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Chapter 32

Even after walking for so long, Lu Shiqian still felt energetic. Her magic sea continuously circulated, refining her body and becoming more solid. The more she breaks through her limits the more quickly she’ll advance.
    But Wei Mo couldn’t walk anymore. For a long time, he had lived on the snowy mountains with his Master so naturally, he couldn’t stand the heat. In addition, he had always diligently practiced magic and didn’t really pay much attention to his physical fitness. He had many bubbles on his feet after walking for 6 hours, he was also sweating profusely. He didn’t want to drag Lu Shiqian down so he just gritted his teeth and continued walking.
    “Let’s take a break.” In the end, doing it by herself was better. She could’ve walked on through the night, but seeing Wei Mo grit his teeth, she decided to take a break. 
    They cleared an area and Lu Shiqian took out some fruits and placed them on the ground. Interspatial bracelets sure are handy! Fruits and vegetables placed inside also wouldn’t go bad. She had placed a lot of food and clothing into it beforehand in case she needed it someday or for an emergency. Now, it has come into use. 
    Wei Mo collapsed onto the ground. Hong Jin leaped off his shoulder and picked up a fruit, biting into it loudly. He looked extremely happy eating the fruit, so cute!
    “A’Qian, you’re so thoughtful! You even packed some fruits beforehand.” Wei Mo looked at Lu Shiqian worshipfully.
    She glanced at him and asked, “Do you not bring food when you go outside?”




    “Yeah, Master said that things outside can be bought with gold coins so…” he never brought food with him. Aiyah, buying things costs a lot of money, you know?
    Lu Shiqian almost choked. How in the world did this kid become a Rank 7 High Mage? By drinking water?! The Master must also be very talented if he raised his disciple to be this oblivious when it comes to society. And then there are his innocent eyes which clearly give away his naïveté. He must also be quite a stubborn person to become a High Mage at such a young age. “Take off your shoes and let me see.”
    “Eh? Take off my shoes?” Wei Mo’s blush spread all the way to his neck, his head shaking like a drum. If she sees his feet in this kind of condition… I’d rather kill myself! 
    Naturally, Lu Shiqian didn’t know what Wei Mo was thinking about, she thought that he was afraid of pain (from getting it tended to). This kind of person was too simple and probably rarely met people. She threw a bottle with golden pills in it to him and turned around, “Tend to it yourself or else we won’t be able to move on.”
    “En.” Blushing, Wei Mo looked at Lu Shiqian. She actually has her back to me! He took off his shoes and a weird odor rose up. The bubbles had all burst but fortunately, she didn’t see him in this state. He gratefully looked in her direction and his eyes suddenly widened. There was a terrifying blood-red snake about to attack her!
    He didn’t hesitate at all and threw himself in front of Lu Shiqian, blocking the snake. The blood-red snake also lunged and sunk its teeth deep into Wei Mo’s shoulders.
    This was a Forest Python and extremely poisonous!
    The poison quickly paralyzed the nerves and caused painful pangs throughout Wei Mo’s body. He weakly fell to the floor.
    Lu Shiqian caught him in her arms and was about to tear off his clothes, disregarding whether he would be embarrassed or not.
    The snake was also taken down by Hong Jin, who jumped onto it and repeatedly smacked it. You actually dared to barge into my territory! I’ll smack you to death!
    Normally, a mage would have a lot of mental strength. Furthermore, Wei Mo was a High Mage so his mental strength was even greater. Therefore, even though he was bitten by a snake, he was still conscious. He knew what Lu Shiqian was going to do and embarrassedly turned his face away. 
    There was a ripping sound and his well-made silk robe was torn apart, his jade-like chest now exposed. Standing out against the white skin were two small black holes on his shoulder, which were swelling enormously. 
    Without hesitation, Lu Shiqian leaned over and sucked the wound.
    Time seemed to stop at that moment!
    Wei Mo’s heart lurched, almost as if there were millions of drums resounding in his mind. He could feel her lips on his body like electricity. He felt an indescribable feeling. 
    Her long black hair fell on his chest like a fan, creating an extremely enchanting scene!
    Her sweet smell entered his nose reminding him of spring!




    He gritted his teeth to block the escaping sound. His body was slightly red, intoxicatingly so!
    Of course, Lu Shiqian didn’t know the effect her actions had on Wei Mo. She finished sucking out the poison and said, “Alright! You should be fine after applying some medicine.”
    Wei Mo was suddenly at a loss, he was even of half a mind to get bitten again so that… it would perhaps last longer? What is this strange new feeling in his heart? He had never felt this way about anything except for his beloved spells!
    Lu Shiqian looked at the sky, looked at Wei Mo, and thought: Wei Mo won’t be able to walk anymore today. She decided to make camp and take a good night rest. They can start on their way tomorrow.
    “Did your master tell you it was this way?” Lu Shiqian asked as she set up a tent. Why is this kid still staring into space? 
    “…” Wei Mo just kept staring at his wound, who knew what he was thinking about.
    “Master, did that guy go stupid from getting bitten by that snake?” Yin came out from the magic beast space to stretch.
    “He might be in shock,” Lu Shiqian guessed. “Yin, go hunt a few rabbits, let’s have a barbecue tonight!”
    “Wah, barbecue!” Yin whooped and left. Catching these little rabbits was as easy as stretching out a paw.
    Lu Shiqian looked at Wei Mo. Wow, he’s still there? What the heck is he thinking about?
    Night soon arrived. After preparing the rabbits Yin caught, Lu Shiqian started a fire with a few leaves. These types of leaves could repel insects. Poisonous insects won’t bother them while they’re sleeping once they smell it. She put some seasoning on and carefully grilled them. To be honest, barbecue is her forte! She had also already shown her skill once in this world.
    Soon, the delicious smell of grilled meat wafted out, capable of leading people in by the nose.
    Yin and Hong Jin stared unblinkingly at the grilling meat. Wah, it smells so delicious! Now, whoever wants to steal from them would need to put their lives on the line. 

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