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Chapter 37

Who told her to instantly thrust a dagger so heartlessly?
    In terms of magic, Lu Shiqian definitely isn’t a match for this “Wei Mo” in front of her. After all, he is a Rank 7 High Mage, but he didn’t want to harm the woman in front of him. He had seen everything from within Wei Mo, watched her through his eyes so he didn’t really want to hurt her! Towards this very different woman, he held quite a bit of interest.
    “That brat and I share the same body— what the hell! Where the hell are you stabbing?!” Wei Mo swiftly avoided Lu Shiqian’s ruthless strike. This long-hidden secret was also revealed with such ease that even he himself was surprised.
    “What do you mean?” Lu Shiqian pulled the knife back and thrust it forward again.
    “Exactly what I said: we share the same body. He uses it for a few days and I use it for a few days. Motherf*****, you’re still attacking?!” 
    “Oh, I see!” Lu Shiqian ceased attacking.
    Seeing her nonchalant expression, Wei Mo was intrigued. “Aren’t you surprised or anything? Scared?” Yeah, who among those that found out didn’t freak out to high hell? But those people had already long departed for the place they should be at.
    “Psh, why make a fuss about it? Isn’t it just Multiple Personalities Disorder? I’ve seen more than enough of that.” Isn’t this just a split personality? Even though his is a rather severe case since even his appearance changes along with his personality! In the other world, there are also a lot of people just like him! But… why didn’t Wei Mo tell her about this? Was he afraid that she would alienate him?
    Wei Mo watched Lu Shiqian and broke out in a wide smile. His sly temperament and handsome looks added a thrilling charm to his exquisite face. He said, “Woman, you better remember what you said!”
    Lu Shiqian stared at this other Wei Mo and finally understood where his playboy-like peach-blossom eyes came from. If it were the other quiet and naïve Wei Mo, how could he ever have gotten such a seducing look? Yes, yes, it’s definitely a split personality! Holding her chin, she nodded her head in agreement.




    “Then when is the other Wei Mo coming back?” Lu Shiqian asked the question she wanted to know the most.
    The silver-haired Wei Mo narrowed his eyes and angrily asked, “You want to see him that much? What about me? Where do I not size up to him?”
    “…” Lu Shiqian rubbed her nose and pretended to not hear.
    Well, whatever! Whether it’s this Wei Mo or that Wei Mo, they’re all Wei Mo!
    But reality soon proved that the imagination usually envisions a far better future than the cruel truth actually brings. Lu Shiqian soon found out she had made a huge mistake.
    She couldn’t help but admire Wei Mo’s teacher, sending him to snatch the treasure. Clever! So so clever!
    Yesterday, the one that was humiliated by Lu Shiqian, Wang Jun, specially invited the commander to take revenge for his son and himself. The commander’s name is Li Ming and is a Rank 5 Practitioner. He was very good-looking but had a vicious heart. Hearing Lu Shiqian’s rash and humiliating words towards Raging Fire, she definitely needs to be taught a lesson! He confirmed that she didn’t have any backing and went with a team of around 60 to 70 people! As the commander of the third squad in the Rank 3 mercenary group, he had at least some ability. He is quite adept at interrogating people and is good at applying torture! 
    A group of people suddenly stopped Lu Shiqian and Wei Mo.
    Li Ming looked Lu Shiqian over. She looks pretty enough but is only an Apprentice Mage. He then looked at Wei Mo. Seeing his handsome appearance, he felt contemptuous. He looked at his 60 to 70 people and suddenly felt like he was blowing matters out of proportion!
    “Are you the woman who armed my general’s son?” Li Ming pointed to Lu Shiqian and asked. “Cut off an arm and beg for forgiveness and I won’t pursue matters further. Otherwise…” 
    “Otherwise?” Lu Shiqian coldly replied, her voice calm with no trace of fear.
    “Otherwise I will break both your legs and destroy an arm!” Wang Si indignantly yelled. She broke his arm and now she has to pay the price!
    The place they were facing off at was a popular gathering spot for the people there. Some of them knew what happened yesterday between those two and Raging Fire. Their general didn’t teach his son well and the son even tried to rob other people! Those two being stolen from didn’t pursue this issue further yet you guys are? How unreasonable!
    Wei Mo laughed coldly and his eyes filled with a bloodthirsty light. He walked in front of Lu Shiqian and arrogantly said, “With just you little bits of trash you want to harm her? You must be tired of living!”
    Wei Mo’s temperament had changed a lot from yesterday so no one could recognize this Rank 7 High Mage.
    Even more so for Li Ming, his subordinate didn’t dare tell him that Lu Shiqian had a Rank 7 High Mage with her. If he did know, he wouldn’t have dared to come make trouble! Furthermore, Wang Jun only described Wei Mo as a dumb little white flower so he mocked without knowing of his impending doom, “Aiyo! You’ve changed men already? What happened to the man yesterday? You’re such a frivolous b*tch!”
    These words didn’t really do anything to Lu Shiqian at all. As for Wei Mo, it caused his murder intent to instantly flare up. It was obviously a hot summer in the middle of July, yet there was a chilling wind! So cold it made people shiver in fright!
    Wei Mo suddenly attacked, barely making a move, icicles shot out towards the faces of each Raging Fire member. Those people wanted to dodge when they discovered that their feet were frozen to the ground by a sheet of ice!




    Unlike the defensive magic of the other Wei Mo, this Wei Mo’s spells contained high attack power!
    Each icicle landed squarely into each person’s head, disfiguring the entire group! 
    Wei Mo quickly flashed in front of Li Ming. Disregarding his pleads and moans, he lifted him up and slapped him across the face!
    With just one attack, he instantly decimated almost 70 people! This ruthlessness shocked the surrounding crowd.
    This arrogance also couldn’t be matched!
    “Pei, forcing your low-key elder’s hand, if you don’t know the heavens what do you know?” Wei Mo threw Li Ming aside like garbage.
    Everyone was speechless. You… low-key?!
    Li Ming coughed up a mouthful of blood. He killed members of Raging Fire without a word and actually called himself low-key? He regretted his decision tremendously. Why didn’t Wang Jun that bastard tell him that Lu Shiqian had such a powerful person beside her? He didn’t mind being beaten by Wei Mo, since he really was just that much more powerful than him, but what is that mere Apprentice Mage worth? He directed all his grievances towards Lu Shiqian instead. He pointed at her and said, “You witch, you better remember this! I swear on the name of Raging Fire that you won’t be let off easi— ah!”

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