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Chapter 112

Fuyi couldn’t resist and anxiously looked outside, “Master, I’ll go and scout the situation.” 

Even though he knew this woman was good to magic beasts, but he was still born and raised here! It was better to observe etiquette.

Lu Shiqian nodded. With Fuyi’s current strength, there shouldn’t be any problem with protecting himself. She knew that he was anxious and didn’t bar him. 

Receiving permission, Fuyi flew out of the stone house and blended into the night. 

Coincidentally, the Death God who was carefully observing Lu Shiqian met her eyes. Great waves rose in his heart as he thought that her eyes were beautiful. He hurriedly went up and unconsciously flew around in circles once again. This poor child didn’t know what was wrong with him at all. He had never tasted love before and found it fresh and strange, yet profound at the same time. 

With Lan Ruo standing on guard, Lu Shiqian sunk into unconsciousness, marking the start of her crazed training. She had already begun studying the third step of the Heavenly Swinging Sword: Gale Winds and Pounding Rain. 

The next day arrived in the blink of an eye. Lan Ruo prepared water for washing and a piping hot breakfast early in the morning. He had long melded into his role of a housekeeper and was intent on taking good care of Lu Shiqian. 

The tiger couple was lured out by the delicious smell of the breakfast, but with Lan Ruo’s warning, they could only drool on the side. Lan Ruo was currently the couple’s bread and butter, how could they dare offend him? 

Fuyi got news and returned into the magic beast space. He told Lu Shiqian that the palace was guarded heavily and wouldn’t be easy to get in. There were a few strange auras coming from inside, but he didn’t want to beat the grass and scare the snake so he returned. 

The Death God floated to the window and looked closely at Lu Shiqian. He found it strange: why was it that now, whenever he looked at her, he would feel satisfied? 

After a night of training, Lu Shiqian was not tired at all and her eyes seemed to sparkle. Those cold eyes were full of vitality. Cold and hot mixed together forming an unfathomable enthusiasm!

The tiger couple didn’t dare ask where the Death God came from. When the Death God wasn’t killing someone, not a drop of his aura would leak out. It was hard to imagine that he was a powerhouse that could kill millions in a second! However, the intuition of the two beastmen told them that it was best to not speak to this man, much less annoy him!

He— even if the way he was staring at Lu Shiqian at the dining table was quite ridiculous. 

After eating, they left some gold coins and magic beast cores before bidding farewell to the cute couple and heading towards the palace at the mountain top. 

To kill the enemy, it was best to catch them unawares! 

Along with scouting the situation yesterday, Fuyi also contacted some old comrades. They should strike while the enemy was unprepared and take back the throne at the same time! The plan was good, but the saying goes ‘plans can’t keep up with changes.’

For example, Lu Shiqian wanted to act in a low-key manner and inch their way up to the palace, catching them off-guard. However, the moment they exited the door, they were met with a predicament. 

First of all, a pig-like beastman let out a shrill cry, “How ugly!” 

Afterwards, like a domino effect, one after another let out similar screams.

“Heavens, she’s so ugly!” 

“Yeah, yeah, I’ve never seen such an ugly beastwoman before! Too ugly!” 

“I always thought that I was ugly, but seeing her, I suddenly think that I’m beautiful!” 

There were also some beastmen that jeered on the side, “Whoever marries her is damned!” 

“I doubt she can give birth with such a small frame!” 

“Looks like I can’t be too picky when choosing a wife in the future. As long as she’s better-looking and sturdier than her, it’s fine.”

Lu Shiqian never thought that there would be such a day. Instead of being praised like some superstar, she was being criticized as the ugliest product that ever came into being! Life sure is wondrous in a way that can’t be described with words!

She smiled and walked forward. 

Lan Ruo couldn’t stand the provocation. He wasn’t angry that others were mocking him, but that they didn’t have eyes. The way they were laughing at his master made him feel aggrieved!

“Ma— Eldest Young Miss, allow me to go teach them a lesson!” In the end, it was the youthful that was easily aggravated. Lan Ruo raised his magic power, preparing to teach those beastmen a harsh lesson! 

Lu Shiqian held Lan Ruo’s shoulders and said, “Let them be. It doesn’t matter what irrelevant people say. Let them say whatever they want. My heart is as firm as a rock.” 

It was a waste of time to argue about contrasting opinions. Just ignore them. They had much more important things to do. 

Ugly or beautiful, it doesn’t matter. It was all on the surface. Those that love you would continue to love you. Those that don’t… just treat them like a fart! 

Originally, Lu Shiqian wanted to remain low-key. Since she can’t, she may as well march up with bright lights attached to her! She was fine either way! 

The three continued making their way forward. Wherever they went, horrified screams would follow, continuing on endlessly. These beastmen seemed to have never seen humans before. Seeing Lu Shiqian’s hairless and smooth skin, it was as hard to accept as a beastman getting completely shaved and walking around stark “naked.” Very soon, there was a number of beastmen surrounding them, causing the beastman on patrol to be shocked and calling reinforcements. 

This eagle-headed beastman was unwilling to run such errands. He was originally dissatisfied with the rule of the lion-headed traitor and hoped that the human-headed king would come and take back his rightful throne. 

Recently, that traitor started to forcefully recruit people and strange-looking beastmen would frequently exit the palace. He felt very unsettled and felt like some great change was about to come to the Beastmen Nation. 

Once he walked there, he saw a large group of beastmen surrounding three strange people. Those three were extremely small and, looking closely, a great fury rose in the eagle-headed beastman as he realized they looked exactly like those “weird beastmen” leaving the palace recently! Instantly, he shouted, “What happened for you all to be making such a big ruckus?” 

When the beastmen saw the eagle-headed beastman, they all fled at the speed of light. Not a shadow could be seen a moment later. Just kidding! Recently, there were a lot of people forcefully recruited and they didn’t want to be part of that group. The eagle-headed officer sent his underlings to detain the three and asked loudly, “Who are you guys?” 

(TL: The author’s kind of into saying ‘Just kidding!’ recently although honestly, she’s not.)

Lu Shiqian was just about to silence that beastman when Fuyi hurriedly told her from the magic beast space, “His name is Flat Mouth (Bian Zui). He’s loyal to me.” 

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