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Chapter 41

Wei Mo saw that Lu Shiqian was not only fine but also killed two strong Rank 5 mages. He was dumbfounded. Seeing this beautiful woman walking step by step towards him, he felt pleasantly surprised. She’s okay! Wonderful, that’s wonderful! Woman, you are truly wonderful!
    Silver-haired Wei Mo and black-haired Wei Mo are different in that he is more aware of his feelings, subconsciously making them stronger.
    Lu Shiqian walked towards Wei Mo and suddenly pushed him.
    Lu Shiqian inquired, “Did you go dumb or something? That Crystal Scorpion is about to spray poison at you.”
    Sure enough, a blotch of poison hit the place Wei Mo was just standing in. The Crystal Scorpion is famous for its poison. It even melted the nearby rocks where it hit!
    Yes, this is the Crystal Scorpion’s attack out of anger. His Devil Fruit was snatched by that human woman. He was fighting fiercely against his opponent when he suddenly dropped everything and started charging towards that human. Hmph, even if you’re going to bully someone, you shouldn’t do it this way! With a belly full of grievances, he slowly crept towards the stunned man. He wanted to give him a lesson of a lifetime to teach him that bullying him was wrong!
    Who knew that woman would wreck his plans again? New hate was added on top of old grievances, vengeance must be taken.
    The Crystal Scorpion angrily aligned its tail towards Lu Shiqian, shooting poison at her like water. 
    “Water Ring,” Wei Mo lightly waved his hand. A transparent bubble surrounded her, not a single drop of venom could touch her.
    “Little Crawly, this woman is under my protection. Let’s continue our fight then,” Wei Mo arrogantly declared.
    Hong Jin, who had returned to his original shape, rubbed against Lu Shiqian and commented, “Master, that scorpion is so arrogant!”
    Yin, who was also restored to his original Wolf King form, said, “Yeah, Master! He’s way too arrogant. We have to fix him up a bit!” 
    The two magic beasts had the same idea which is for their master to contract with it. Heh heh, let’s see how arrogant you can be then!
    Lu Shiqian speechlessly knuckled Hong Jin’s small head. Speaking about arrogant, Wei Mo is much more so! How come I don’t see these two talking about him then? Seriously!
    “Master, that kid is interesting to you so of course we would only say good things about him!” Hong Jin smoothly rolled out with his tongue.
    No wonder why the Crystal Scorpion is the King of Scorpions, to be able to hold out for this long against a Rank 7 High Mage.




    Wei Mo saw that he couldn’t take him down and suddenly stopped in place. With a smirk on his face, he clapped his hands and said, “Yan’er, come out.” 
    A red summoning pattern appeared below Wei Mo’s feet. Following that, a dragon’s roar echoed out. Dragon, it’s actually a dragon! A mighty red dragon over 3 meters high appeared behind Wei Mo, a 10-star pattern appearing beneath it. 
    This was a beautiful red dragon. Its scales were like rubies, two snow white wings sprouted from its back, two large blue eyes revealing its adoration towards Wei Mo and intelligence.
    This dragon was still young; its room for growth was enormous. On this continent, dragons are said to be the closest creature to God. They are born with intelligence and high magic power. They can also use magic from the moment they are born. Generally, a dragon, even if it never trains, can reach 15-stars by adulthood. If it works hard, it can even reach 20-stars! It is also because of this that its status is high, whether within magic beasts or humans.
    Dragons are usually extremely proud. They live in mysterious areas far away from humans, the chance of seeing one is very small, let alone form a contract with a human.
    But Wei Mo managed to contract with a dragon. Even though it was still a child, it could unleash enormous power. 
    Hmm, not bad, not bad at all, Lu Shiqian thought.
    “Woah, woah! It’s actually a dragon!” The Fire Fox and Yin immediately snuck back into the magic beast space in Lu Shiqian. Dragons can naturally suppress other magic beasts so the two weren’t willing to face off against it.
    The Crystal Scorpion was also unwilling to fight the dragon. The advantages of all races are reflected in the dragon. Even if they are both 10-stars, the Crystal Scorpion is definitely not a match for it! 
    This is like a naturally strong kid fighting against a naturally weak kid. Most of the time, the one who loses is the weak kid. There’s no way around it, their starting points were just too different.
    Wei Mo laughed out loud while raising his hands to form icicles. He was going to give the scorpion a good time!
    The scorpion despairingly lowered its head. He had already predicted this ending. Either he kills the man or the man kills him. Winner takes all, a simple truth.
     “Wait.” Lu Shiqian held Wei Mo’s hand and said, “Give it to me.” Although cutting in at such a critical moment isn’t the way of a gentleman, Lu Shiqian isn’t exactly a gentleman. If she doesn’t save the rice when the table is flipped, when should she?
    Even though Wei Mo didn’t know why Lu Shiqian wanted this scorpion, he still generously gave the scorpion to her.
    The Crystal Scorpion sunk even deeper into depression. Does this woman want revenge or something? Does she intend to extract my core while I’m still alive? 
    Lu Shiqian walked in front of the Crystal Scorpion and asked, “Are you willing to be my magic beast?”
    The Crystal Scorpion pitifully looked up at Lu Shiqian. It wanted to say: can I refuse?
    “You can be unwilling, that’s okay. You see that dragon over there? It just needs to take one step towards you…” Lu Shiqian smiled lightly as she threatened the scorpion. Threatening is her domain so naturally, threatening this scorpion was a piece of cake. 
    The scorpion shuddered as it looked at the dragon who was also staring at him. He hurried and nodded. My God! I don’t want to be squashed by that dragon…




    Satisfied with the Crystal Scorpion’s answer, Lu Shiqian placed her hand on its beautiful back. An intricate purple contract pattern flashed. At the same time, an 11-star pattern also appeared beneath the scorpion. Lu Shiqian now had another magic beast, another magic power source. 
    “Woah, this is sick! I’m about to rank up too!” Hong Jin said excitedly. Sure enough, the more magic beasts Master contracts with, the more benefits it’ll bring us too!

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