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Chapter 111

The Beastmen City was located in the Beastmen Nation, situated along the border of the Han Empire. The population was more than 100,000, up to a million a few thousand years back! Beastmen were different from elves. Elves rarely communicated with humans while beastmen would go to human society and work! 

“Who is it?” The gate guard discovered Lu Shiqian. 

The tiger-like beastman with Lu Shiqian was called Ermao. Seeing the person questioning, he laughed and drew close, “Hahaha, it’s me, brother.” 

That guard knew him and swallowed a mouthful of saliva, “Bastard, what are you doing here and not sleeping with your wife in the middle of the night for?” He looked at Lu Shiqian and Lan Ruo. Due to the darkness, he couldn’t see their features and could only see that they were small in stature. “Who are they?” 

“Oh, they are my niece and nephew who just came down from the countryside.” Ermao smiled with a thick face, his sharp teeth shining brightly in the night. 

Lu Shiqian was almost drowned with saliva. This guy can’t even lie! He was more than twice her size! Did he have such a “small” niece?

“From the countryside? No wonder why they’re so thin! They don’t have enough good food to eat! How pitiful.” The guard opened the gate, “Go. Hunt some more food for them to eat so they gain more nutrients. Look at how thin they are…” 

Ermao smoothly promised, “Definitely! Definitely!” 

There were no thrills when entering the city. Lu Shiqian’s opinion on the beastmen changed greatly: this race wasn’t as bloodthirsty and ferocious as the rumors said they were. At least at this point, they seem to value kin.

Ermao took the two around in circles, winding until they reached an inconspicuous stone house on the edge of the city. He carefully knocked on the door, “Tigress, I’m back.” 

A rumbling came from within the house like something heavy was storming across. The door was slammed open and a piercing voice shrieked, “Bastard, you still know to come back?!” 

Ermao immediately shook a few times, too scared to speak. 

The tigress yanked on Ermao’s ear, “Get your ass in!” 

Ermao begged, “Let go! Quickly let go, baby! Guests are watching!” 

The tigress looked forward and saw no one. She bared her fangs, “Good! I see you’ve finally learned how to trick me? You want to kneel on the floor right?” 

Lu Shiqian pulled Lan Ruo out from behind Ermao in good humor to save the poor guy, “The guests he was referring to was my brother and me.” The beastmen were too tall and blocked the two of them. 

Once the tigress heard a female voice, she hatefully tugged on Ermao’s ears, “I see! So you dare go out and find a fox enchantress! Finding a fox enchantress is fine, but you just had to find one as small as this one!” 

When Ermao heard that, he fell to his knees, “Wifey, how could I dare? These two, these two…” He hurriedly placed the three roasted chickens in front of the tigress, “They’re guests.” 

The tigress picked up a chicken and wolfed it down in a few bites, and she was about to take another one. Seeing the pitiful Ermao, she laughed and invited Lan Ruo and Lu Shiqian in. 

She was just fooling around earlier and knew that Ermao didn’t have that big of a gut. She was just worried about him. 

The house was lit with a 1 Star magic beast core. 

The devastating beauty Lu Shiqian had was also revealed. Her face was clear and smooth, eyes dark and deep, eyebrows straight and lips like ripe peaches. 

However, such a beauty only gained a sorrowful scream from the two tigers, “Woah! You’re so ugly!” 

This tiger couple shouted so loudly, miserably, and fearfully that Lu Shiqian did not realize they were talking about her at first. 

The two beastmen looked at Lu Shiqian and once again screamed, “So ugly!” 

Only then did she realize the ‘ugly’ person they were referring to was herself! That was quite interesting. Someone who had always been treated as a peerless beauty actually became an ugly girl in the beast nation. Check out how hard this tiger couple was screaming. Maybe she was really just so shockingly ugly?

“How ugly?” Lu Shiqian couldn’t stand the two’s shrieking anymore. It was especially disturbing in the dead of night. 

Ermao finally calmed down. He glanced at Lu Shiqian and said, “The face is bare and has no fur; the eyes are large and black; lips are also red! Too ugly! Just too ugly!” 

Lu Shiqian calmly asked, “Anything else?” 

Ermao was a straightforward beastman. He looked at Lu Shiqian and used his claws to draw a comparison between their height, “Too thin and short.” 

Everything humans thought was beautiful became ugly beyond belief in this country! 

The tigress tenderly said, “Hearing your voice, it’s so beautiful that even those fox enchantresses can’t compete. But your figure… ai! I don’t think anyone would want to marry you.” 

Lan Ruo angrily refuted, “Who said that no one wants? I… You guys don’t know how to appreciate beauty!” 

The two beastmen only then noticed Lan Ruo. Seeing his beautiful green eyes and hair, they shook their heads, “Ai! Another ugly one!” 

The beastmen liked ones that were tall and strong, men and women alike. They first see if you look strong enough, then check the fur to see if it’s sleek and glossy. They also check the claws and teeth to see if there’s damage… Lu Shiqian’s appearance didn’t fit the beastmen’s standards of beauty at all! 

The two beastmen rather sympathetically prepared a room for Lu Shiqian. They heard that she was here to live with her relatives, but with an appearance like that, they were afraid that her relatives wouldn’t want her. 

Once the two beastmen returned to their rooms, Yin and the others came out from the magic beast space. Fuyi also came out along with the Death God. 

After eating fully and sleeping well for ten days, he advanced again, stunning the Death God. When he saw Lu Shiqian, he couldn’t help but try to analyze her. ‘Master’s skin is even clearer now; her eyes and hair are darker; her lips parted like petals; her chest… seemed to be perkier than before? Should I try touching it?’

Lu Shiqian saw the two come out and asked Fuyi, “Am I ugly?” Even though she didn’t really care about this matter, she wanted to know how this Beastman King viewed her. After all, he never called her ugly. 

Fuyi replied, “It’s alright. The more you look, the more used to it you get.” 

Lu Shiqian: “…”

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