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Chapter 40

However, it was more than enough!
    As the final petal of the Devil Flower fell, Lu Shiqian snatched the fruit like lightning and threw it into her interspatial bracelet. This all happened in one moment!
     The Crystal Scorpion, who was still fighting with Wei Mo, saw the Devil Fruit which he had guarded for over a decade suddenly vanish in front of his eyes. Unfathomable rage! It is already hard enough for any magic beast to just reach 10-stars. He finally made it to this point but has been stuck at this bottleneck for 50 years now! He found out that the Devil Fruit could help him advance and stood here to guard it for over 10 years now! These past ten years, he didn’t allow birds to peck it; beasts to bite it, constantly watered it, and sometimes even found some fertilizer for it! He had finally reached this day, that moment, yet the Devil Fruit was snatched away by someone else! How could he not be angry?
    The Crystal Scorpion released a harsh light and unleashed his 10-star magic beast skill: Toxic Blessing!
    Shine shine shine. The magic beasts who received the blessing began to shine with light, becoming even more ferocious!
    “My God!” Everyone saw that snatching the treasure by this point was hopeless and many poisonous creatures were also pursuing behind them. What should they care about by this point? Pull up your sockets and run!
    The Crystal Scorpion waved its claw again and the vast majority of creatures began crawling towards Lu Shiqian. It was this woman who stole his treasure! He was angry, angry to death! Originally, by his calculations, those people wouldn’t be able to match his poison army so when did such an aberrant appear?! To own such a fast-moving magic beast?
    Wei Mo saw that Lu Shiqian was in danger and stepped on the Crystal Scorpion, arrogantly stating, “Little crawly, why don’t we play a bit?” The him not isn’t like the him from before. That other guy only knew to protect her, but he knew just how powerful she really is! As long as he can keep this scorpion busy, that small fry wouldn’t deserve even a glance!
     I must admit that Wei Mo’s judgement was on point. Those beasts were definitely no match for her, especially after merging with Yin! She moved like a bolt of lightning: flashing to the left and right, here and there. Even though those poisonous beasts had been blessed, they could only follow her shadow. 
    However, what she didn’t notice was the few pairs of eyes eyeing her from afar, hoping for her demise.




     Those people were Changkong Nan, Chong Le He and the bunch.
    Originally, they planned on taking advantage of the chaos to steal the fruit together and then sneaking away. Who knew that Lu Shiqian would unexpectedly get the fruit first? This woman keeps wrecking their plans! She’s also the enemy they have a death grudge for! This time, she must give up her life!
    Changkong Nan is prepared to unleash the spell Fire Burns the Sky at any moment while Chong Le He readied Earth Dragon Charge. Last time they unleashed these Rank 6 spells in surprise but this time they were unleashing it on purpose. Even though it would drain their magic, they must kill Lu Shiqian in one fell swoop! Anything is worth the cost as long as they can! As for the Devil Fruit, they would naturally find some way to obtain it after she’s dead.
    Because of the poison army, there were only a few people left in the canyon. 
    So, killing that nuisance probably wouldn’t attract their attention!
    As for that annoying High Mage, he was being tangled by that Crystal Scorpion and can’t extract himself from it for a while. What a god-sent favor! 
    Their eyes filled with a bloodthirsty light. They quickly chanted the spell and attacked!
    The land broke as a jail made of earth rose up and quickly trapped Lu Shiqian and many poisonous creatures inside. Immediately after, a huge dragon made of fire charged towards them with rolling waves of heat. Even stone melted where it passed! 
    This sneak attack was definitely quick, ruthless, and full of killing intent!
    This killing attack took only a single moment!
    Wei Mo saw Lu Shiqian in danger and his mind suddenly went blank. He snorted and ran towards her with all his might. Please be okay! Please be okay! He had never been this anxious before; his heart had never pounded this fast before. He didn’t have time for deep thoughts. He could only pray that she would be alright. 
    Lu Shiqian also realized someone had launched a sneak attack against her. Her brain churned and she quickly realized who it was and which direction the attack was from.
    At this point, merging with Hong Jin was too late. As calm as stone, she said in her heart, “Hong Jin, weapon transform!” Compared to merging bodies, morphing into a weapon doesn’t take as long. After all, she was fighting against time right now!
    The raging fire had already swallowed Lu Shiqian, the Rank 6 spell Fire Burns the Sky isn’t that easy to break. Even a High Mage would suffer from it! Not to mention, Lu Shiqian is just a mere Apprentice Mage.
    Wei Mo’s red eyes were wide as an unexplainable anger and sadness washed through him. Woman, woman… this is all my fault!
    While Wei Mo was drowning in sorrow and while Changkong Nan and Chong Le He were celebrating, the wind began to shift!
    At first, it was just a small breeze. So subtle that most people didn’t even feel it!
    Suddenly, a huge gale blew up, the wind raging as a path was split through the fire! A peerless beauty walked out from the fire with her hair blowing around her. She was wearing silver armor, eyebrows revealing her persistence. In her hand, there was a fire red sword. She resembled a fire deity!
    She raised her sword and swung, her actions as if she was dancing in the fire!




    This dance-like sword style caused the surrounding winds to billow up like a fierce dragon towards the two startled Changkong Nan and Chong Le He.
    The two had no defenses up at all. With two screams, blood splattered over the canyon floor.
    The Qin Empire’s second and third most powerful families’ patriarch just died that simply. Their deaths were shrouded in mystery and for some reason, the two families would decline over the next few years. 
    One sword strike: startling!
    This strike was the first of the Heavenly-Swinging sword style: Wind Blows and Water Rises! It was actually this powerful…
    Two warm currents rushed through Lu Shiqian. Yes, after killing two Rank 5 powerhouses, Lu Shiqian’s magic power increased a bit, although it wasn’t much better than a glass of water. But more is still more! She recalled how the last time she killed Chong Le Jiang, there also seemed to be a warm current like this one. Could it be… no way! Can killing people make you advance in rank? Just like how, in a game, you can get experience points from killing other players? Then could killing magic beasts also make you advance? Hmm, I’m still not sure yet so I’ll observe for a while. If this is actually possible, then there will be one more road available to me! 

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