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Chapter 107

Hong Jin was now 17 Stars and more lively than ever; Wang Cai was 21 Stars and transformed into an even shiner and cuter puppy; Yin was 14 Stars and could also transform. He turned himself into a snow-white, fluffy coated sled dog. 

These guys had the deepest feelings with their master and also didn’t fear her. Those that stood on shoulders stood on her shoulder, those that held her hand held her hand, those that rubbed her leg rubbed her leg, showing off their affection for her.

Lu Shiqian followed after them and walked out of the forest. 

Behind her, the large trees reverted to their original state. The road slowly closed together behind her. 

When she walked out completely, the road also completely closed up.

Outside the forest, the sun was shining and the sky was clear. 

Lu Shiqian sucked in a deep breath and walked forward. 

There were some small groves on the periphery of the forest. Inside, there were many 1 Star magic beasts. There were also many people passing by. As for the Forest of the Elves, no one dared to go that deep in. 

Even though the Han Empire was a small country without many mages or practitioners, their mages had a unique point: they had a lot of magic power and could tame magic beasts. Usually, there would be one beast tamer that appeared within 10,000 mages. This was naturally much higher than the other countries where only one would appear within 100,000 mages or more. Although the level of magic in this country wasn’t high, there were quite a few that had tamed one or two magic beasts below 2 Stars. The mages that changed to beast tamers, this became the rising trend in the Han Empire. The sale of domesticated magic beasts had naturally become the pillar of the Han Empire’s economic development and received the king’s strong support. 

That’s why, compared to the Qin Empire where most people were hunting for magic beasts and magic beast cores, there were more people capturing magic beasts here. 

One poor quality magic beast would cost 50 silver coins to capture, costing 1 gold coin after taming. An average quality one would cost 1 gold coin to acquire, 3 gold coins to sell. Good quality 10 gold coins to get…  One-in-a-hundred 1000 gold coins to get, 5000 to sell; one-in-a-thousand 9000 gold coins to get, 20000 to sell; rising until 1 Star which would cost 50,000 gold coins to acquire and 100,000 gold coins to sell. For 5 Stars and above, it was priceless! 

Of course, if the magic beast had a beautiful appearance or had a dual element, its price would be a lot higher. 

The average adventurer would choose a one-in-a-hundred magic beast or below to capture, or occasionally a one-in-a-thousand or 1 Star magic beast. There were many coming to capture magic beasts here. 

Lu Shiqian walked forward and a 1 Star magic beast dazedly ran into her. After receiving a glare from Yin, it trembled in fright. 

This was an herbivore-type, stabbing magic beast. It was good at attacking with the poison spines on its back, but born timid. The poor little guy then looked at Hong Jin, Wang Cai, and was even more frightened! When it saw Lan Ruo and Fuyi, it decided it might as well just curl up and not move!

It didn’t know the level of the magic beast in front of it, but its intuition told it that they were much stronger than it. Magic beasts had a keen instinct to fear the strong.

Lu Shiqian found it slightly funny as she picked up this terrified hedgehog. Just when she wanted to put it to the side, an ice blade shot towards her!

This ice blade’s power was weak. Even if it hit her, it wouldn’t cause much damage. She tilted her head slightly to avoid the attack. 

However, this sneak attack was quite infuriating. 

“Chick, I’m warning you to put down that beast!” A small, three-person adventurer group walked out from the forest. 

These three were composed of one mage and two practitioners all between Rank 3 and 4. They were one of the stronger teams that captured magic beasts. 

Be it magic beasts or magic beast cores, the price wasn’t low. Especially 1 Star magic beasts; these were particularly valuable. There were many cases where adventurers killed and looted others for their goods. When hunting for magic beast cores in the forest, you must quickly place them into a interspatial bag. This was the iron law in the Qin Empire. Also, when hunting for magic beasts, those that weren’t strong enough shouldn’t approach the high-level magic beast territory. This was the unspoken rule amongst Han Empire adventurers. The reasoning behind it was simple: you would be killed. 

These three were sneaky and cruel-hearted. They had killed and looted quite a few lone adventurers in these woods.

The three of them saw that Lu Shiqian was extremely beautiful and followed by a beastman and servant. They thought that she was some rich family’s daughter. 

Beastmen were scattered across the Han Empire and were not uncommon. Some large families would even recruit beastman guards.     

The trio’s fatty yelled out once again, “Chick, if you don’t want trouble coming your way, then put down that beast! When this brother here gets his money, I might be happy to spend some and have some fun with you!” 

This fatty didn’t see it, but when he said those words, the magic beasts, beastman, and elf all looked at him like they were looking at a retard. Their contempt was not hidden. 

Sometimes, when people were arrogant for too long, they would be under the illusion that they were the most powerful person in the world. That fatty was a classic. Lu Shiqian’s magic beasts’ cuteness all shot through the roof, so he thought that they were the kind that looked beautiful on the outside and had no substance. Lan Ruo had green hair and eyes with an exquisite face; he thought that it was some slave raised by Lu Shiqian. As for the beastman, Fuyi was also shining like the sun, so he couldn’t compare to the other beastmen in terms of power and brute strength. And Lu Shiqian was just a puny little Rank 3 Mage! 

Lu Shiqian did not get angry or riled up. Facing trash, it was a waste to feel anything. She merely asked what she wanted to know, “What is the use of this magic beast?” 

The fatty didn’t expect her to ask such a question. After that, he felt a boost in confidence. So it turned out to be a group of unknowledgeable nobodies!

“Chick, Brother isn’t afraid to tell you. If you take this magic beast to the beast taming shops, you can sell it for 50,000 gold coins! How about it? Hand it over and after brother here gets his money, I’ll book you. Let’s…” the fat man lecherously said. 

“Brother, how could you swallow it alone? This chick is so beautiful. She should also take care of us two,” another wretched member added. 

They argued endlessly as if they didn’t notice that the incomparably fierce magic beast they were chasing earlier was so cute and obedient in Lu Shiqian’s hands! 

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