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Chapter 101

Bai Hu pointed to those 500,000 magic beasts and said, “Contract with them too.” 

Lu Shiqian almost keeled over. It was 500,000 magic beasts, 500,000! Bai’s tone was light as if he was just saying to chop a carrot! 

Milo and Xiu Si couldn’t help but wipe their sweat. It was actually the Elf Lord Tree that was the calmest. After all, it knew Bai Hu all the way back. It wasn’t surprised at his antics. 

And those 500,000 magic beasts shivered. But how could they dare to resist even half an inch? 

The corner of Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched as she looked at those 500,000 magic beasts. So the reason why Bai left them behind was for her to contract with them! 

If that’s the case, then why didn’t he leave behind those 500,000 beastmen? 

“They’re too ugly. They don’t line up with my aesthetics!” Bai arrogantly declared. 

Huh? He chased them away because they weren’t pretty? Bai, do you think that every single thing will look as devilishly beautiful as you?! Although, why does he always know what she’s thinking?

Lu Shiqian then realized a problem. She can know the thoughts of her magic beasts she contracted with using the mental platform even though she never used it before, her magic beasts can probably know her thoughts likewise! At the very least, Bai was constantly using it and actually derived fun from it! Now that her magic beasts increased so much all of a sudden, knowing her every thought was akin to being stripped naked in front of all of them! It really wasn’t a good feeling…

“This old tree doesn’t know anything! Lala, doesn’t know anything!” the Elf Lord Tree shamelessly said. 

“I also don’t know anything, hehe!” Xiu Si also chuckled slightly. 

“…” Lu Shiqian was speechless. They indeed knew!

Bai couldn’t help himself again and pulled this poor girl into his arms for a few kisses. He told her, “Dumbo, you can stop the mental communication if you meditate and calm your heart a little.” It was a good thing he could tell what her thoughts were. Otherwise, if the other magic beasts found out about this… That was no good! There were also two that looked quite okay amongst the elves.

After calming her heart a little, other than being unable to know what the other was thinking, normal communication was still possible. Lu Shiqian felt relieved. This “Contract Book” really thought of everything! It could even shield her thoughts! 

Thinking again, it could also shield her magic beasts’ thoughts. After all, they were also bound to have thoughts they want to keep hidden! 

Afterwards, the mental communication would be based on each beast’s liking. It would be like a large conference. Those that want to speak would speak while those that don’t can also say that silence is gold. 

She then released her awareness to group contract!

Five hundred thousand magic beasts that were all 5 to 7 Stars! How powerful of a force was this?!

Contracting with such a magic beast army was beyond an ordinary person! They wouldn’t even dare to think of it! However, to Lu Shiqian, 500,000 magic beasts were just her backup forces!

There was a miracle occurring at this moment in the City of the Elves. A miracle the outside world didn’t know about; a miracle the ones contracted by Lu Shiqian today would reminisce excitedly about. On that day, their master took her first step onto her path of ascension! 

An incomparably large purple magic contract shone beneath all of the magic beasts’ feet. Immediately afterwards, a string of advancements patterns flashed. The magic power brought by the new contract and advancements surged into Lu Shiqian’s body, and with Bai’s help, successfully directed to her magic seas. Its power was tremendous, filling another 20 magic seas before it finally slowed down. There were also much more magic beast areas in her body. They continued to appear like stars in the night sky! 

The magic beasts that experienced the benefits contracting with their master were jubilant. If they knew that they would’ve ranked up by contracting, they wouldn’t have needed Master Bai Hu’s orders. They would’ve rushed up to be the first one! Now, they were all grateful to Master Bai. Master Bai was just too amazing! He even found such a great master for them! You must be aware how hard it was for a magic beast to advance by oneself, and contracting with other humans would pretty much be a slave contract. However, contracting with this master was different. They could feel that she was a strong and kind person. Following this master, they were sure to exceed!

At this moment, 500000 magic beasts, 30000 elves, coupled with the old tree, Hong Jin, Yin, Shui Se, Wang Cai, and Bai Hu all attentively looked at one person. 

Their Master Lu Shiqian was about to advance!

Different from the normal white advancement circle, Lu Shiqian’s advancement circle was golden. It was even more extravagant and magnificent than the last time she advanced in the purple palace. The three rings and three lines with many complicated marks held an overbearing and mysterious beauty!

She successfully advanced to Rank 3!

After Lu Shiqian advanced, the others immediately broke out into cheers. The ones that were 7-10 Stars advanced to 10-13 Stars while the elves advanced to Rank 7! Xiu Si’s power also became slightly stronger, and the laws of heaven descended onto Milo bringing him into the realm of God! Yin became 14 Stars, Hong Jin 17 Stars, Shui Se 18 Stars, Wang Cai 21 Stars, and the white unicorn 24 Stars. The Elf Lord Tree’s advancement circle was hidden beneath the ground while Death God’s advancement circle flashed some dark lights. As for Bai Hu, he hid his advancement circle. If he revealed it, the others would be shocked to death! Staying low-key was good! 

The magic power caused by the others’ advancement filled another 10 magic seas. It was only then that this spectacular advancement show came to an end! 

The Elf Lord Tree was so happy its huge branches shook again and again. It belonged to the plant and power type. Fighting wasn’t its forte, any strong 200 Star or so magic beast could whack the crap out of it. A few hundreds of years ago, it fled to the Devil Dance continent and pretended to be a normal tree to avoid being hunted down. What this old tree liked to do the most was to nurture life. To it, there was nothing more exciting than that! Its greatest dream was to become a tree of life! Contracting with Lu Shiqian was the most unexpected pleasant surprise in its life. Furthermore, if it met danger, it could always hide in the magic beast space inside Lu Shiqian’s body. The advancements that happened each time also made him yell out in excitement, especially since it had not advanced in so many years now! 

Milo broke through Saint Rank and became a God, once again drawing the nearby strong ones’ attention. Two Gods appeared at the same time in the same direction, they might even be at the same place! Someone quickly rushed over. 

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