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Chapter 108

As Lan Ruo and Fuyi listened on, a cold glint flashed past their eyes. These three were seeking death!

Lu Shiqian slightly lifted her head. Taming magic beasts? This was quite a profitable line. 

Her eyes didn’t even so much as glance at those wretched three. The wind blew past her body as she said, “Yin, do you want to kill? Kill then.” 

A burst of purple light zapped by and there was a gasp of surprise followed by three screams. 

Yin reverted to his white husky-like appearance and complained aggrievedly, “There’s no challenge at all! They’re too weak!” 

The beasts were all close to Lu Shiqian. The type of master would have the same type of magic beasts. These brats all followed Lu Shiqian one by one and changed their attitudes to match hers. 

Lu Shiqian smiled lightly and patted Yin’s head, “All right, that’s enough. Don’t flaunt these easy victories.” 

Holding up the hedgehog, she said, “Let me first see if you’re worth 50,000 gold coins.” 

Three beasts and three people walked towards the nearest town. 

At Huangjin Town, you could see a tall building when you lifted your head up. It stood apart from the rest. It was the Beast Trading Center branch of this town. 

Lu Shiqian walked in and the one who received her was an attendant with condescending eyes. 

There were all kinds of people that came and went here. That’s why the attendants had long trained a pair of appraising eyes. Seeing that Lu Shiqian was wearing a set of plain clothes, all of them ignored her. It was just someone that couldn’t afford anything anyways. 

“Hey, the things here are all very expensive. You can look, but don’t touch.” That female attendant’s nose could touch the sky. 

Lu Shiqian scanned the prices in the store. Holy cow, it sure was expensive! Generally, a 1 Star magic beast core would cost a few thousand gold coins. Pet food would cost up to a few ten or so thousands of gold coins! The most expensive ones were tamed magic beasts. They were mostly around the one-in-a-thousand grade. A 1 Star magic beast’s starting price was 100,000 gold coins! She had never entered another magic beast store ever since that one time in the capital. She could not help but secretly think that this business sure was profitable. Looking at the variety of pet food in the store, she couldn’t help but find it strange, “Hong Jin, do you guys need to eat this stuff?” 

Hong Jin mysteriously replied, “Master, these things have magic powder added to it so it could stimulate our strength. However, we look down on these things. In Master’s magic beast space, whatever you want, there is. It’s a million times better than this!” 

Yin and Wang Cai happily agreed, “Yeah, Master!” 

Lu Shiqian was rendered speechless. She didn’t know that there was such a function in her magic beast space. 

“Following Master is the blessing of our life!” the unicorn relented.

Each beast responded in turn. They gathered together and began analyzing the benefits and superiority of Lu Shiqian’s magic beast space.  

A child from a less affluent family bought a poor quality magic beast under the prideful eyes of the attendant. An adventure squad exchanged an average quality magic beast for a gold coin under the arrogant temper of the attendant. Sell and buy… After taming a magic beast, it could be sold for two times or more its selling price! The longer Lu Shiqian looked, the more she felt that it was a profitable business. Her mind churned. Even though she has some money on hand, it wasn’t enough to cause big waves. Having more means to survive was a good thing. For example, this selling and buying of magic beasts. Magic beasts were in high demand in the Qin Empire, but there was a shortage of magic beast tamers. Demand far exceeded supply. The Qin Empire’s land was vast and there were many forests and mountains, which means that there were much magic beasts. At the same time, the number of adventurers in the Qin Empire was great. If they could be like the Han Empire and start up this line of business, you could imagine how big a business it would become. The only thing they lacked was magic beast tamers. It was also the most important point!

Taming magic beasts exhausts the energy of magic beast tamers. The energy consumed was quite high! They could only tame one magic beast per week. If they didn’t have a lot of energy, they could take from half a month to a full month for one! If you chose a magic beast above 1 Star, you would need a Senior Tamer to tame! 

The rankings of a magic beast tamer were Primary Tamer, Senior Tamer, Master Tamer, Great Tamer, and Godly Tamer. The status of Senior Tamers was very high while there were only three Master Tamers on the entire continent. Godly Tamers were only ever seen in legends and myths. 

One of the benefits of Lu Shiqian’s “Contract Book” was contracting infinitely. The methods it used were out of this world. Others would be very tired after taming a beast, but she would only feel more and more excited. 

The superiority of this contract also lied in its group contract. 

“Hey, have you seen enough? If you don’t have money, then stop looking. You still won’t be able to afford it anyways.” The attendant was getting impatient after seeing Lu Shiqian loiter around and not buying anything. 

Lu Shiqian frowned slightly and quietly tamed the magic beast in her magic beast pouch. She also strengthened it a little, pushing it to 2 Stars. 

She couldn’t contract with magic beasts below 5 Stars, but taming was still possible. 

Just when she was about to shock the attendant with this beast, a young master in extravagant clothes crashed in from the outside. There were also several guards following behind him. The moment he came in, the attendant’s attitude flipped around 180 degrees: “Welcome, welcome. May I ask what you need?” 

“I want a 2 Star magic beast.” The young master took out a Magic Crystal Card, “There are 300,000 gold coins in here.” 

“2 Star magic beast…” The attendant grew anxious, “Please wait a moment. I will contact the main branch now.” It must be a joke! A 2 Star magic beast would be sent to the main branch to be tamed and sold. How could they have any here? 

Lu Shiqian lightly said, “A 2 Star magic beast? I happen to have one here with me.” She took out the hedgehog and placed it on the floor. The young master was overjoyed, “May this young lady please sell it to me?” He had wanted to buy a 2 Star magic beast several times. Now that he finally saw one, how could he not be happy? 

Lu Shiqian didn’t put up any pretense at all, “Sure.” 

That noble young master felt his opinion of her rising and hurriedly put the Magic Crystal Card in her hand. He carefully picked up the hedgehog beast like he was holding his most important darling without regard for its spines. 

“There isn’t a fingerprint on the Magic Crystal Card. Anyone can retrieve money from it.” After saying so, he held the hedgehog beast and headed back. He needed to find a quiet place to contract with this hard-won magic beast. 

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