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Chapter 104

A light blue woman appeared in Lu Shiqian’s consciousness. 

She had hair blue like the sea; eyes clear like the sky; and a warm spring smile on her face. Her figure was unparalleled. If you looked at her now, you would never be able to connect her to the Fallen Goddess. 

But soon, this face warped into a sinister and evil expression, causing the heart to chill. 

The two faces alternated, bombarding Lu Shiqian’s mind. 

Her gentle face seemed to speak of her love; her evil face told of vengeance and killing. 

Lu Shiqian’s heart remained unmoved, merely rapidly absorbing the power of the crown. She had her own wishes and loves. She had her own life! Other people… can’t influence her! 

She had a strong and persevering heart!

“Hah…” a soft sigh spread and the blue woman disappeared, her enchanting voice lingering in the air.

Lu Shiqian opened her eyes and both her hair and eyes returned to her usual black. She reached some sort of agreement with the spirit inside the crown. In the meantime, the spirit would guide her to seek the other parts of the set and also tell Lu Shiqian everything it knows!

That agreement adhered to the most basic of a woman’s cravings so Lu Shiqian had no reason to refuse!

At the moment, Lu Shiqian’s hair was black like the night, eyes like the stars. The blue pattern on her forehead was beautiful and strange, piquing others’ interest. 

When Xiu Si saw her unharmed, he calmed down and felt even more attracted to this unique woman. 

Fuyi was first surprised at the backstory behind this crown. Heavens! If he had actually taken this crown, he would’ve been enticed by it! He could feel its evil strength the moment he stepped into the room. If he wore it… he may be able to take his revenge, but he would become a killing machine and die tragically. He was then surprised by the determination of this woman in front of him. Her heart was so strong that he could only sigh in admiration. His opinion of her also rose. He recalled the night she was singing and his heart shook slightly. 

Bai looked at her gently the entire time. He was not scared when she wore the crown, and neither was he surprised when she conquered the crown. It was as if he knew her thoroughly and had absolute trust in her. 

The Elf Lord Tree also thought, ‘The one that Master Bai Hu chose is definitely not ordinary.’ It felt relieved and continued its research on life. It believed that one day, this old tree would also be able to help her bring in a new era!

“I didn’t expect there to be a woman with as much determination as you in this world. If I were like you back then, maybe I wouldn’t have… Back when those people wanted to kill me, I always knew… Alright, my Savior, as thanks, I’ll tell you a secret!” 

“Please speak.” Lu Shiqian smiled slightly. This woman was also quite admirable.

“The Devil Dance Continent was sealed!” Yi Mengji’s mischievous side suddenly came out as she threw a huge bomb at them. She wanted to know what kind of expression this heaven-defying woman would make when she heard this news.

One hundred thousand years ago, during the Grand Era of Magic, the Devil Dance Continent was called the Continent of the Gods. It was also much larger than it was now. 

Five times, ten times, maybe even bigger than that!

Back then, magic energy was abundant and the continent could be said to be a spiritual paradise. There were a variety of rocks and minerals, exotic flowers, and magic beasts. Even though they couldn’t contract with magic beasts then, in such a rich environment, becoming a god was a simple thing. Every individual’s power was terrifying!

If someone was lucky enough to go back in time to that era, they would be surprised to find just how different it was back then: palaces built in the sky, gods flying about a normal sight. The flowers were beautiful and exotic, the scent refreshing and aromatic… Men were handsome and women were beautiful. There were a few here and there that looked slightly different. Don’t be surprised, about 80% of them were magic beasts that transformed into a human! This was Eden, a paradise for gods!

The Continent of the Gods used to communicate with the other planes. The ones that came by could be from the Plane of Fire, Plane of Magic Beasts, Plane of Darkness, Plane of Light, and the hostile Plane of Demons. 

The Plane of Demons had 18 levels and its resources were scarce. It was truly a barren land. However, there were many magic beasts. This not only reflected on their quantity but also their amount of species. To survive there was extremely hard: fighting amongst themselves; killing amongst themselves. The ones that walked out were extremely strong and cruel! Think about it this way. If a starved person can survive despite all odds, what would he do when he sees a child living in a gorgeous house dining on fine food? When the Plane of Demons and Continent of the Gods were connected, the Demons wanted to take over it. War was inevitable! 

At that time, standing in the limelight was the peerless genius Yi Mengji. Her magic power was overflowing, an extraordinary and refined human. One against a thousand, yet rising victorious! How many times did she smash the Demons’ schemes? How many times did she defeat the Demons’ attacks? The Demons hated her to their bones! 

The Demons hated her, yet the Gods also couldn’t tolerate her. She was too amazing, taking too much of their spotlight! In this continent rich with magic energy, becoming a God was only too easy. There would be almost no setbacks which was also what lead to the rise of the Gods. The Gods were born in a high position, and no one thought of themselves as better than the other. When Yi Mengji was born, her appearance shocked many people. It attracted respect and adoration from some, but it also invited a fierce torrent of jealousy. As she rose higher and higher, the God Emperor also became envious of her. After her strength surpassed that of the God Emperor, a conspiracy to counter her also began to hatch. 

First, they killed her husband Da Peiwen, making her grieved and angry. Her judgement fell a lot and her strength receded. Afterwards, thousands of Gods joined together to attack, but after everything, she still broke out. Holding her husband’s head, she jumped into hell! 

In hell, she became a demon. The 18th level of hell was also the Plane of Demons’s capital, but it was still unknown what was in those 18 levels. 

Yi Mengji was born again. She had already become the bane of the Gods, relying on a heart of revenge to kill her way to the God Emperor. 

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