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Chapter 61

After taking another pill, Lu Shiqian attacked again. This time, she attacked with her foot.
    The Death God grabbed her leg and struck her stomach with a fist, sending her free falling once again. Her internal organs almost flew out!
    Recover and get up, Lu Shiqian swiped at the Death God’s chin and then its neck. 
    The Death God blocked with its black cloak, hooked with an elbow and broke her arm.
    Eat a pill, stand up… She calculated each angle of attack carefully along with the Death God’s strength and speed. She recalculated her position with each step she took. Every time she attacked, she would calculate the strength of the attack with precision. Her progress was visible compared to that first attack that couldn’t even land to her current attacks! Her improvement was extremely fast!
    This extreme method was used by her once before. She would slam herself until she was covered with scratches and bruises every day, but persevered until she didn’t receive injuries anymore. 
    Only those that have experienced pain can overcome it. Only they can evaluate, learn, and constantly improve. God will always allow them to succeed.
    Wei Mo watched as Lu Shiqian got wounded again and again; stand up time and time again; his heart ached. However, seeing her unyielding, courageous self, he also felt proud. Every time she stood up, his love grew deeper. A’Qian was fighting her own battles, she was strong! I have to get stronger in order to protect her!
    Qin Xingluo found it incredible: this tramp was literally mad! But the image every time she stood up was deeply imprinted into his mind. If he also had that courage and determination to move forward, would he be even higher than he was now? His heart was moved.
    The Death God was surprised. This new kind was not as tall or robust as the others he had killed. Her hair was long and black, her skin soft and tender. Her legs were slender and there were two mysterious bumps on her chest… This new kind must have a novel soul! Maybe he should add her soul to his collection!
    The Death God wielded its huge, black sickle that shone with a dark light. It sighed with sorrow as it slashed towards Lu Shiqian.
    “Wang Cai, separate!” Lu Shiqian quickly commanded and rolled away, barely avoiding the attack. 
    The ground rumbled and a crack 3 meters wide opened up, its bottom too deep to measure!
    This blow was so powerful!




    Lu Shiqian silently sighed with relief. If she had not reacted in the nick of time, not only would she have lost her life but Wang Cai would have too! This blow was actually this powerful! 
    “Don’t run away! Take my second attack!” the Death God picked up its scythe and said. Come on! Surrender to me! Fall under my scythe! The taste of death was absolutely addicting!
    Lu Shiqian tumbled across the floor once again, barely avoiding the second strike. She was quite skilled at dealing with this Death God now!
    She quickly calculated, ‘the Death God’s been summoned for around half an hour now.’
    She then looked at the dimensional hole behind it: it was almost fully closed!
    “Now!” Lu Shiqian called to Wei Mo. She only wants one chance, one opportunity! 
    Wei Mo was prepared a long time ago; he was just waiting for Lu Shiqian call. He immediately cast Rank 7 spell Ice Seals a Million Miles. Even though it was only a Rank 7 spell, it was cast by a Rank 8 mage. The power was of course extraordinary and completely froze the Death God in moments!
    “Wang Cai, weapon merge!” Lu Shiqian quickly ordered. In a flash, she was holding a black, metallic knife blessed with a sharp edge and chopped towards the Death God. This was all done in one smooth movement, fluidly! 
    Except, she had underestimated the Death God!
    The Death God broke down the ice and saw Lu Shiqian charging towards it and grabbed towards her with his right hand. Intentionally or not, his hand landed on a soft piece of meat. 
     What a strange sensation, just what is it? It was puzzled and forgot about the danger. He kneaded the soft lump as countless questions popped up in his mind. 
    With the Death God absorbed in his action, Lu Shiqian had two choices: one was to continue slicing towards his neck and the other was to form a contract.
    If she were to attack him, he may not die in the end. Furthermore, her boob was still in his hands. She doesn’t want her boob to get destroyed so of course she’s going the contract way!
    Lu Shiqian pressed her hand against the Death God’s head. The Death God was still puzzled so did nothing to obstruct her. 
    And thus, the world’s first non-magic beast contract was made!
    N years later, history books would record: she finished the contract while her boob was gripped by the Death God. This must be God’s will! This must be God’s chest!
    A strange black contract array lit up beneath their feet, extending past the Death God and into the dimensional hole he arrived from. 
    An advancement pattern also appeared on the Death God. However, no one could tell what rank the Death God was at or what rank he was after advancing. 
    Of course, there are always some strange effects after contracting with non-biological creatures. For example, Lu Shiqian’s 100 magic seas were wrapped by a layer of black fluid. She didn’t know what it was, but it didn’t give her magic in any case. 
    Putting aside that accident, no matter how Lu Shiqian looked at the Death God, she still couldn’t see it as a magic beast. Since she could contract with it anyways, either the contract was too powerful and could override boundaries or the contract enables her to contract with creatures other than magic beasts. The Death God’s accident ended up giving him some questions along with a new master!




    The contract rules state: the contracted may not harm the contractor. Those that violate this rule shall be killed!
    The Death God let go of Lu Shiqian, the dimensional hole behind it also closed. 
    With this contract, he also gained many benefits. For one, he no longer had a time restriction whereas his time limit used to be about 30 minutes. 
    Wei Mo and Qin Xingluo saw a certain Death God become cute and docile. They were dumbfounded.
    Qin Xingluo looked at Lu Shiqian like she was a monster, “You didn’t contract it, right?” Does she not have limits?! Is this tramp even human?! How many magic beasts had she contracted with already?!

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