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Chapter 33

Wei Mo finally returned to normal, although his face turns red each time they make eye contact.
    After they were grilled, Lu Shiqian cut off two rabbit legs and threw the rest to Yin. Drooling, Yin took a bite. Even though it was a bit hot, it was delicious! Having Master is such a blessing!
    She handed one leg to Wei Mo and shared one with Hong Jin. Two men and two beasts wolfed down the meal. 
    “You’re really not sleeping with me?” Lu Shiqian asked, “There are a lot of poisonous snakes over there, you know.” This brat, I don’t know what he’s thinking about to insist on sleeping on the tree outside the tent.
    Wei Mo blushed furiously once again but he stubbornly repeated, “I. Won’t.” So embarrassing!
    “There are not only snakes outside but also spiders and ants, ooh, very scary!” Lu Shiqian teased.
    Wei Mo suspiciously glanced at his surroundings. It was completely dark all around him, “I… won’t.”
    She secretly laughed to herself but didn’t say any more. He’ll come in once he’s scared.
    Deep in the night, the owl’s ‘gugugu’ cries echoed around like the curse of a ghost. Wei Mo was terrified: he had never been in a situation like this before. He had never camped out before and everything around him seemed dangerous, only Lu Shiqian’s side seemed safe. 
    “A’Qian,” he tried calling out to her.
    There was no response.
    He jumped off the tree and called out again, “A’Qian.”




    Still no response.
    Did something happen to her? Wei Mo rushed into the tent and saw Lu Shiqian sleeping peacefully. He relaxed.
    He sat down next to her and looked down at her. She’s really beautiful, even more so when she’s asleep. Her long eyelashes folded down on her closed eyelids… hmm, like what? Like a fan. Her mouth is small and red... like what? Like a peach. Slowly, he began to grow sleepy. At some point, he fell into a deep sleep next to Lu Shiqian.
    Lu Shiqian opened her eyes and looked at Wei Mo. She smiled and also closed her eyes and slept.
    A few days later, they finally found some traces of human activity in the forest. They seemed to be there for the same purpose, their pace slightly rushed.
    Lu Shiqian laughed, she came with the intention of helping Wei Mo steal the thing he needed, which was still unknown at this point. She asked, “Did your Master tell you what ‘it’ is?”
    Wei Mo sneaked a peek at Lu Shiqian and said with his head hung down, “Master only told me to make my way West and to ask for the item that many people are coveting over.”
    Ask for it? Before we even mention whether they group of people will actually hand it over or not, this kid’s face turns red every time he speaks… Lu Shiqian really wanted to meet this extremely moral master of his. 
    Bugs and other animals ran rampant in this forest. They had already killed quite a few during the past few days and Wei Mo has also grown a lot stronger mentally since then. He doesn’t freak out as much as he used to when he sees snakes or spiders anymore. The snakes and bugs in this forest are usually around two stars so their reflexes are pretty good.
    A jungle rattlesnake was swatted away and Hong Jin spit out a ball of fire to kill it. He then jumped over to dig out its magic beast core. He had gotten pretty used to this routine over the past few days. 
    To him, those shiny little cores are very beautiful!
    His little claws hadn’t reached the snake yet when a steel fork flew over, nailing the snake perfectly.
    Hong Jin didn’t understand what had happened yet and his little paw was still lifted in the air, creating quite a funny scene.
    Lu Shiqian narrowed her eyes.
    “Check it out, Bro, I caught a snake!” A cheerful laugh sounded from somewhere within the forest.
    The leaves shook and a young man wearing leather armor appeared. He lifted the dead snake and gestured towards the forest.
    What is this? Robbery?
    The Silent Forest lies in the South, the cores obtained here can not only store magic power but also serves as an antidote to many types of poison. Therefore, they would be worth more. This group here probably got this idea and came here!
    She, Lu Shiqian, is the type to chew the soft stuff but not the hard. If you asked politely, I might’ve just given it to you. But if you forcefully take it from me, then sorry! This young lady doesn’t buy that sh*t! Her voice chillingly said, “Your snake? Which eye did you see out of to claim this as your snake? Damn you, you’re stealing my snake!”




    If it was really a living snake, then such a measly fork attack wouldn’t have killed it! What the hell? You really want a snake? Go catch one yourself then!
    Hong Jin was also enraged seeing his magic core being taken away. He lifted his front claws and made a threatening gesture.
    The young man looked over at Lu Shiqian and was shocked dumb by her beauty. To meet an unarmed woman with one unthreatening magic beast in the wilderness, God shed mercy on me! He completely ignored Wei Mo standing behind Lu Shiqian.
    The leaves rustled a few more times as six more people appeared. These six saw Lu Shiqian and revealed a vulgar expression. First glance would tell you that they were not good people.
    “You say this is yours? Where’s your proof?” the bald young man who led the group mocked. This woman sure is a beauty!
    What a joke! They’re asking for proof?
    “The snake should have a burn mark somewhere on its body. It was obviously killed by my contracted beast!” Alright, you want proof? You get proof!
    The bald man inspected the snake and sure enough! The burn mark was also extremely eye-catching, but he planned on robbing them so what good would that do? “Little beauty, your big brother here has his eye on you. This snake belongs to me and you should follow me too! Instead of working hard to hunt in this jungle alone, why don’t you come with me?” He patted the purse on his belt, “Big Bro here has lots of money!”
    “This guy’s in way over his head!” Yin heard these words while in the magic beast space and was infuriated.
    Hong Jin waved his paw around, “Yeah yeah! Just looking at him makes me feel dirty!”
    Lu Shiqian was also angry at first, but listening to these two adorable beasts made her laugh.
    Of the group of men, the bald guy was a Rank 4 Practitioner. The other six were either Rank 2 or Rank 3 Practitioners. It’s true that their battle strength was pretty high.

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