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Chapter 30

Too rich! Lu Shiqian thought that she was looking at a walking pile of gold, even her eyes were bulging!
    This guy! It’s definitely his own fault if he gets robbed in the future! The only question is: who dares to try and attack a Rank 7 High Mage?
    Changkong Nan really felt like being carried back home. In order to get a magic beast of legends, he not only sacrificed his son’s life but also his right hand yet couldn’t even obtain its shadow! Infuriating! He really wanted to peel off Lu Shiqian’s skin and grate it!
    Chong Le He had the same goal as Changkong Nan and he too was enraged. But he was also helpless; the opposition has a Rank 7 High Mage protecting her.
    The two unlucky men could only shake their heads. For the first time, they felt a bond between them.
    “Little miss had Esteemed Young Master save her! These people are too evil, please drive them away!” Lu Shiqian said. In order to make the act more realistic, she even clung onto the young man’s sleeves. “I’m so scared!”
    Changkong Nan wanted to cough up a mouthful of blood. He looked at Lu Shiqian with a face full of anger, which indeed seemed to be quite frightening.
    This just happened to reinforce Lu Shiqian’s words. The young man also became more protective of her, declaring, “Leave, I don’t kill people.”
    Idiot! Lu Shiqian wanted to whack his head. How could this person be so dumb? Even revealing whether he can kill or not! Doesn’t he know that once he says that, others will have the opportunity to oppress him?




    In her opinion, if she had enough strength, she would’ve killed those two long ago. Remove the roots early. If the two are allowed to retreat and plot, it would be enough for her to drink for a while.
    Sure enough, when they heard the words of the young man, Changkong Nan felt his courage rising. He wanted to plead his case, “Esteemed young master, please don’t listen to the lies of this woman! Her words are all false and sinister…”
    “Shut your mouth!” The young man looked at Lu Shiqian’s pitiful expression and felt a knot in his heart. He usually does not get mad easily. Even his master says that his heart is like a tranquil lake, but when he looks into her beautiful eyes, his heart speeds up for some reason. Hearing other people say bad things about her makes him mad, “If you keep on bullying her, I really will get mad!”
    A layer of mist rose up around him as he said his piece, washing off the stains on his face.
    “Second attribute water?” Changkong Nan stared with wide eyes at the water mist. This was actually an authentic Rank 7 spell! It can both attack and defend; furthermore, it is the arch-nemesis of his fire attribute!
    Changkong Nan understood: revenge was hopeless. At least, for now… He glared at Lu Shiqian and angrily said, “Let’s go!”
    Chong Le He watched Changkong Nan leave and knew that staying behind was useless. He carefully stored his little brother’s body and silently vowed to teach that incompetent woman that doesn’t know what’s good for her a lesson!
    “Wuu, they were finally scared away.” The young man patted his chest and turned around.
    What a peerlessly handsome man!
    He looked around 17 or 18 years old. His eyebrows looked drawn like in an ink painting, a pair of peach-blossom eyes slanted upwards (桃花眼). His nose arched up, lips neither thin nor thick, black waist-length hair, devilishly handsome!
    However, if you look closely into his eyes, they would give a different sensation. His eyes glittered like stars, gaze clear, giving off a feeling of innocence.
    These two contrasting traits were both present on his person yet didn’t seem strange. Instead, it gave him a special kind of beauty.
    Hmm… I didn’t expect this kid to look this good after washing his face, Lu Shiqian inwardly thought.
    “Eldest Young Miss, are you alright?” Big Head worriedly asked as he and the other soldiers gathered around. After all, she was hit by that old coot earlier.
    “I’m fine,” Lu Shiqian casually waved her hand, “your young miss is not that delicate.” When she carried out her tasks in the past, she even dared to treat herself if she got injured. She would remove bullets from her wounds so this little scratch now wouldn’t bother her at all!
    The young man instantly took out a bottle of golden pills. He handed it to her and said, “Here, eat this.”
    Lu Shiqian looked at him with confusion. He blushed furiously when their eyes met but continued to stubbornly hold out the bottle.
    In reality, there were an endless amount of top-level pills in Lu Shiqian’s interspatial bracelet especially because she stocked up just before fighting the Boss. Furthermore, they went to the Tomb of the Gods, so there were even more high-level pills because of that! Unfortunately, there was a level requirement to be met before taking them out. At least level 5 in terms of game standards. According to her estimations, she must be at least the lowest-level mage before she can take them out.




    She was not suspicious of the pills but rather how obedient this kid was to so easily take out a bottle of high-grade medicine. He truly is easy to trick.
    “I’m afraid that might not be enough,” Lu Shiqian decided to test how easy he was to trick, “I was hurt badly!”
    Yin started laughing hard in the magic beast space, Master sure is bad!
    The young man saw Lu Shiqian’s perfect pitiful expression and instantly believed that she received some heavy injuries. He quickly took out more bottles of golden pills. There were actually 5 or 6 bottles!
    Big Head sucked in a mouthful of breath: these kinds of life-saving pills were extremely precious! Having just one bottle was extremely lucky, yet this kid actually took out 5 bottles! He even eagerly gifted them away to the Eldest Young Miss, who had a somewhat unwilling expression.
    “Do you have any more? I think it’s still a bit lacking,” Lu Shiqian said.
    How big is your damn injury? How deep is it? One bottle of these golden pills is enough for over a dozen people to instantly be revived!
    “I… don’t have any more.” The young man looked embarrassed because he couldn’t meet Lu Shiqian’s expectations.
    “Ah, then forget it. Those bad guys took away my belongings and now I don’t have enough money to go home! What to do? Do you have anything valuable on your person?” Lu Shiqian felt like a scammer.
    The young man was confused, “Valuable items?”
    Lu Shiqian pointed at his gold grade equipment and said, “Something like that, for example.”

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