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Chapter 105

That battle shook the earth and heavens, the Fallen Goddess slaughtered millions of Gods, their blood forming a river. The goddess of revenge had no sympathy and no compassion. She only knew vengeance and killing!

The God Emperor was scared and proposed to call down Da Peiwen’s soul, luring her into a trap. They then joined together and scattered her equipment.

This was the Elf Lord Tree’s version. 

“The truth is… right before they shot me down, something happened.” Yi Mengji’s voice rose slightly either in awe or lament. “When they wanted to kill me, a dragon’s roar suddenly came from the sky. Even though it was just a sound without a shadow of the body anywhere, everyone couldn’t move from fear.

“A dragon, a true dragon! A dragon that could destroy the heavens! No one knew where it came from, but I can guarantee that it could kill anyone. In front of it, anyone would seem like an ant. Its gaze swept past everyone, that look… seemed very sorrowful. It threw a huge barrier that could cover the entirety of the Continent of the Gods and then… the world seemed to be shaking. The sky was filled with lightning and that azure dragon seemed to be fighting against someone. Even with the barrier, that power was still shocking!

“I heard a voice from the sky. That person’s voice was very strange. Once he spoke, it seemed like it he could be heard from all corners of the world. In the same way, the power contained in his voice caused all my resistances to break down. He said, ‘Azure Dragon, I just knew you would protect those ants below. If you didn’t protect them, you might’ve had a chance of escaping. If you protected them, you have no way of competing against me!’

“The clouds then roiled through the air and the sky was covered in a blood red. That azure dragon was restrained with huge chains and then it was dragged into a dimensional crack…” 

“The person who spoke earlier then said, ‘A group of ants… What you want to protect, I must destroy!’

“A huge black bolt of lightning struck down from the sky…” Yi Mengji suddenly paused as she recalled the past. Even if she wasn’t afraid at the time, she was still amazed: “That bolt broke the barrier and smashed me into pieces, killing millions of Gods. Even the Demons that came afterwards were all killed. Mountains broke, the earth cracked, and the sea rumbled as magic power was drained. The Continent of the Gods was divided into two: one piece was missing and the other was sealed and trapped in a dimension.”

Yi Mengji continued, “Unfortunately, this continent is the one that was sealed away.”

Lu Shiqian was shocked by this story. Wearing the crown, through the memory of Yi Mengji, she was able to live through those earth-shattering moments. The beauty of the Continent of the Gods, the prosperity of the Continent of the Gods, and the war of the Continent of the Gods… Yi Mengji’s style, Yi Mengji’s fall, and Yi Mengji’s revenge… that azure dragon’s enormous size, that powerful enemy, the collapse of mountains of rivers… 

When Bai heard Yi Mengji mention the azure dragon, a deep expression appeared on his arrogant and domineering face for the first time, “That guy always cared too much for others… I was sealed, he was imprisoned, who knows how long it’ll take for us four brothers to meet again…” 

Lu Shiqian’s eyes sharpened as she held Bai’s hand, “Is that guy your enemy?” 

Some people, in the face of great difficulty, will lose confidence and shrink back. Others would instead unlock all of their potential. Lu Shiqian was this kind of person. At first, she was not attached to this world. But now, she met Bai Hu, the Death God, Yin, Hong Jin, Shui Se… Wei Mo, Qin Xingluo, Qiu Di… Perhaps she would meet even more in the future. This world was slowly growing on her and had become more and more important to her! Just now, she found her life goal in this foreign world. She also didn’t know what it was, but seeing that azure dragon, she suddenly understood. 

“My enemy… is also your enemy!” Bai firmly looked at Lu Shiqian. 

“Since that is the case, let’s work hard together!” Lu Shiqian’s eyes slowly hardened. 

Maybe they were still weak right now; maybe they were far from the level of their opponent; maybe they would never overcome these difficulties. However, they would keep persevering! Overcoming their difficulties step by step, working their way to success! 

She could feel Bai Hu’s brotherly emotions towards those friends of his. Since she coincidentally became Bai’s master, then she should take up responsibility and undo his seal. At the very least, she should help reunite the four brothers!

Bai suddenly laughed. He used to never laugh: not when he killed thousands of people, not when he was endlessly powerful, not even when he was with his four good brothers. However, now that he lost his power and met this little fool, he laughed more. ‘Dumbo, how can I bear to let you go when you’re so cute?’

“Dumbo’s working so hard, I can’t fall behind. I’m going back to the magic beast space to recover then. Can you give me a farewell kiss?” Bai stared at Lu Shiqian’s red lips. 

“Huh?” Lu Shiqian felt helpless. ‘This bastard Bai just likes to eat meat!’ 

“Forget it, I’ll do it myself.” Bai smiled charmingly. 

An overbearing and powerful arm, a perfect and strong body, pulled Lu Shiqian into his embrace. Silver hair fell loosely as he leaned towards her. 

This was a very beautiful picture. Silver white hair and raven black hair merged together. The man’s temperament was arrogant and overbearing, yet incomparably gentle to the person in his arms. The woman was peerlessly beautiful, yet also revealed confidence. A white robe overlapped with plain blue robes. The color was harmonious and peaceful. 

Bai’s kiss was gentle, deep yet shallow. Like the tickle of a butterfly’s wings, two tongues tangled together like thunder, bringing about great waves. 

Bai’s beauty, charisma, aura, when he was gentle, there would not be anyone who was not charmed by him. Lu Shiqian responded to this kiss, causing great waves to roll through Bai’s heart. 

However, he stopped the car in time, unwillingly breaking the kiss, “Dumbo, goodbye.” 

Lu Shiqian’s face was red and gave an out of place respond, “I will work hard!” 

(DL Scanlations)

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