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Chapter 9

Holding on to Xianghui, Lu Shiqian casually looked around for an empty table to sit down at: “Serve food and wine!”
    Xiao Er distressfully looked at her. According to the rules, the hotel accepts any customer as long as they have the money. If they have money, then they are the boss. But Lu Shiqian’s reputation is really bad, so he is not willing to welcome her. 
    “What? So when you have customers, you don’t welcome them? Is this how your Bai Jia Hotel shows its hospitality?” Lu Shiqian said slowly as she narrowed her eyes. 
    Her words were slow, yet they brought an immense pressure. Xiao Er felt like he was being squashed by a mountain while already under a mountain and immediately went up to serve.
    “I’m asking you, did you come here to stick onto me again?” Yu Qingchen repeated. He had already prepared a speech of insults to hurl at her, and he can guarantee that it’ll be much more interesting and exciting than last time. But how come this woman is so uncooperative? Isn’t she supposed to pull at his sleeve and plead him to come back to her? Shouldn’t she be holding his shoes, begging him to look at her? So why is she just sitting there calmly and coldly?
    “You’re thinking too much, esteemed Yu family son. I’m just here to eat,” Lu Shiqian lifted a cup of tea to her mouth.
    Her slow actions contained a captivating charm that once again blinded people’s eyes.
    Yu Qingchen didn’t hear the insults of other people towards Lu Shiqian. Instead, he turned around and saw all eyes fixed on her in awe. This gave rise to a wave of anger: “You hussy, what ideas did you cook up to stick around me again? Come at me, I’m not afraid of you!”
    “You’re thinking too much,” Lu Shiqian lightly looked at him.
    This light gaze had an effect that pierced straight through the heart. Yu Qingchen was nailed to the ground by this eye like a pail of cold water had splashed over him. In that instant, he felt like that woman was an untouchable mountain. 
    No, this can’t be! This woman who was abandoned by me, on what basis does she have the right to look at me like that?
    “You don’t need to waste your time worrying about it. I don’t have a fancy to you; you only make me feel disgusted!” Yes, this must be the scheme she has cooked up in order to return to his side. Only by putting this incompetent woman down and insulting her will she run up to him to plead for his forgiveness.
    Lu Shiqian held back the brother who wanted to run up and smack Yu Qingchen silly. In her mind, she said to herself: Do you see now? This is the man that you loved so dearly. Do you see now? Look at how narrow-minded and shallow he is. Do you really not want to give up on him?
    There was a slight sigh within her heart. Lu Shiqian suddenly felt lighter, as if she were being reborn from the inside. Only now did Lu Shiqian truly become herself. 
    “Have you said enough? Yu family son, you are thinking too much! Why would a flower as beautiful as I, Lu Shiqian, be captivated by you?” Lu Shiqian coldly continued, “In my eyes, you’re not even worthy of being a dog!”  
    Yu Qingchen lurched; the people stared blankly.
    Are these really the words of the most incompetent and wanton girl in the country?
    “You… you useless…!” Yu Qingchen was overwhelmed. He suddenly wished to go back in time to when they were still lovers. If he were given one more chance, he wouldn’t ever reject her! Even if she is an incompetent woman, using her as a wallflower is still okay. 
    Pa! Lu Shiqian smashed her cup and declared: “Please mind your manners, Yu family son. There is no one in this world that is useless. Even though I may be physically weak right now, I have a strong heart! Thus, please treat me with proper respect.”
    These words reverberated across the room: please give me due respect. I have a strong heart! Yes, a strong heart is the foundation of the world! What can you not accomplish with an unyielding heart? The Qin Empire is a militaristic country that respects the strong; even those that will become strong in the future!
    Lu Xianghui felt like today was the first day he ever truly saw his sister. He looked up delightedly at the sister who was soaring across the skies. This is my sister, I’m so blessed!
    Clap, clap. From the VIP box on the second floor, a handsome man blessed with heavenly features stepped out. He looked at Lu Shiqian with interest and was the first to start clapping!
    Clap, clap. Clap, clap, clap. With his lead, the entire restaurant began applauding.
    Lu Shiqian indifferently held her brother’s hand and walked out of the restaurant.
    “You incompetent woman… stop!” Yu Qingchen tried to grab Lu Shiqian’s hand, but Lu Xianghui used his little hand to push him away causing Yu Qingchen to roll and tumble humiliatingly away. Others also looked at Yu Qingchen in dissatisfaction. Does this person not know common sense? This woman is strong, at least in heart! Repeatedly calling her useless and incompetent, this guy is too disrespectful!
    Lu Shiqian secretly slid back into her room. Thinking back on Yu Qingchen’s pitiful and outraged face, she felt satisfied. 
    However, she still needs to train in order to become truly strong!
    She does not care about other people’s thoughts and opinions, but she needs to build her own strength. A strong heart is the foundation of everything and strength is the power to create everything!
    So how do you get stronger?
    Sign a contract with a magical beast or become a powerful mage!
    As long as you can feel the magic power in this world, you can slowly accumulate it. Once enough is gathered, you can make a contract with a magical beast!
    Without hesitation, Lu Shiqian took out the black leather book with golden words, “Million***.”
    The opening line in this book is: the use of everything in the earth and heavens is in my heart.
    Magic power is divided into five attributes: wind, fire, earth, wood, and gold. Each attribute has different uses and creates different effects. The five elements are both separated and interrelated: they join together to create while they separate to restrain each other.
    “Million***” is divided into three chapters. The first chapter is the cultivation method. The second chapter is on incantations. The third chapter is on magic arrays.
    The manual states that all magic power is derived from nature. It is born from nature and obtained from nature. You must absorb these elements and circulate them inside your body in an incessant, easily, and inexhaustibly manner.
    The incantations contain many earth-shattering and heaven-defying spells. These powerful spells are divided into three categories: life, power, and creation. 
    Magic arrays are the combination of magic and have countless uses!
    According to the book, you can even store magic power in the body.  

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