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Chapter 29

Changkong Nan saw that the merge was successful and was angry and anxious and embarrassed. He was so angry that he needed to take revenge somehow. The only problem is that the incompetent woman’s power must’ve increased after the joining. His two-star magic beast cannot possibly match up to her wondrous and amazing merging!
    “I can’t wait any longer. Brother Changkong, let’s quickly kill her!”
    Chong Le He’s murder intent also rose after seeing Lu Shiqian’s successful merge. If I don’t get rid of this woman now, she will definitely be a big nuisance in the future!
    “Okay, let’s kill her together!” Chong Le He sent a wall of earth towards Lu Shiqian.
    Changkong Nan also threw a Fire Dragon at her.
    Chong Le Jiang and Changkong Qi also immediately launched attacks of their own, filled with killing intent.
    “Naïve!” Lu Shiqian moved like a silver butterfly, lightly jumping into the air. A rain of fire made of Small Fireballs flew towards the four attackers.
    After merging, Hong Jin’s special ability enhanced Small Fireball by a level. It now burned stronger and more powerfully than before.




    The four people shuffled backwards, Lu Shiqian took advantage of their retreat and rushed towards Chong Le Jiang. She made a quick stroke.
    A trail of blood appeared on her dagger following the bloody strike!
    Chong Le Jiang widened his eyes in disbelief. He wanted to scream, yet found that he couldn’t. He wanted to shout, yet all that came out was air. He put his hand to his throat, blood dripping down his fingers. He finally fell on the floor, dead.
    Lu Shiqian’s body suddenly felt warm, but before she had time to figure out what happened, a grieved cry sounded out from Chong Le He. The ground suddenly began to rise.
    Lu Shiqian flipped several times in a row, dodging the attack but walking right into Changkong Nan’s Fire Dragoon attack!
    That bastard and his sneak attacks! She was careless, too careless! She sent her dagger flying up towards Changkong Nan. He hurriedly dodged but his right arm was severed!
    Whoever wants to hurt me better be prepared for the consequences!
    Lu Shiqian suddenly felt her blood rush through her body and a sliver of blood escaped her mouth. Yin can’t maintain this form for much longer!
    “Master, are you alright?” Hong Jin anxiously asked.
    “Master…” Yin sustained a few injuries from that attack just now. Before he could say more, he was thrown into the magic beast space by Lu Shiqian.
    Lu Shiqian smiled. This little bit of pain doesn’t amount to much to her!
    Her temperament makes other people feel rather amazed: unhesitatingly killing people, unabashedly sinister, doesn’t hold anything back, especially her harsh treatment of herself! This all makes her seem like a witch, an enchantress!
    Changkong Nan and Chong Le He grew afraid. However, the more terrified they grew, the more their murder intent rose.
    “Mother Earth, please lend me your power to bury all evil! …Earth Dragon Charge!” Chong Le He let out a long cry as he unleashed a Rank 6 magic spell! At the same time, a sturdy Earth Dragon charged towards Lu Shiqian. The dragon was massive, just like its origin (the earth).
    “Fire God, omnipotent Fire God, please lend your servant power to slay this imbecile! …Fire Burns the Sky!” Changkong Nan also unleashed a desperate attack, a spell that he couldn’t fully control!
    “Eldest Young Miss, watch out!” Big Head shouted in fear. He wanted to block this attack himself if he could. 
    “How could two adult men bully one little girl? So dastardly!” An elegant and pleasant-sounding male voice drifted out from the forest. The sound was ethereal, making everyone present anticipate the appearance of the man this voice belongs to. 
    A jade-like hand extended out from the forest, thin but filled with power. He casually waved his hand and the powerful magic spells disappeared into thin air!
    Powerful! Extremely powerful!
    “Seven… Seventh Rank magic spell Magic-Cancelling Field?!” Changkong Nan and Chong Le He were dumbfounded.
    “Ah, sorry sorry! But really, how could you bully a little girl like that?” A tall figure emerged from the woods but only walked a few steps before slipping and falling onto the ground with a bang! When he lifted his head, a small and dirt-covered face emerged. He looked like a child who just did something wrong, pitiful!




    Eh, what kind of situation is this?
    A person who could instantly destroy powerful magic spells is actually such a klutz?
    Everyone was speechless!
    Changkong Nan and Chong Le He almost choked on their saliva. They bullied Lu Shiqian? Which eye did that guy peer out of that saw them bullying Lu Shiqian? It was her bullying them, please! Lu Shiqian also took advantage of the situation to play as a small and weak girl, enraging them to their limits as she said, “Esteemed young master, please save me! These old ghosts saw my youth and beauty and wanted to forcefully take me home where they could bully me! Wu wu wu… I’m such a pitiful little girl…”
    When Big Head heard these words, he felt that it was sinful for his Eldest Young Miss to be so cute. Her pitiful expression made others helplessly adore her. Even though they knew she was just acting, they couldn’t help but feel protective of her.
    As the Changkong family and Chong Le family saw her act, they gnashed their teeth so hard they could’ve broken. Shameless, absolutely shameless! How could there be such a shameless person in this world?
    The youth who fell on the floor saw Lu Shiqian’s pitiful expression and instantly believed her. He quickly wiped off the dirt on his face and scrambled up, “You people are not allowed to harm her! A bunch of grown men bullying a young girl… Shameless!”
    Changkong Qi actually really wanted to scream, ‘esteemed one! It wasn’t us that wanted to hurt her! Can’t you see that all the people lying on the floor are our men?’ but didn’t dare to. If this master got mad, him killing them would be easier than killing an ant! It’s all because of that b*tch! Using her identity as an Apprentice Mage to suppress them! Without her two magic beasts, that one incompetent woman wouldn’t have been able to harm a single hair on their heads!
    Lu Shiqian looked at the face of the young man who had a pretty voice as he helped her up from the floor. She couldn’t help but swear in her mind, ‘you are obviously extremely powerful, yet you are way too simple-minded! How did this guy manage to survive for so long in this sinister world?’
    This young man wore a silk robe embroidered with clouds. He wore a pair of gold grade earrings which enhanced mental strength. There was also a gold grade anti-interference bracelet on his wrist, a gold grade interspatial belt on his waist, even his head adornment was a gold grade piece and had a water attribute. Such a complete set of equipment was something that not even some emperors had!

(DL Scanlations)

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