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Chapter 103

Fuyi was very excited. It was for this thing he led an army here to find; it was also because of this thing that connected him to his master. He really wanted to see what this “head” recorded in the ancient books was. 

The moment the secret room was opened, a wave of air rushed out. This breeze gave Lu Shiqian a familiar feeling. At the same time, her interspatial bracelet emitted a green light, seemingly reacting to something in the secret room. 

Something in the room gave off pulses of light. This overbearing light actually couldn’t be stopped by the secret room even after all these years!

This thing was a “head.” More accurately, it was a crown.

Beautiful and carrying an eerie pattern, a blue liquid seeping from it, it had the same theory behind it as her interspatial bracelet. 

This crown dashed forward when it sensed Lu Shiqian entering the room as if it found its long lost lover. 

Lu Shiqian studied this crown. She felt that this crown had its own consciousness.

She reached out her hand to pick it up and take a closer look. 

“Master, don’t.” Xiu Si held onto Lu Shiqian’s hand. It was soft and tender where they touched and his face went red, “Master, this crown can confuse people’s minds. It contains too much evil energy and you can’t touch it.” This was also the reason why he’d rather go down with the city than hand over the crown. If he handed it over to the beastmen, they would’ve invaded humans and other races. That was something he didn’t want to see. 

“Tell me the reasons,” Lu Shiqian didn’t insist on taking the crown. She also wanted to know what this crown was. 

“That is better explained by me,” the Elf Lord Tree said, “This is one of the items from the Fallen Goddess Set.” 

“Fallen Goddess Set?” Lu Shiqian was slightly surprised. 


“100,000 years ago, when I first escaped to this continent, it was during the Grand Era of Magic. Strong people were common like the clouds, and there were countless amounts of Saint Rank powerhouses. That was truly an era of geniuses… At that time, the Devil Dance Continent was called the Continent of the Gods and interacted with the other planes. Wars were never-ending, especially the one against the demon race. 

(Continent of the Gods: 神之大陆)

“Back then, the strongest and most astounding one amongst the God Clan was Yi Mengji, an unrivalled female warrior. She and her husband Da Peiwen resisted against the demon race’s invasions together, sweeping away countless victories! However, she was too powerful and accumulated too many merits so the winds soon changed direction. Many in the God Clan found her irritating to the eye and during a campaign against the demon race, killed her husband first. After she returned in triumph, what greeted her were not cheers of joy but her husband’s head!

“She did not expect that in the end, her husband wouldn’t die in the hands of the demon race but rather by those hypocrites who usually praised her! In that moment of pain, she fell into darkness and became a demon! She fell to the lowest level of hell, her divine power melding together with the hardest material in hell. She gave up her mortal body, leaving behind only a heart of vengeance. When she broke out from the secret chamber in hell, she had become the feared Fallen Goddess… She was the strongest force of the demon race and came for revenge. Her hands became stained with the blood of countless gods and the demons built up momentum, almost chasing the gods out of the continent! 

“The gods with nothing left to lose gathered together and called forth Da Peiwen’s soul, halting Yi Mengji in her tracks. Thousands of gods then attacked and finally killed her! What they didn’t know was that this woman had long died. Her divine power had melded together with the material in hell and became equipment. She had drawn power from the heart that loved her husband to take revenge. 

“Her heart broke and the equipment also scattered everywhere. The God Rank powerhouses all desperately tried searching for this famed Fallen Goddess Set which legend says that the one who collects it will obtain all of Yi Mengji’s power!

“The piece that this old tree got was indeed this crown!” the Elf Lord Tree finished emotionally. 

Lu Shiqian was amazed. The Devil Dance Continent actually had such a prosperous period? “Then how come now…” there’s nothing? Even a Saint was rarely seen.

“Ai, I don’t know why myself but a large change came about. Even the tunnel connecting the different planes disappeared! The God Rank powerhouses vanished, magic power became very thin, and this continent seemed to have been abandoned.” Saying that, this Elf Lord Tree was actually quite pitiful, choosing to escape to this continent and not advancing a single star for the next 100,000 years. 

Bai Hu’s striking eyes grew darker, “I didn’t expect so many things to happen during the days I was gone…” He looked stern and overbearing, even that strong Fallen Goddess Crown seemed to dim in comparison: “I will defeat that person one day!” 

Lu Shiqian held onto Bai’s hand, her eyes firm. 

Bai loosened his clenched fists, his eyes revealing his determination. Seeing Lu Shiqian’s face, his expression changed so fast it was comparable to the speed of light.

After hearing Yi Mengji’s story, Lu Shiqian felt sorry for this amazing woman and decided to stand at the pinnacle herself! 

“Since then, the continent’s name has changed to the Devil Dance Continent and entered the Era of Chaos. Few God Rank people appeared in the following 10,000 years. Even if one appeared, he or she would be trapped on this continent. This continent was completely isolated: other planes cannot enter, but no one can leave either. Who knows how many ideas this old tree tried to no avail?” the Elf Lord Tree sighed deeply. 

When the old tree finished his story, Lu Shiqian unhesitantly picked up the crown and placed it on her head!

Yi Mengji, your unfinished business, the love you couldn’t protect, your power, entrust it all to me! I will protect all the people I love. I won’t make the same mistakes as you.

A blue pattern covered Lu Shiqian’s head, turning her ink black hair into a sky blue. Flowing like water, she closed her eyes and accepted the power flowing into her body. 

The earth shuddered again and again, clouds covering the sky!

Lu Shiqian kept her heart calm and absorbed the knowledge from the crown. She cast aside all unnecessary thoughts and accepted the gift of magic while rejecting its enticements!

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