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Chapter 60

“Not good, Master!” Shui Se solemnly said, “This guy’s casting some sinister magic!”
    As a Crystal Scorpion, Shui Se was able to inherit knowledge from its parents passed down through the generations. Their knowledge was particularly rich but others weren’t aware of this.
    Shui Se just said that when the sky suddenly darkened!
    The Necromancer’s whole body shook. His blood suddenly spurted out of his orifices and slowly sunk into the ground.
    “The spell is already complete! You guys are done for!” the Necromancer smiled evilly as he looked at the three.
    The air became heavy and oppressive, and under the guidance of the Necromancer, a small spatial crack opened up!
    A black, dead world could be seen inside it.
    A creature clad in black, face covered with its black robe, carrying a huge sickle in its hand walked out. 
    A dense black cloud surrounded him, black lightning flashing beside him!
    What is that?
    “Summoner, what did you call me here for?” His voice sounded like it came straight from hell.
    “Death God, please kill those three people! I’m willing to offer you my soul in return!” The Necromancer was bathed in his own blood, yet his voice was insanely pious. 
    “A soul?” the black creature said, “I accept this deal. Hand over your life now.”
    Necromancers believed themselves to be the people closest to Death God. They believe that their power comes directly from the God of Death, and a high ranking Necromancer can even offer their soul for one chance to summon the Death God! However, the actual success rate was unknown.
    The Necromancer’s blood congealed into a small red ball and snatched and swallowed by the Death God! His soul also drifted into the Death God’s hands and injected into the scythe. 
    The Death God’s green eyes flashed as he turned to the three and said, “My summoner asked me to kill you. Are you prepared?”
    Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. This Death God is too much! Even going as far as asking whether they’re ready to die or not, who wants to die young?! Is this a common greeting from a Death God similar to how people say hello and ask about the other’s day?




    “I am not ready yet! Can you give me a bit more time?” Lu Shiqian opened her eyes wide.
    The Death God never expected anyone to request this and remembered that the people of this world were afraid of death. He had come to this world a few times when he was bored and the person he was about to kill always begged him for forgiveness, totally disregarding his actual question. This strange “person” in front of him was shorter, had longer hair, a smaller head, and better-looking eyes than the others. There were also two suspicious bumps on her chest. Is this a new species in this world? The Death God pondered whether he should tell them his role in this world. 
    You can’t blame the Death God for being so ignorant. After all, his summoner always either summoned him to some dark forest, deep swamp, and always at night. The ones who summoned him were always men so of course he doesn’t know what women were.
    “I will give you time to prepare.” The Death God believed that since it was a new species, it was necessary for it to fully comprehend his awe-inspiring darkness and death.
    Wei Mo dragged Lu Shiqian behind him. He stared warily at the black-clad creature. This black thing that appeared out of nowhere gave him a great sense of threat. He was not afraid of death himself, but he was afraid that Lu Shiqian would be hurt. 
    Lu Shiqian gripped Wei Mo’s hand and said, “Don’t worry, I have a way.”
    The hand she touched with her slender one was instantly set on fire. His face turned red and he meekly nodded.
    Qin Xingluo looked at Lu Shiqian’s confident eyes and was shook, “What’s your plan?”
    “I’m going to delay it first and when the time comes, you two just need to stall it for a moment, that’s all.” Lu Shiqian explained. 
    Lu Shiqian’s thoughts were like this: summoned creatures always have a time limit. The moment the Death God returns to the other world, it will definitely leave an opening, and then… heh heh heh. 
    Taking out a few dozen recovery potions and merging with Wang Cai, Lu Shiqian’s body was covered with a layer of mercury. Wang Cai was made using cutting edge technology and was extremely resistant and the best choice for defense. She said, “Okay, I am ready now.” She added, “You can kill me now.” Okay, this last sentence was pretty embarrassing. 
    The Death God was a bit surprised: this new kind is pretty daring! But since it’s ready now, I shall attack.
    It slashed its huge sickle, resembling a shadow as it flit across the sky towards her back. 
    Lu Shiqian felt a tremendous force approaching her unavoidably fast, allowing no escape. The sound of broken bones was heard as she was thrown 10 meters away, all the bones in her back broken. 
    Strong, so strong! Even under Wang Cai’s protection, it could still break all her bones just through sheer force! It was undeniably powerful!
    Wei Mo’s soul almost flew out from shock and ran over to Lu Shiqian who was bleeding profusely.
    Qin Xingluo’s heart suddenly hurt seeing that tramp injured. The pain he felt was unmatchable. 
    However, Lu Shiqian smiled instead. She spit out a mouthful of blood and opened the bottle of pills, placing one in her mouth. Her wounds healed at a visible pace. This gold pill can completely restore a person even if there is only a single strand of skin left! As long as the person doesn’t die, this pill will pull him or her back from the borderline! It’s very effective! As long as she has even a second to recover, she can’t die!




    It was just that the feeling of having all your bones broken wasn’t exactly a good feeling.
    But she, Lu Shiqian, was someone who was cruel to her enemies and also to herself. She stood up again.
    “This time it’s my turn.” Lu Shiqian began to run. She leaped up, dagger in hand, and stabbed towards the Death God!
    The Death God made a smooth counterattack, and the poor Lu Shiqian flew like a kite with its strings cut. This time her leg was broken!

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