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Chapter 114

Lu Shiqian coldly stated, “Of course I’m someone who doesn’t like seeing your ugly face!” 

Searching for trouble! This was definitely searching for trouble!

The beastmen around her shivered and quickly ran far away from her. The Death God and Lan Ruo’s figures were also revealed. 

The Death God was coolly handsome, wielding a large scythe covered in black lightning. Whoever he looked at would feel like they were encased in cement; their heart freezing in ice; their soul being stared at by a hungry ancient beast!

The elf Lan Ruo’s handsome and elegant face was filled with anger. He was very honest and just thought of the traitor Li Zhua who stole the throne to be the enemy. He was here to fight the bad guys!

No matter how dumb Li Zhua was, he would understand that the three were here for trouble: “Someone come! Arrest these three that don’t know what’s good for them!” 

He was angry and resentful. These three dared to set themselves up to die?!

A large number of beastman guards rushed in. This was originally the people Li Zhua set to prevent Fuyi from coming and raising hell. There were a total of 60,000 practitioner beastmen and another 70,000 on standby! 

It was just strange that even though it was clearly a beastman army, there were a couple humans mixed in!

Lu Shiqian faintly smiled like a demoness. Very well, she just needed someone to test how powerful the Heavenly Swinging Sword’s third move was. Since they couldn’t wait to hand over their lives, she’ll fulfill their wishes! 

She soul merged with the white-winged unicorn and weapon merged with Wang Cai. Lu Shiqian’s hair was like snow, her eyes a pure white. Behind her, there was a pair of white wings while her hand held a strange steel sword. Flying through the air, her red lips stated, “Gale Winds and Pounding Rain!”

Wind, a great wind, blew into life. It was like knives cutting against the face and bats against the body. Rain, a pouring rain, fell from above. When it was blown by the wind, it turned into needles and nails, each one leaving a bloody hole!

This one move was undoubtedly meant for fighting against a crowd. The surface area affected was unexpectedly large!

Lu Shiqian unleashed her strength at the top of the stage while Shui Se, Hong Jin, and Yin went towards the bottom. With the assistance of the knock-out drug, they slashed apart the ropes in an orderly fashion. Master had told them to save the human-headed beastmen. 

Some beastmen with thicker skin and stronger bodies blocked Lu Shiqian’s move and sneaked up to her. Lan Ruo saw them and immediately used a binding technique, tying those beastmen up one by one. 

After using a Gale Winds and Pounding Rain, Lu Shiqian condensed a ball of light in her hands, flashing with energy. This was the white-winged unicorn’s Silver Cannon skill! 

The cannon was aimed at the throne where Li Zhua was sitting!

Li Zhua’s rolls of fat were trembling and dived to the side. With a loud boom, countless shards of rocks cut his face and body. The beard he nurtured for years and the fur he was proud of was burnt to shreds by the high temperature. A burnt smell lingered in the air. He was so mad he could die! His beard and fur was as important to him as a woman’s beauty was to her. The way he looked now was akin to being disfigured and thrown in front of others. The shame was that bad. Seeing the strange eyes of the beastmen around him, Li Zhua angrily screamed, “Kill her! Use arrows! Shoot her to death!” 

The beastmen all obeyed and picked up their bows. Some even picked up stones and started pelting Lu Shiqian. 

The scene was quite spectacular: more than 10,000 arrows and stones shot towards Lu Shiqian! Was she going to be turned into a hedgehog and buried here? 

“Wang Cai, armor merge!” Lu Shiqian ordered through the mental platform. Just like how she envisioned in her mind, a metal-like substance wrapped around her body. Even the wings on her back turned into metal. Knives hung on the edge of the armor, making it look both strange and gorgeous.

The 21 Star Wang Cai’s sharpness and toughness had reached a new level! 

Wang Cai was born in the Grand Era of Magic, his creator another peerless genius. He was also created with materials that could grow with his level. 

No doubt about it. Whether they were rocks, stones, arrows, none of them had any effect on her!

Li Zhua’s eyes bulged out of its sockets. Where the hell did this woman come from? Did she have to be so shocking? Her beasts were also shocking as hell! Could they be…? But they were supporting him onto the throne; they had no reason to send people to stop him! He took off the crown in one smooth motion. Motherf*cking, nothing’s going well today!

Purple lights shone beneath her feet. Fuyi waited for the right timing and jumped out. He ordered, “Heed my order and put down your weapons!” 

At this time, the rescued human-headed beastmen and loyal officials gathered around the king of the beastmen, all of them with eyes of awe!

This group of beastmen was at the top in the hierarchy, their aura extremely strong. Li Zhua was vastly inferior and the others all threw down their weapons, kneeling in front of Fuyi. 

History seemed to repeat itself, except the loser became Li Zhua. At the beginning, Li Zhua also borrowed the power behind him to gain the throne. Now, Fuyi also borrowed the power of three mysterious people to take back his throne. Alright, the black-clad person amongst the three hadn’t made a move yet. The similarities made him sigh in amazement. 

Sure enough, some things that weren’t yours weren’t yours. You can’t obtain it even with force. What was yours was yours, others can’t snatch it away.  

Li Zhua trembled and pointed at Fuyi, “W-Where the hell did you pop out from?!” Fuyi gave him no explanation. He merely lifted the pike in his hand surrounded by flames. With this pike, his strength was increased another level! 

Now that he was a God Rank powerhouse, when he used his skills, it was even more shocking than before!

Even though it was flames, it didn’t have the temperature of fire. Instead, it was cold to the degree of frightening! The surface would freeze over where the flame passed, yet the inside would also be burnt to ashes! 

“Traitor, serve up your life!” Fuyi was about to slash his pike. 

Li Zhua was terrified and retreated. He cried while backing away, “Fuyi, you can’t kill me! You can’t kill me! The one who’ll die will definitely be you!” 

Fuyi disdained the words of that traitorous thief! 

The pike fell through the air!

However, the expected scream didn’t come. Fuyi’s powerful attack was blocked!

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