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Chapter 109

That attendant was fuming with anger: some people actually used their storefront to buy and sell with each other! They couldn’t do anything to that noble son, but as for Lu Shiqian… they began to scheme against her. 

“Hand over that card,” the attendant arrogantly ordered Lu Shiqian. 

Lu Shiqian raised an eyebrow, “On what basis?” 

“Just a weak little Rank 3 Mage, how could it be possible for you to tame a 2 Star magic beast?” The attendant sneered, “It obviously came from our store!” 

The other attendants didn’t stop this attendant from doing whatever. In fact, they supported it. It was obvious that they had done this more than a few times. 

This Beast Trading Center was a very large business, and they had done many under the table things. They were generally Rank 4 mages or practitioners guarding the store, so they weren’t afraid of others coming back to find trouble for them. 

Lu Shiqian was slightly surprised. She had seen unscrupulous attendants before, but not one as arrogant as this!

She coldly smiled and waved the Magic Crystal Card, “What if I don’t?” 

“If you don’t, then don’t even dream of leaving this store!” That female attendant bent her legs and burst forward, obviously trying to snatch it away!

The other attendants saw her attacking and all charged forward!

Lu Shiqian nimbly passed through the openings in their coordinated attack and used a small fireball to light up the magic beast food. A small iceball also broke open the cage trapping the magic beasts causing those attendants’ faces to turn blacker and blacker. Their attacks also grew fiercer. She was like a leaf in the wind. None of their attacks could hit her!

There were nearly a hundred magic beasts in this store. Just like that, their cages were broken by Lu Shiqian as she went here and there and escaped outside. The passersby saw these tamed magic beasts and were ecstatic, trying to catch one for themselves. 

“Aiyah, I’m so sorry. I was careless,” Lu Shiqian lamented.

“Aiyah, another slip of hand.” Lu Shiqian said again. 

In a bout of carelessness, the entire store was wrecked by her. The magic beasts were all snatched away, leaving the attendants in a frenzy. 

Seeing that it was around enough, Lu Shiqian gave the store one final blow and lightly flew out. 

The store crashed down and the attendants inside were shaking with rage. They were going to lose their jobs and possibly even have to compensate for the losses sustained. 

“You dare to mess with our Beast Trading Center branch?” that female attendant shouted. 

“I already provoked you, so what’s the point of talking about guts at this point?” Lu Shiqian coolly said, “I’m not only going to provoke you. Someday in the future, your Beast Trading Center will also be swallowed by my business.” 

Arrogant, so arrogant!

Standing on someone else’s property hitting people and destroying the shop, she actually said that she would take over their business as well! Was there anyone that could be more arrogant? 

You must be aware that the Beast Trading Center was a behemoth. There was no shortage of gold and silver and had operated for over a decade. The trading center had spread throughout the continent!

What Lu Shiqian was thinking was that since there would one day be a day where she would take over this business line, it wouldn’t matter if others were aware of her ambitions or not. She planned to use the Crimson Wolf Mercenary Group to capture magic beasts and then personally tame them. Afterwards, she could give them out to the different branches in Crimson Wolf to sell. With such good quality, how could it not be popular? 

However, even though she finally spoke a line of truth, no one believed her. A puny little Rank 3 Mage had such ambitions. Did she fall into a dream and became unable to wake up? 

When this matter was reported up, it was only treated as a normal case and they only sent down a few powerful people to find trouble with Lu Shiqian. They didn’t take her words seriously either until they clashed head on with the Crimson Wolf mercenaries that flooded the market with 2 Star or more magic beasts. The Beast Trading Center only then regretted that they didn’t take action earlier. However, these were all spoken after the fact. 

Lu Shiqian turned and left, but those attendants didn’t dare to give chase. They simmered their hate in silence and reported to headquarters. 

With this small profit, it was enough to buy new clothes and food. Lu Shiqian met up with Fuyi and Lan Ruo, who were waiting outside the town, and started on their way again.

They only needed to pass through two more mountains and three cities to reach the beastmen!

One person, one beastman, and one elf all chose a route which few people traversed. Riding the white unicorn, they moved swiftly towards their destination!

The white wings of the unicorn were not just for show. When it flew, it was like wind and thunder. As it flew a few tens of meters above the ground, like a flash of light, it traveled over a hundred meters in a second!

The beastman in the group of four seemed godlike at the moment. His four wings spread out like that of an eagle, his blonde hair trailing behind him causing his beautiful face to look extraordinarily elegant. This guy didn’t have a habit of wearing clothes and exposed his upper body. His figure was so good that no words could be said. After reaching God Rank, his body became an even more accurate triangular shape, muscles shapely and strong. He became even more handsome. 

Lu Shiqian once asked him why he didn’t wear clothes. He told her that revealing one’s body was a tradition amongst beastmen.

After traveling for half a day, the sun set and evening arrived. 

The beastmen were not far ahead. The party stopped and decided to take a rest. 

After making a campfire, Lan Ruo took over. The elves were a highly artistic race, and their requirements for food were naturally high. Lan Ruo was like a small housekeeper, taking care of Lu Shiqian to the utmost.

Lan Ruo blushed and under Lu Shiqian’s amazed gaze, made the simple ingredients give off a heavenly smell, causing their fingers to twitch. 

Just when she was about to enjoy the meal, there was a rustle from the forest and out walked a tiger-like beastman. He was drooling as he ordered, “Plunder!” 

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. This beastman was a little too gluttonous, wasn’t he? Looking at his appearance, he seemed to want to steal their food. 

“Put down the food in your hand and I’ll let you go.” The beastman flashed the blade in his hand as he swallowed a mouthful of saliva. 

This glutton was unexpectedly cute. 

Lu Shiqian only then realized that she could understand the words of the beastman. It was strange since she couldn’t understand them before. Back then, when the beastmen spoke, it only sounded like a cacophony of beast and human. She asked about it through the mental platform. 

“That’s because Master contracted with me,” Fuyi answered, “Master’s contract has the ability to share knowledge and power, so after contracting with Master, Master will be able to understand my beastman’s language.”

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