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Chapter 113

Lu Shiqian’s eyes sunk and with smoothly blew a beastman away with a kick. Her attitude was extremely arrogant! 

Flat Mouth didn’t expect Lu Shiqian to be daring enough to act in front of him. He immediately ordered his men to capture the three. 

Fuyi saw this scene from the magic beast space and felt slightly incredulous. How was he supposed to take back the throne if he gets arrested? 

“What better way to enter the palace than to be sent in personally?” Lu Shiqian lightly explained in the mental platform. She did these kinds of things in the other world before when she was assassinating some big drug lord. At that time, she was even fighting alone. 

One for one, they caught Lan Ruo and the Death God, raising quite a ruckus. 

Lan Ruo’s face turned red and he immediately turned obedient. 

This bastard Death God wasn’t afraid of anything and dared to kill anyone. If Lu Shiqian had caught his hand a moment later, he would’ve started swinging his scythe around! He stared at Lu Shiqian’s hand as his eyes gradually deepened. A small electric shock came from the hand and traveled all the way to his heart! He also calmed down as his mind turned blank, mindlessly following Lu Shiqian’s footsteps. 

Flat Mouth was long disatissfied with the strange “beastmen” coming and going from the palace. Originally, it wasn’t that big of a deal for Lu Shiqian to beat his subordinates a little, but he insisted upon bringing them back to the palace dungeons to teach them a good lesson. 

He didn’t realize that all was moving according to Lu Shiqian’s plans. 

The Beastman Palace was completely made up of red stones and located at the top of the mountain. The clear blue skies and striking red palace was particularly conspicuous and amazing. It contained a peculiar beauty through the roughness. It was pretty neat. 

Thinking back, that human-headed beastman was quite classy. 

Lu Shiqian was right: Fuyi indeed had the highest intelligence and aesthetics within the beastman races. He also loved to read. 

When they arrived at the palace, Lu Shiqian suddenly smiled, “Thank you for your trouble.” 

At that moment, a beastman next to Flat Mouth fell stiffly onto the ground. He was unconscious. 

Flat Mouth screamed inwardly, but his head suddenly hurt and drowsiness overtook him. He also fell to the ground. 

“Your luck is quite good. You guys were the testers for my newest poison.” Shui Se flashed out from the magic beast space and flashed his crystal-like tail, jeering. 

The lion-headed beastman was particularly excited today. He got up early and wore the crown of the king, especially satisfied with himself. After finishing off those damned human-headed beastmen, he’ll announce himself as king. He would be the only king in the entire beastman race! 

He thought that since he was a lion-headed beastman, his strength was superior beyond compare. His claws were long and his fangs were sharp. He should’ve been the one seated upon the throne the whole time! However, for thousands of years, the lion-headed beastman could only bow his head as an official. Although his ancestors were content with that, he wasn’t! Why couldn’t he be king? Hmph, let those human-headed beastmen go to hell. If he killed them, who else could resist? Even if they did, he wasn’t afraid as long as that mysterious power continued to help him. His seat on the throne was secure!  

Thinking back, that group was quite strong! They found him last year and persuaded him, even giving him plans on how to get rid of the human-headed beastmen. Everything went unexpectedly smoothly. They even helped him get rid of King Fuyi! 

Li Zhua was full of confidence now. With them behind him, don’t mention a little Beastman King, he could possibly even take over the entire Han Empire! He’ll then go on to attack the Qin Empire… everything under the heavens! He first had to successfully become the king of the beastmen!

It turned out that after he obtained the mysterious power and took the throne, he never dared to name himself king lest Fuyi came back for revenge. 

After Fuyi was defeated, he followed the ancient records and took his soldiers to take the legendary Fallen Goddess’ Crown, using its power to take back the throne and kill the traitors. However, he didn’t expect the attack on the City of the Elves to suffer a huge setback. First, a black-clad man massacred his men. Then, a powerhouse he couldn’t nearly compare to waved a hand and suppressed all his troops… He thought that the sky itself was falling.

Besides, the scattered beastmen troops that returned to the country were immediately caught. As long as they were killed today, the traitor would never fear Fuyi again! 

There was a big square in the palace. At this moment, some officials and the damn human-headed beastmen were there. He will no longer be afraid of anything once today passes! 

Li Zhua was full of enthusiasm and he strode into the square boldly. Now, that deer head, dog head, and pig head all kneeled in front of him while the human-headed beastmen and old officials were restrained at the bottom of the stage as traitors, glaring at him harshly!

Li Zhua sat on the throne and proudly announced, “I will be officially crowned today. Are there any objections?” 

The current officials were all those that supported him. They would definitely agree. Those that didn’t were all below the stage waiting to be beheaded. He asked twice more confidently. 

“Me, I object.” A small voice from the bottom of the stage spoke. 

Even though the sound was small, it stirred up thousands of waves at once! 

Li Zhua angrily slammed the table, “Why do you object?” 

A small, small figure was revealed in the corner. The beastmen were too tall; they were taller than her even when kneeling. The little person’s black hair fluttered in the wind like an immortal as she spoke, “I feel sad for the audience’s eyes looking at your sorry appearance!” 

It was true. That Li Zhua was fat and obese, a disgrace to the tiger-headed beastmen! 

However, this left-field objection crooked Li Zhua’s beard. Wasn’t this deliberating searching for trouble? Would anyone really raise an objection at such a key moment over looks? He glared at the little person, wishing he could tear her to shreds!

That little person disregarded his gaze and slowly swayed out. Her aura was actually more powerful than his! With a simple and calm gaze, boulders were sent crashing into his heart. 

Speaking about it, Lu Shiqian was also helpless. The reason she said was borrowed from Bai in a rush. That bastard had once said that beastmen were ugly, and those words were now used at this occasion. The effect was indeed amazing. 

Li Zhua shouted, “Who are you? Daring to cause trouble here?!” He felt extremely embarrassed. All this time, he had thought that he would only ever fear Fuyi.

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