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Chapter 110

How unbelievable! To think that the contract had such benefits! Doesn’t that mean that the more types of magic beasts she contracts with, the more types of languages she would understand? 

That’s too awesome! It would help her plans a lot in the future!

Think about it: what a magical thing it would be to understand the languages of magic beasts! You would understand how they communicate, their inner rankings, and where high level magic beasts would be… The number of magic beasts surpassed the number of humans on the Devil Dance Continent. They were scattered everywhere, and might know some secrets that humans are not aware of. 

The legacy of the gods from the Grand Era of Magic perhaps contained relics from the even further from the Era of the Gods. Those were definitely precious secret treasures. Humans may not know of these locations, but magic beasts could. 

Lu Shiqian stretched her limbs, ‘Seems like the future days will be busy.’

As for this rash lion-like beastman, no one paid attention to him. Those that ate ate; those that drank drank. 

The beastman felt his pride taking a blow and felt anxious. He wielded the large blade on his back and prepared to charge forward to steal the food away. 

The result was that he was overwhelmingly slammed into the ground by Fuyi. Don’t even bother mentioning the food, not even a hair of Fuyi’s was touched! The delicious aroma of the shortbread and fried chicken wings trickled into his nose, causing his heart to be extremely sour. 

Fuyi always took note of matters in the Beastman Nation and personally disbanded his men. He wanted to know if they came back or not, if that traitor had been a good king in the meantime, treat his subjects well, and if… he treated his parents and relatives well. Now that this beastman delivered himself to the doorstep, it was perfect timing to ask. 

“What is the situation in the city right now? Is there any news from the palace? Has there been a mass murder?” Fuyi was anxious and threw out a barrage of questions. 

However, this beastman was quite dumb and had no time to think about that many questions. He awkwardly asked, “Are you from the countryside?” 

This question was like a bucket of cold water, allowing him to calm down. 

Blame him for being too anxious. What would such a stupid beastman know anyways?

Lu Shiqian threw a roasted chicken to the beastman and patted Fuyi to calm him down.

The beastman who got the roasted chicken didn’t care that it had some dust on it and wolfed it down. The delicious taste that didn’t exist in the Beastman Nation caused him to drool at another piece. 

“It’s so late, why aren’t you going home?” Lu Shiqian asked. 

The beastman sighed heavily as if he thought of some unhappy thoughts. He opened his mouth and said, “To avoid the guards.” 

“Why are you hiding from them?” Lu Shiqian followed up with another question. 

“I don’t know what wrong medicine those bastards ate, but they’ve been grabbing types only as strong as me to be soldiers. Damn it! That’s why I was forced to hide outside the city.” The beastman lamented, “Without me to help hunt, who knows if my wife is starving now.” 

Lu Shiqian and Fuyi exchanged a look at the word ‘recruitment’. 

Recruiting? Why recruit? You only recruit at times of war. Usually, since that traitor only just now acquired the throne, he shouldn’t be in a rush to fight with others. Could he be planning something bad? 

She threw another roast chicken to the beastman, “Bring us into the city.” 

Complicated feelings flashed through the beastman’s eyes. He ran out of the city to escape the calamity. Was this not entering back into the tiger’s lair? No, he was a tiger himself. It would be better said that he would fall into some other beast’s den. 

Pointing at the other roast chickens, Lu Shiqian tempted: “If you bring us in, these will all be yours.” 

The beastman contemplated for a moment. He looked at the chickens, and then thought about his situation, before finally agreeing. Besides, if worse comes to worst, he could just escape again. 

“Oh right, those bastards seem to be…” the beastman turned around and looked at Fuyi, “looking for a strange horse body like this one…” 

Forgive this beastman. He had not seen much of the world. He had never seen a horse-type beastman with a human face; much less their king! 

Called as a ‘strange horse body’, Fuyi’s face darkened. His dark aura was stifling. The Centuar King actually became a ‘strange horse body’ when it came to this guy. How could he not be agitated?

The tiger-like beastman’s legs grew weak and he fell to the floor. How could he resist a king’s aura? 

Lu Shiqian held Fuyi and brought him into the woods before saying, “Don’t be angry. When I go into the city later, hide in the magic beast space for now.” 

Weren’t those beastmen searching for a horse-like beastman with a human head? That traitor was probably trying to silence through death. 

Fuyi clenched his fist and his handsome face stiffened. There was a vengeful fire burning in his chest. 

Lu Shiqian looked into his eyes and said, “Don’t worry. The last knife in his chest will definitely be yours.” 

Her eyes were deep, and her words carried a conviction that allowed others to believe. Fuyi nodded and a purple light flashed as he entered the magic beast space. 

“Let’s go into the city,” Lu Shiqian ordered. 

The tiger-headed beastman looked around but couldn’t find Fuyi’s shadow, “That’s weird. Where did that beastman go?"

Lu Shiqian blandly replied, “He heard that the guards were arresting types like him and left.” 

“Oh.” The simple beastman believed her. He looked at Lu Shiqian’s figure walking in front of him with her long hair fluttering in the wind and shouted, “Hey, you’re from the countryside, aren’t you? Your body is too small and your fur is too long. Why aren’t you grooming it? Oh, the countryside doesn’t groom, right?” 

Lan Ruo couldn’t hold back and had to fight for his people’s sake, “Dummy, that’s not small, that’s petite; that’s not fur, that’s hair!” 

The beastman asked, “What’s hair?” 

Lan Ruo: “…”

Even though the beastmen city walls weren’t as organized as the humans and not as elegant as the elves, they were tall and made up of entirely stones. It had a rather coarse taste. When you looked up, even the city wasn’t as flourishing as the human cities, their buildings could still be considered neat. There weren’t many beastmen cities: only a total of three. Fuyi’s palace was located in the first city of beastmen. Houses wrapped around the mountainside, the lights creating a lively atmosphere in the evening. The Royal Palace was at the highest point on the mountain. 

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