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Chapter 106

Her words had two meanings: one was that she would work hard to become a strong person; the second one was that even though Bai was immensely strong, especially so this time, she didn’t always want to hide behind him. Heh, even though this line made her face turn red, she definitely wouldn’t falter!

Bai smiled enchantingly before returning to his unique black-colored magic beast space. 

“Can’t stand it, can’t stand it. Think about my feelings when you two are acting so lovey-dovey!” Yi Mengji protested. 

Lu Shiqian revealed a sly smile, “Aiyah, I forgot to take you off. Sorry for making you see such a dirty scene.” 

Yi Mengji: “…”

“Since I promised you, I will naturally put forth my full effort to allow you and your lover to meet again.” Lu Shiqian said. Even though her voice was quiet, it was filled with determination. 


She took off the crown and put it in her interspatial bracelet. Lu Shiqian then looked at the red-faced Beastman King, Xiu Si, and Milo and finally felt slightly ashamed. Those three were all stunned by her kiss with Bai Hu and were feeling shy. 

“Master, how was the kiss with Master Bai Hu?” Hong Jin shook his red tail excitedly. 

“Master Bai Hu’s kiss was of course soul-shaking,” Yin said like a know-it-all. 

“Exciting, exciting,” Wang Cai followed the train. 

“I have to study the hormones released during a kiss,” Shui Se took out a researcher’s lens to see through. 

“… You are all so shameless, but kissing another indeed feels good.” The white-winged unicorn also joined in. 

Xiu Si, Milo, and Fuyi’s faces turned an even deeper red. Even their necks turned red!

Lu Shiqian’s face darkened. These rascals, when Bai was here, they didn’t dare to even fart; when he was gone, they come to tease their master. 

Was it easy for them to stop arguing? Fuyi walked over and fell on his knees, “Master, I have a request.” 

Lu Shiqian was slightly surprised. What kind of difficult matter did this proud king have that he would kneel down and ask?

“Master, please help me take back the throne.” Fuyi was embarrassed and anguished. He was embarrassed because he wasn’t sure whether his master would help him take revenge or not. He was anguished because this was something he should’ve done with his own power before, but now he was borrowing his master’s power. 

“Tell me the details first.” Lu Shiqian didn’t explicitly state yes or no. 

The story was the same old usurping. The one who took over the throne was a lion-headed beastman. In terms of strength, he can’t beat Fuyi, but there were other forces supporting him in the back. Those powers were extremely strong. Fuyi didn’t care that the throne was stolen. He just didn’t want the beastmen to be abused by those forces. 

Lu Shiqian listened and contemplated inwardly. 

This beastman’s power seems quite strong. 

“I agree to your request,” Lu Shiqian declared. 

The beastmen lived in the mountain range within the Qin Empire that bordered the Han Empire. They would need to cross through this ancient forest created by the Elf Lord Tree to reach it. 

They said their farewells to the elf clan the day of and made their way towards the beastman home. 

Lan Ruo and Milo sorrowfully sent them off. The Elf Lord Tree sent down an order and the trees parted to create a pathway. 

If someone happened to pass by and saw this two meter wide pathway in this secluded and deep part of this forest, they would probably think that they were hallucinating. 

Countless treemen sent them off. That kind of scene, that kind of situation, was shocking!

Lu Shiqian rode her white-winged unicorn, like lightning, it took off. The others followed closely behind. 

Lan Ruo gritted his teeth and followed behind her. He had elven wings so his flying speed was very fast. His thoughts were simple: at first, he was only going to send her off. However, the farther they went, they more reluctant he was to leave that woman in front of him with hair billowing in the wind. He was already 200 years old and about to come-of-age. He could do as he liked.

Milo understood Lan Ruo. He also wanted to stay by her side and protect her, but both the king and Milo detected some strong presences rushing towards the City of the Elves. They didn’t know what they were coming for so they couldn’t leave. If Lan Ruo, now a Rank 7 mage, followed Lu Shiqian, it would be good for him. With that, he turned around and headed back towards the city. 

The forest was so vast that it would take quite some time even following a straight path. Lu Shiqian left at night and traveled for another day before arriving at the border of the forest at noon.

After running for a few kilometers, they arrived on the border of the Qin Empire and the Han Empire. The Han Empire was a small principality that adhered to the Qin Empire. Even their buildings and customs were derived from the Qin Empire. 

Lu Shiqian knew that Lan Ruo was following her even without looking back.

Sighing slightly, Lu Shiqian called out to him, “Lan Ruo, come over here.”

Lan Ruo panicked at being discovered. He was afraid that his master would leave him, but his heart strongly wanted to follow her. He determinedly flew in front of Lu Shiqian, lowered his head, and didn’t speak. However, his heart was pounding in his chest. What if Master is angry at him? What if Master chased him back? Whatever happens, he must be able to follow Master! 

“If you go out like this, you’ll scare people. Hide your wings first.” Lu Shiqian lightly said. 

“Ah…” Lan Ruo recovered and excitedly asked, “Master, you’re allowing me to follow you?” He happily hid his wings and stood behind Lu Shiqian. 

The beastman Fuyi also knew to not draw attention and retracted his four wings. 

“After going out, Lan Ruo and Fuyi, don’t call me Master.” Lu Shiqian ordered in order to not attract unwanted attention to them. 

“Then what should we call Master?” After Lan Ruo calmed down, he became livelier. 

“Just call me… Eldest Young Miss.” Recalling how the Lu family and Fu Bo all call her this way, the title ‘Eldest Young Miss’ was quite familiar to her. Every slightly richer family with daughters could also be called that. 

“Yes, Eldest Young Miss.” Lan Ruo and Fuyi acknowledged together. 

After putting away the white unicorn, Hong Jin, Wang Cai, and Yin all ran out of the magic beast space. 

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