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Chapter 99

“I-I’m willing!” Lan Ruo walked out from amongst the elves with a face full of resolution! He admired Lu Shiqian and since they may not meet again in the future, he was more than willing to contract with her in order to better protect her. Lu Shiqian glanced at Bai, and the latter gave her an innocent smile. 

Alright, since Bai opened such a great path for her, if she didn’t perform well, how could she live up to his expectations? 

She revealed a breathtaking smile, her black hair fluttering in the wind, causing the hearts of many elves to beat wildly in that one moment. 

Bai Hu felt like his heart skipped a beat. If it weren’t because this was an important time for his little Dumbo, he really would’ve grabbed her and showered her in love! Dumbo’s appearance right now was so enchanting. Scanning the red-faced elves, Bai felt worried. Did he unintentionally create a lot of rivals for himself? 

Lu Shiqian was concentrating on contracting with Lan Ruo. She had no idea what Bai was thinking. 

Her hand pressed against the cute and shy Lan Ruo’s forehead. At the moment the purple contract light lit up, a purple advancement pattern also appeared!

The “Contract Book” was indeed powerful: it could contract with the Death God, and even the elves weren’t spared! Everything could be contracted! Anything could be contracted as long as the target wasn’t a human. The unlimited contract indicated not only the number that could be contracted but also the species! It also enhanced the strength of the contracted. Sure enough, it didn’t fall short of expectations! Each contract would lead to advancement!

This was like playing a game that you hacked!

Lan Ruo’s excited face was flushed red. If his teacher had not told him to be elegant and proud, he would’ve been dancing in joy right now! He advanced two ranks at once from Rank 4 to Rank 6 Archmage!! 

Lan Ruo’s gaze towards Lu Shiqian contained not only respect, but also admiration!

The other elves saw that Lan Ruo advanced and envied him to death. The appearance of Lu Shiqian swayed them, and the advancement was an even greater temptation! To have such a great master was a wonderful thing! 

After Lan Ruo took the head, the other elves were eager to try and soon, another tall and handsome elf walked out with a red face.

The City of Elves was currently experiencing something so shocking that even God would be surprised. One after another contract and advancement pattern lit up like a never-ending purple fireworks show. The elves’ happy and excited laughter spread throughout the city, the joy of advancing and goodwill towards Lu Shiqian rising rapidly!

Out of the 10,000 elves, she contracted with over 1,000 of them! Lu Shiqian’s energy was full to the point of terrifying! Bai pulled over his little Dumbo and kissed those long-coveted lips. He said, “My little Dumbo, I’m delighted that you’re so hard-working, but it’s almost night now and you’ve only contracted with a couple thousand. There are still so many elves waiting for you!

Lu Shiqian blinked her eyes and dim-wittedly answered, “Then what should I do?” 

The silly answer stirred Bai’s love for her and he couldn’t help but kiss her a few more times, “Of course it’s to do a group contract.”

She looked at Bai Hu dizzily: this guy was just too fascinating!

“You can also group contract?” Lu Shiqian was surprised. 

Looking at Dumbo’s lips open with surprise, Bai felt like there was a small scorpion scratching at his heart and kissed her again. He then said, “Use your awareness to cover the elves, the larger the scope, the more contracts you’ll have.” 

There was actually such a hack?! She had thought that contracting with magic beasts required her to touch their foreheads! Lu Shiqian dissatisfiedly said, “Why didn’t you say so earlier?” Alright, she was a cheap person. Other people generally can only contract with one magic beast in their lifetime, the process serious and binding. Where would you find someone like her? Contracting one after another and then complaining that it wasn’t fast enough?

Bai Hu smiled, “Well, Dumbo didn’t ask.” 

The truth was that he just wanted to see the little Dumbo’s serious and hardworking look. Finally, he couldn’t bear seeing her so tired and told her. 

“Wait, how did you know you could use this kind of way to contract?” Lu Shiqian found a discrepancy. The “Contract Book” only said that you could contract unlimitedly, it didn’t say that you could group contract. How did Bai Hu find know about this?

Bai looked into her eyes, “Little Dumbo, men all have their secrets.” 

Lu Shiqian didn’t ask anymore and did as Bai Hu said. She released her awareness and carefully found each elf, each being. One, two, three… There were more and more beings in her awareness. Except for two that were so big she couldn’t manage, she covered everyone else. 

“That small green awareness belongs to the Elf Priest. The big, bright one is the Elf King’s. The Elf Priest is at the top of Rank 8 while the Elf King is a Saint. You need to contract individually with these two,” Bai explained attentively. 

Lu Shiqian nodded her head. She tightened her awareness and concluded the contract!

A humongous purple contract lit up the City of the Elves. It was extravagant and mysterious. Within this huge magic array, smaller advancement arrays appeared. Circles within circles, patterns within patterns appearing one after another were an amazing sight!

There were suddenly 2,000 to 3,000 more magic beast areas that appeared in her body. At the same time, magic power gushed into her body. She felt like a kite in a gale, in danger of failing at any moment. 

Bai touched Lu Shiqian’s back and a great force flowed into her body, guiding the rampant magic power to her magic seas. 

Adding to the leftover 50% from the last time she advanced, after contracting with 30,000 elves, it was now 80% filled!

Bai Hu frowned slightly, obviously displeased at the result.

“Since my subjects have already contracted with this beautiful young lady, this king can’t fall behind.” Xiu Si’s graceful and soothing voice spread over, his beautiful sky-blue eyes looking at Lu Shiqian. 

“Me too,” Milo also knelt down. 

When two equally talented men with equally handsome faces knelt in front of you, the impact was quite big!

“Dumbo, don’t be led astray by beauty.” Bai subtly warned. You have to say, even if it was a warning, when it comes from Bai’s mouth, it was more like a flirt. 

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