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Chapter 38

It was Wei Mo who grabbed him and ruthlessly kicked him a few meters away. He angrily said, “You piece of sh*t, you dare to threaten her?!”
    Lu Shiqian speechlessly looked at Wei Mo. This is so hard to wrap my mind around! Compared to the warm and cute Wei Mo, this guy is like the big bad wolf!
    The fighting also attracted the attention of Changkong Nan and Chong Le He. Those two had already come to a secret agreement not knowing that the prey had walked right into their den! They had gone to scout the surroundings yesterday, and just happened to miss the battle. Of course, this also means that they didn’t know Lu Shiqian is here. He pushed his way through the crowd and suddenly saw the enemy he dreamed about killing in his dreams. They were enraged, clenching their fists. A long Fire Dragon suddenly sprang forward!
    “Master, be careful!” Hong Jin and Yin sensed the sneak attack. Yin rushed towards Chong Le He while Hong Jin went towards Changkong Nan. Two men and two beasts began to fight.
    Yin and Hong Jin’s star rank was revealed when they unleashed their techniques. 
    “Six-star magic beast?!”
    “That’s one a nine-star! Oh, heavens!”
    People immediately cast envious looks to Lu Shiqian, especially some men, the burning in their eyes reaching a peak.
    The peerless beauty could only make average people go crazy, although those who revere strength wouldn’t care as much. However, she is a peerless beauty with high star-rank magic beasts! This made all the remaining people crazy too!
    Lu Shiqian looked at Changkong Nan and Chong Le He. These two people sure are annoying! Guess I should really get rid of them now. 
    A flash of fire and Hong Jin appeared a few paces away. You want to compare flames with me? Sorry but you’ve picked the wrong opponent! I’m the master of fire!
    Like a flash of lightning, Yin blew Chong Le He away. You want to fight speed with me? Sorry, you’re too slow for that!




    “Lu Shiqian, you dare show up here?!” Changkong Nan cuttingly remarked.
    Lu Shiqian, a single phrase stirs up a thousand waves!
    This woman is actually that incompetent woman Lu Shiqian?
    “No way, she’s the only incompetent woman that ever appeared in the Lu family?
    “Yeah! I’ve heard that her reputation is really bad!”
    “I’ve heard that she is really incompetent! No wonder why she’s still an Apprentice Mage at 16!”
    “Unbelievable! Is this incompetent woman even qualified to show up here?”
    All kinds of criticism were directed towards Lu Shiqian. But this woman was as aloof as ever: her hair remained still, a faint smile on her face as if she were listening to praise rather than insults!
    Wei Mo frowned, is everything he heard true? What kind of place did she live in before to cause people to insult her just from hearing her name?! He was suddenly very angry: if they want to insult her, I’ll just kill them all! As long as he was willing, even wiping out an entire city is no problem!
    A chilling breeze carrying snow blew by. People were surprised to see snow on such a hot, summer day. 
    They then looked towards Wei Mo and found, to their horror, extremely thick and sharp icicles surrounding him. They spread out in terror. As long as Wei Mo sent the order, they would definitely die without a whole body!
    Is this Rank 7 High Mage really going to attack them? The people fled in horror, if they were hit by one of those icicles, even if they don’t die they would be heavily wounded.
    “Being mocked a bit isn’t that big of a deal. I’m not going to lose any flesh over it.”  Lu Shiqian held Wei Mo’s hand, “It’s okay.”
    Although his appearance and personality had changed, Wei Mo was still Wei Mo in the end. Lu Shiqian was certain of that fact.
    Wei Mo retracted the icicles, the hand being held by Lu Shiqian was stiff. He raised his head proudly and said, “Hmph, I’ll let you go this time!” 
    In the chaos, Changkong Nan and Chong Le He also escaped. 
    “The Devil Fruit has bloomed! Everyone, come quickly!” someone yelled.
     People seemed to be possessed as they began to madly dash towards the location. 
    In the depths of Silent Forest and within a deep canyon, poison permeated throughout the place. The deeper you went, the more poisonous the gas became. There are no plants growing here, the complete opposite of the forest full of vitality outside.
    Everyone was prepared since long ago, all of them carried cores that dispelled poison. Everyone walked together. Before they actually see the Devil Fruit, they will be relatively cooperative.
    “Brother Bifeng, what can this Devil Fruit do that could possibly attract the attention of so many heroes?” Since she promised Wei Mo to help him steal the treasure, then it is necessary to know the details of what they’re trying to take!
    Canglong’s young master Bifeng glanced at Lu Shiqian beside him. This young master’s face was like jade, figure powerful. It was obvious that he was at least a Rank 5 Practitioner. Although he couldn’t quite match up to Wei Mo that abnormality, he was still a genius. Usually, women would throw themselves at him wherever he goes, but he never gave them a second glance. However, ever since he met Lu Shiqian, he wanted to look at her more. What a strange feeling! “It is said that this Devil Fruit can cure all kinds of poison and eating it can increase your strength by an entire rank!”




    Yes, anything that can increase your strength would attract the attention of many! Thing such as high-level magic beasts, high-level equipment, magic stones, and of course, these heaven-defying treasures are what every person would chase after! How many nobles and young masters wish to become more powerful? Of course they would be willing to pay a huge price for these items!
    Wei Mo looked at Bi Feng who was laughing and smiling next to Lu Shiqian and felt irritated. Who the hell does he think he is?! Acting so familiar with her, hmph! What a nuisance!
    Behind them, a velvet-like voice ordered the purple carriage to stop. A clear and youthful voice said, “You don’t need to move forward.” 
    “Young master… Wang, why shouldn’t we move forward? I mean…” The subordinates adored the young master, who was unparalleled and clever, but this matter was of great importance, so the subordinate had to carefully question it.
    “What’s ahead of us, young master me of course knows.” That clear and pleasant voice continued, “Guard the various intersections as I tell you to. Once you see someone running out, immediately steal the treasure.” Let the others go fight and kill. He just needs to take advantage of their hard-earned work. 

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