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Chapter 3

Over the past 500 years, the Lu family has contributed greatly to the Qin Empire and thereby also solidified its position become the top family in the last century!
    Currently, in the royal capital of the Qin Empire, there are thousands of people gathered all cheering and waving lights for the female general who had just returned in victory. 
    She is the 20th head of the Lu family and is currently 45 years old. She has led three Eastern crusades, crushed two rebellions, and made this female general calm and steady. The constant battle has given her three traits: her mouth was closed; her air was steady; and even with all the cheering and welcoming cries, her expression did not change at all.
    In front of the city gate, the twenty or so Qin Emperor, Qin Feiran, led his ministers to greet Lu Ningxiang.
    The emperor personally welcomed the heavy-weight from the Lu family back!
    “Heed! General Lu has been engaged in a campaign for three years and has gained many merits for her home country. She shall be bestowed with 1000 miles of land, 80000 silver coins, 120000 gold coins, 20 pounds of peacock brocade, 20 glass stones, and 1 magic stone!”
    Heavens! The crowd was in an uproar from the news. Not only was the Lu family awarded with gold and silver, they were even awarded with a magic stone! It was a magic stone, something that people would go crazy for!
    In this world, the most important things are high star-grade magic beasts, magic beast cores, equipment, and magic stones!
(TL: in the prior 2 chapters, I referred to magic beasts as pets because it is a game. I will be referring to them as beasts now)
    High star-grade magic beasts are usually selected from magical beasts that are caught. Their quality is divided into poor, average, good, excellent, one-in-a-hundred, one-in-a-thousand, one-in-a-million, 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star. Raising a magic pet’s grade is very hard and the process also requires a lot of magic cores and magic stones. Therefore, high-rank magic beasts are like clouds; they can be seen from afar but can’t be touched making them one of the most highly sought-after things in this world.
    Number two: magic beast cores. Magic beast cores are extracted from the brains of magic beasts. The crystallization of the essence of magic beasts gives it power and allows it to store magic power. These cores can be used in weapons and equipment. There are many uses to it but the supply is small; it is mostly provided by large mercenary groups and general adventurers but gathering these comes with great risks! In a word: herculean!
    Number three: equipment. What is there to say? In a world where only the strong is respected, the ones with good equipment will be in the lead! Equipment is divided into average equipment, bronze equipment, silver equipment, gold equipment, spirit equipment, and godly equipment. Among these, full-body armor is particularly precious. 
    Number four: magic stones. Magic stones contain extremely pure power and can make masters grow by several ranks. It can even increase the average person’s ability to sense magic! It is priceless!
    In the Devil Dance continent, the road to the strong is divided into four paths: Practitioner, Mage, Beast Tamer, and Master Forger. 
    In other words, one can choose to be like Lu Ningxiang and become a top Practitioner, constantly breaking through the limits of the body and challenging oneself to the highest level. Basically, one is constantly making breakthroughs and achieving the extremes. Or one can become a mage: calling the wind and summoning rain, moving mountains and filling seas, making great achievements; becoming a part of the world, making no achievements. Or one can become a Beast Tamer, using beasts to catch beasts. Man and beast together can stand against all attacks, unrivalled under the heavens! Or one can become a Master Forger: instilling spirit energy into items and creating strong equipment, making them invincible!
    The strong is respected; this world only believes in the strong! 
    Lu Ningxiang calmly accepted the gifts. These things, to her, did not interest her much. The only thing she cares about now is her family! Her family is as powerful as ever and she will absolutely not allow it to fall under her leadership! 
    Lu Ningxiang has 3 daughters and 2 sons. Just like how a man can have multiple concubines, Lu Ningxiang married 5 men. However, this is not strange at all. The strong determines the fate of the weak. Whether they are male or female, marrying the strong is not shameful at all. Besides, Lu Nianxiang is clearly a strong person!  
    As a matter of fact, these 3 daughters and 2 sons are not many at all, even appearing to be a withered flower. However, it is logical: with all these years of fighting, she has no sense when it comes to matters between men and women.
(TL: I found this to be rather confusing. What the author is referring to with his/her withered flower means that in such a large family, the Matriarch only having 5 children makes the family appear as if they are underpopulated) 
    And now, Lu Ningxiang is annoyed— very annoyed!
    She returned to the her house with the crowd surrounding her, her brows forming a deep furrow. 
    She had heard of the reputation of the 3 daughters and 2 songs while on the front lines, especially of the eldest daughter. Rumors about her swept across the fastest and caused the most commotion.
    However, this does not mean the rumors are good in any way!
    Lu Ningxiang has been away for three years now. Back when she left, her eldest daughter was 13 years old. Now she has just turned 16! Three years ago, even though her eldest daughter was a good-for-nothing, bad at both literature and fighting, at least she was sensible and obedient! How was she able to cause so many embarrassing and shameless incidents that the young to old had all heard about?
    Originally, Lu Ningxiang had thought that even if her eldest daughter can’t accomplish a thing, at least she could marry her into a good family. Even if you don’t become the strongest, being able to live comfortably and well is still good. But now that her eldest daughter’s reputation is ruined, who would dare to marry her?
    Lu Ningxiang is very angry right now. Just how much laughter did the source of her anger cause to other people? On the surface, everyone was congratulating her for a job well done; but inside, they are secretly laughing at how she managed to raise such an unscrupulous daughter. 
    The people saw that the general was not in a good mood and did not dare to utter a word.
    “Where is Lu Shiqian, that unfilial daughter?” Lu Ningxiang asked as soon as she sat down.
    Alas, hearing her triumphant return, her daughter didn’t dare to even show her face, hiding away in some corner knowing that she did wrong.
    “Qian’er… Qian’er, she…” Zhang Jun murmured incoherently. Zhang Jun is the father of Lu Shiqian. While he has a handsome and chiefly appearance, he is much too weak in terms of relationships. 
    The second Lu Ningxiang saw her lover, the feelings of anger quelled quite a bit. At the end of the day, this man is still her favorite. Her tone softened and she asked softly, “where has Shiqian gone to?” 
    “Hmph, that girl clearly knew that the Matriarch is coming back today, yet she still dares to hide in her room and not show herself,” Xu Jun said coldly. Xu Jun also has a graceful and handsome appearance, but his eyes sometimes reveal a cruel glint. He is the second husband of Lu Ningxiang. Unlike Zhang Jun, he was sent as a gift to Lu Ningxiang by his father in order to climb this big tree known as the Lu family. Therefore, Lu Ningxiang was always a bit cold to him and alienated him.
    “Big Sister is really too much!” Lu Caiyun echoed. She is the second-eldest daughter and on Xu Jun’s side. 
    “Second Sister, how could you say that? Eldest Sister was just sick!” fifth son Lu Xianghui said. Being only 8 years old, he was still muddle-headed but closest to Eldest Sister. The young him didn’t care about what others thought of her because in his mind, Eldest Sister is the closest to him. 

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