it down.”
    “Oh,” Luan Hualian casually replied as she inserted the green stone into the depression. The door slowly opened.
    “Are you still inside? Come out quickly!”
    The computer suddenly emit a strong light. Outside her window, the sky began to change colors. Lightning flashed, and Luan Hualian began to be sucked into her computer— or more like the door! 
    The phone made a dull thud as it fell to the floor.
    “Hello? …Hello???” the sound in the phone seemed to be light years away.
    At the same time, in China’s S-class classified archives, a file was slowly disappearing.
    Member of the Dragon Group XX, codename Luan Hualian, twenty-three years old, female. Good at martial arts, disguise, machinery…
    This continent is known as the Devil Dance Continent. Towards the east, there is the Deceiving Sea; towards the north, there is the Xufeng Ice Field; towards the west, there are the Luoji Mountains; towards the south, there is the Forest of Death. It’s so big that no one knows how many tens of millions miles it encompasses. The continent is divided into sixty countries with a total population of over 30 billion. 
    The ten major empires in this land are the Qin Empire, Han Empire, Qi Empire, Wei Empire, Feng Empire, Mo Empire, Fei Empire, Cheng Empire, Song Empire. Among these empires, Qin, Qi, and Song are the three superpowers occupying the North, West, and the East respectively.
(TL: I have no idea why they say ten empires and only have nine listed)
    Among these three superpowers, the Qin Empire is the most militaristic. The military does not discriminate based on gender and has its own set of martial arts.
    Without mentioning anything else, it is said that the Qin Empire’s Lu family lives by these words: martial arts as its roots, martial arts as its virtue, martial arts as its call.    
    The Lu family has been around since the founding of the Qin Empire. In the last five hundred years, they have trained a total of 1,380 generals: 780 of which were male and 600 female generals. Thus, they are known as the top martial arts and militaristic family.
    The Lu family is different from other families in that it doesn’t discriminate between sexes. In the last 500 years, ten women have become the head of family. The Lu family has always followed the way of the warrior and only the strongest person is able to gain the position as the head.
    There is also another reason why the Lu family is well-known. Back when the Qin Empire first formed, the Lu family ancestors were the ones who paved the road to success. The Lu family had also saved the Qin Empire from disaster many times. Besides that, the Qin Emperor was also different from other monarchs in that he was not afraid of the Lu family’s accomplishments and did not suppress them. Therefore, the Lu family pledged undying allegiance to the Qin Empire that would be inherited through the generations!

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