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Chapter 102

It wouldn’t be scary if those God Rank powerhouses were only chasing strength, but if they were used by others or harbored wild ambitions, then the Devil Dance continent would change!

The Devil Dance continent looks like a silent and clear lake, but when it is disturbed, I’m afraid it’s actually very deep.

At this moment, all of Lu Shiqian’s magic beasts were partying like no tomorrow, causing the Beastman King Fuyi to feel greatly miffed on the side. 

He brought a million-strong army to attack the city, trying wholeheartedly to gain that thing he wanted. Who knew that a Cheng Yaojin would show up along the way and eradicate his soldiers with a few words, even contracting with those magic beasts he painstakingly found! This was the best portrayal of a strenuous and unrewarding task, tailoring clothes for others. 

(TL: Cheng Yaojin is basically someone that shows up unexpectedly and disrupts the plan. An outlier.)

“Oh, this little pony seems very unresigned!” Bai’s sharp eyes saw the resentful look on Fuyi’s face, and this cruel and black-hearted guy seemed to have thoughts on this poor Beastman King now. He drove away the other beastmen, took his subordinates’ magic beasts, and seemed to be thinking of taking him under his little Dumbo’s wings now. 

Bai Hu’s pressure was terrifying, Fuyi shrunk and prostrated, “I don’t dare to be unresigned!” 

“Alright then, since you’re resigned, then go contract with my little Dumbo.” Bai overbearingly said. 

Fuyi was almost enraged to death. He wanted him, a noble Beastman King, to contract with a measly human? Just kill him instead! 

“Your Excellency, I surrender to your might, but to contract with a human… No unless she can defeat me!” Even though Fuyi was scared of Bai, he still insisted on his principles. He still had his own pride! 

Lu Shiqian liked this beastman guy. He very much suited her tastes. 

“Alright, I agree!” Lu Shiqian proudly declared. 

Bai Hu smiled lightly. This Dumbo was indeed his love, so cute! Gotta kiss her a little more later.

She had the white-winged unicorn turn into a weapon and sliced upwards, sending a tornado blasting towards Fuyi. Sure enough, the higher level she was, the more powerful she was. This tornado was cutting like the edge of a knife!

Fuyi quickly jumped away. His horse bottom-half was very quick, and waved his hand in midair, shooting icicles towards Lu Shiqian! 

Hong Jin immediately blessed Lu Shiqian with fire; Yin increased Lu Shiqian’s speed; Wang Cai saw that his master was being bullied and boosted her defense and stamina!

After ranking up, the enhancements were increased by a level. Quick as lightning, she landed a kick on Fuyi’s body. 

Fuyi lifted two fingers and used his domain. Lu Shiqian felt her body grow heavier.

The domain made everyone below Saint Rank as easy to kill as ants. 

Maybe, perhaps, could it be? 

Xiu Si smiled and blessed her with lightness while Milo increased her breakthrough ability. 

God Rank blessings were no small matter. Fuyi’s domain was immediately broken. Lu Shiqian immediately used Rising Winds, Scudding Clouds and beat Fuyi into the ground!

Lu Shiqian’s black hair fluttered in the wind, “You lost.”

Fuyi was angry and retorted, “You cheated, group fighting against a single person!” 

This accusation was very sharp and Lu Shiqian helplessly said, “You didn’t say that I couldn’t use my magic beasts earlier.” Looking at her 500,000 magic beasts, she continued, “Besides, I didn’t even use all of them.” 

Fuyi couldn’t help but roll his eyes. She even wanted enhancements from 500,000 magic beasts? If that’s the case, then even an ant could kill him! He lowered his head and admitted his defeat. Perhaps, contracting a master like this wasn’t a bad thing. He might not even need that “head” to take his revenge. 

“I… I am willing to contract with you, Master.” Fuyi lowered his prideful head. 

This blonde-haired beastman knelt on one knee, indicating surrender. 

Lu Shiqian smiled in satisfaction. This beastman’s mind is quite broad, how admirable. 

She pressed her hand onto his forehead, a purple magic contract pattern appearing beneath their feet. Soon, an advancement pattern appeared and the laws of heaven descended on Fuyi. 

This was the third God Rank powerhouse that appeared today. When had there ever been a time like this on Devil Dance continent where three people became Gods in one day? 

The people in the four directions noticed the commotion occurring at the City of the Elves and were about to go into a crazed frenzy. More than a dozen people hurried over without stopping. It was best to pull these powerhouses into their clan. If they refuse, they need to at least maintain a friendly relationship. 

The Beastman King that had just finished advancing experienced an unexpected change. Four white, swan-like wings sprouted from his horse bottom-half. It seemed to add a sense of mystery and majesty to him. It was quite intriguing. 

Fuyi looked at his own wings in amazement. Heavens, he was a God now! The ancient books were actually true! Beasts can actually become Gods! Originally, he thought that he would remain a Saint for life…

Bai scooped over Lu Shiqian into his embrace and gave her a few pecks, “My family’s little Dumbo is amazing!” 

Lu Shiqian was speechless. She wasn’t disgusted by Bai’s kisses, it was just, just… where the heck does she look like dumb?!

After kissing Lu Shiqian, Bai increased his pressure and overbearingly stated, “50,000 magic beasts listen up. You all scatter and round up some forces, telling them the benefits of contracting with your master. Go!” Let Dumbo’s reputation spread far and wide, the farther the better. Later on, perhaps magic beasts would come knocking on her door requesting her to contract with them instead!

The beasts were more than happy to undertake this mission. This was a rather important job. The more magic beasts Master contracts, the faster they advance. 

Xiu Si stood out and declared, “We will do our utmost to increase our strength and hold the fort for our master!” 

“This old tree has stayed quiet for too many years. It’s about time for me to stretch my branches.”

Lu Shiqian’s heart pounded wildly, a grand plan forming in her mind!

“Take out that thing now,” Bai casually said. 

Xiu Si understood him. It was indeed the best course of action to hand that “head” over to Master. He opened a secret door in the Elf King’s Palace, “Master, please follow me.” 

(DL Scanlations)

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