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Chapter 100

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched: just who exactly was leading her astray with beauty?!

She touched their foreheads and the contract progressed without any hindrances. The contract was concluded!

Two gorgeous contract patterns appeared beneath their feet, quickly followed by two advancement patterns! 

Xiu Si was originally already a Saint. After contracting with her, he brought about a rich amount of magic power. The contract seemed to have a rule: advancement must follow after a contract. Whether you were 1 Star or 2 Stars, or Rank 1 or Rank 2, even if you were some hundreds of stars or a Saint, it was all the same, it would definitely bring about enough magic power to advance a level! 

However, what was the realm above Saint?


The clouds shifted and the rules of heaven and the earth descended! The aura around Xiu Si shone brighter and brighter, becoming more and more green!

The rules of the heaven and earth caused a great ruckus. The Elf King had become a God, attracting attention from all directions!

The elves watched with wide eyes: this was the greatest moment within all of their history! A God was finally going to appear from the elves! 

The heavens and earth shook, green leaves wrapping around Xiu Si. 

A God-level figure appeared within the elves and the advancement of Xiu Si reflected back into Lu Shiqian’s body, both sides gaining benefits. 

After a long time, the green leaves scattered and a gentle, handsome man walked out!

It was the same green hair and blue eyes, but somehow much more magnificent and bright! His temperament became more elegant and ethereal! A pair of slender, transparent wings sprouted from his back. It was very beautiful, but the amount of magic power stored there shouldn’t be underestimated. 

“This… is merely the beginning!” Bai lightly said. 

When the just-ascended Xiu Si looked at Bai Hu, his heart shook wildly. He was even more fearful than when he was a Saint! 

He knelt in front of Lu Shiqian, giving obeisance to his master, to Bai Hu! 

With this bow, every single elf knelt in one smooth motion!

He wanted to express his gratitude and thank the two for saving them from their greatest crisis, thank Lu Shiqian for contracting with them, thank them… But he couldn’t say a word. The complicated emotions of the elves were conveyed mentally, instead even more powerful and moving!

Lu Shiqian helped Xiu Si up and shook hands with him, the friendliness in his eyes clear.

From today on, the elves belonged to Lu Shiqian! 

“It’s still not enough!” Bai was unsatisfied and glanced around, his gaze landing upon the Elf Lord Tree. Perhaps…

The Elf Lord Tree was enormous and the oldest tree in the world. It was a magical tree that extended into the sky, its trunk so wide you can’t see its sides. Its branches could hold the City of the Elves. Every tree was its children, every forest its family. The Elf Lord Tree could even be said to have created the elves since they were born from its soul!

This was a tree of life!

Bai didn’t hesitate any longer and lifted a jade-white leg. He menacingly and arrogantly said, “Old Tree, if you still refuse to show your face, be careful that I don’t break an old bone or two!” 

Everyone could feel the tree distinctly shake. Soon, an old voice hoarsely asked, “Master Bai Hu, forgive me!” 

The tree could speak? For real?

Lu Shiqian’s eyes were truly opened today. 

“Don’t think that just because you changed bodies I can’t recognize you. If it weren’t for our old friendship… Hmph, hiding here on this continent could also be considered your luck.” Bai dropped his lifted foot, then lifted it again, dropping and lifting again and again. 

The Elf Lord Tree saw Bai’s rising and falling foot and began to tremble, “Master Bai Hu, please forgive me!” 

“I’ll give you a chance. Contract with my master and I’ll spare you,” Bai Hu tossed out his conditions. 

“Master Bai Hu’s… Master?” The poor Elf Lord Tree was shocked so hard he continuously shook, causing the forest to shake wildly. 

“Talk less nonsense. You’re quite the sly old coot, one word: yes or no?” Bai Hu wiped his hands, “Even though a lot of my power has been sealed, it’s still a piece of cake to take care of you!” 

The Elf Lord Tree silently screamed for his ancestors. Did it dare to not contract? Of course it didn’t dare! Now that it thought about it, having the same master as Master Bai Hu… was also quite exciting for his tree heart! 

“Willing, I’m willing!” the Elf Lord Tree quickly said. 

Bai looked at Lu Shiqian gently and smiled, “Dumbo, go and contract with this old coot.” 

The Elf Lord Tree shuddered once again, ‘Holy! Master Bai Hu actually smiled! Oh my god! How terrifying!’ But… it felt aggrieved. Why was he so mean to it then? 

Lu Shiqian looked speechlessly at the sky. ‘Oh, Bai, you’re a little too OP there!’ She contracted with every single elf, yet he didn’t even let go of their ancestor tree! Although… she liked it that way!

The purple contract lit up beneath the Elf Lord Tree, enormous… extravagant… Huh? Actually, they couldn’t see anything at all. They only knew after they contracted that this Elf Lord Tree’s roots were even larger than the part above-ground. 

Afterwards, there were two more advancement patterns. Of course, nothing could be seen.

“Woah! I ranked up, ranked up!” The old tree was jubilant and extremely shocked. It truly was befitting the phrase “flowers and petals shaking violently” as if it were a youngling. How many years had it been now? 

The old tree was amazed and so was Lu Shiqian. Could anyone tell her how an old tree could get to 400 Stars?! Furthermore, this old tree… was quite special. It could actually give birth to life! She needed to carefully study this ability little. 

The old tree was still in the middle of his excitement. It could clearly feel the advancement continuing, its body overflowing with power! Another four trees grew in its body. Those were his clones, namely: Tree of Wisdom, Tree of Life, Tree of Defense, and the Tree of War. It truly believed that these four trees would grow rapidly in the coming days! This change was very surprising and was kind of like a genetic mutation. Was it because Lu Shiqian had contracted with more magic beasts? 

The elves originated from the Elf Lord Tree. Following the tree’s change, the elves also morphed. The elves all grew a pair of wings! 

Contracting with the Elf Lord Tree filled 99 magic seas in Lu Shiqian’s body. Just a little more and she would rank up! 

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