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Chapter 59

Yin enhanced his master’s speed and gave a Lightning Blessing while Hong Jin gave a Fire Blessing. The noncombat members Shui Se gave a Poison Cure Blessing and Wang Cai gave a Sturdy Blessing.
    The five blessings shone on top of Lu Shiqian’s head, making her appear even flashier and more beautiful. 
    Two peerlessly handsome young men followed behind her. One of them stood at a distance and cast Ice Seals a Million Miles while the other charged directly into the 64 enemies. They paired together well: one offense and one defense.
    Those 64 powerhouses suddenly felt like the world was turning upside down. Just a few days ago, those people were chased to tears by them and now all of a sudden, they’re fighting back. The two sides no longer held back, and the battle began!
    The Necromancer waved his wrinkled hand and numerous corpses rose out of the ground, attacking the three!
    Lu Shiqian smiled coldly and shot a chain of fireballs at them. Each strike was powerful and precise, shocking the bystanders. Every fireball accurately took down the target and burned them to ashes. Compared to the Apprentice Mage’s Small Fireball which was around the size of a fist, the Rank 2 Mage’s fireball was naturally larger. 
    However, with this said, can you not be so over exaggerated? You’ve released fireballs for quite a while now, but you actually don’t look like you’re stopping anytime soon! How long are you going to keep firing?! Do you not run out of magic power?!
    Lu Shiqian quickly defeated the corpses blocking the way and charged towards the Necromancer like a God of Death!
    The Necromancer was shocked: a Rank 7 mage was frightened by a Rank 2 one! Who would believe that? But this was the truth. Who had ever seen a mage attack like a practitioner? Don’t mages always cast spells while hiding behind the ranks? Why is this woman directly rushing towards him then?! Her fist aimed towards his head. 
    Mages have always had weak bodies, especially Necromancers who lived around dead bodies all year long. He was so scared he froze, unsure of how to react.
    “Esteemed one, watch out!” Three Rank 6 practitioners appeared behind him, two of them pulling him to the side while the other one met Lu Shiqian’s fist!




    Fist to fist!
     The sound of broken bones could be heard, and that powerhouse’s bones were thus cracked to pieces. The powerhouse stared incredulously at his shredded hand covered in blood, he didn’t understand. A Rank 2 Mage has a harder fist than that of his?
    However, he never had a chance to figure it out. Lu Shiqian’s dagger had already made a beautiful arc in the air. His throat suddenly hurt and his consciousness drifted away!
    Lu Shiqian’s was light on her feet, instantly killing the other two!
    Under the blessings of her magic beasts, her speed was so fast there was no time to react.
    One warm stream after another traveled towards her magic sea. One after another enemy fell under her dagger!
    The Necromancer retreated to the side, his heart full of shame. He was actually afraid of a little Rank 2 Mage! Anger and shame burned away his reason, and seeing the people constantly backing away, a fire of rage smoldered in his chest. He doesn’t care about the lives of those people, what he does care about is that all these can’t defeat a mere 3 people! 
    “Mages retreat and collectively cast spells!” he commanded in his hoarse voice.
    “Esteemed one, we can’t! There are still over a dozen brothers engaging with the enemy!” A mage who understood the Necromancer’s intentions was shocked: is this guy going to sacrifice the lives of all those brothers just for victory?
    “Do. As. I. Say.” The Necromancer gritted his teeth and yelled; his eyes bloodshot.
    The mages didn’t dare to disobey. They stepped back and pointed to their brothers, their comrades, and launched life-threatening spells. 
    A large fire dragon, earth thorns, wind blades rushed towards the crowd. The battling practitioners couldn’t believe their eyes: they didn’t die from the blade of the enemy but from the attacks of their own comrades! They entrusted their backs to their brothers, yet they riddled it with holes instead!
    Wei Mo cast a Triple Water Ring spell, blocking all kinds of attacks. There was pity in his eyes as he looked at those people, but the look in his eyes didn’t change. Since he decided to protect A’Qian, then no matter what happens, he shall never waver! His eyes will only ever chase her, no matter what lies ahead!
    “Triple Water Ring!” The Necromancer stared at Wei Mo: he actually advanced in the few days they didn’t meet?! His heart flew into chaos and reaffirmed his decision that these people absolutely cannot live! 
    The surrounding Rank 6 Mages only felt a wave of helplessness. They sacrificed all those brothers for what? They weren’t able to kill those three in the end anyways! They grew timid, afraid!
    Lu Shiqian sneered and quietly glided over. Like a brush of wind, her hand raised and the dagger fell, harvesting the lives of the mages!
    Treat comrades like the sun on a warm summer day and enemies like ice in the middle of winter. 
    Qin Xingluo joined in on the one-sided battle. He had said earlier that he would make all those people who harmed him pay the price! Does he look so meek? Pinched round because you want him round, flat because you want him flat? Think about the consequences before you act!




    The two were like Death Gods. Soon after, all the mages had died except for the Necromancer.
    At this point, this elitist of the Song Empire was utterly defeated in the Qin Empire. 
    The Necromancer shook from rage. He had reached the end of the road.
    He was one of the radicals in the Song Empire and completely loyal to it. His greatest wish was for the Song Empire to one day take over the Qin Empire and enslave its people! He was confident in his strength, yet today, after meeting Lu Shiqian and the other two, he suddenly despaired. 
    He looked at all the fallen people on the ground and pushed all the blame onto the three. As long as those three die, he was willing to pay any price!
    A glimmer of determination flashed through the Necromancer’s eyes. He raised both hands above his head and fell onto the ground reverently, “Death God, please hear my call! Come! Come and kill these people in front of you! I am willing to pay with my life!”

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