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Chapter 115

Who had such ability? 

Lu Shiqian’s eyes narrowed while Fuyi’s face grew solemn, “It’s you all again!” 

Li Zhua seemed to find a live-saving straw and held the person’s foot, “S-Save me! Save me!!” 

There were a total of ten people who came, another hundred powerhouses behind them. 

The leader of the ten people was a seductive woman with grayish blonde hair. She walked out from the crowd. 

Fuyi’s move was blocked by three of them. They were all using gold grade equipment!

That woman kicked aside Li Zhua and spat at him, “Scram, useless thing.”

Lu Shiqian’s interspatial bracelet only allowed her to take out magic stones as a Rank 1 Apprentice Mage, medicine as a Rank 2 Mage, and gems, various materials, and more magic stones could be taken out as a Rank 3 Mage. However, she could only look from afar at the top-tier equipment and high-level magic beasts inside her space!

If she could take out any random set, paired with a soul merge with any random beast, her attack power would double!

Equipment was divided into practitioner equipment and mage equipment. The equipment grades were: average, bronze, silver, gold, spirit, and godly.

The higher the level, the higher the defense and stronger the attack. 

Other than grade, the enchantments of the equipment would determine its value. Enchantments may include fire resistance, water resistance, and electricity resistance. It could also create fire and electricity. Perhaps it would accelerate magic power condensation or increase mental strength… It could also enhance speed or increase attack. Of course, the equipment may have additional storage space. 

The higher the grade of the equipment, the harder it was to enchant. The higher end the material, the stronger the personality and harder it was to merge. Forced enchantment may even damage the equipment. On the contrary, if an enchantment was lucky enough to succeed on high-level equipment, the power of the equipment would increase by more than just a little!

Additionally, the greatest gold grade equipment that appeared on the Devil Dance Continent had 5 enchantments! It was created by a Master Forger 1,000 years ago, and was once worn by the founding emperor of the Qin Empire, blocking many attacks and injuries. Now, it had become a national treasure of the Qin Empire. 

It could be seen how important high-level equipment was to the strong, as important as magic beasts!

In short, in order to choose a good equipment, you must first check at the level and then the enchantments. Even if it was an average grade equipment, if there were two enchantments on it, it would be the same price as a silver grade one. 

However, both good equipment and magic beasts were hard to find, but the rarity of equipment was slightly higher. 

Even though the Devil Dance Continent isn’t lacking in materials, it was hard to produce a Master Forger!

A Master Forger must first be in harmony with nature and be highly compatible with at least one of the five major elements. Second, they must have abundant magic energy and mental strength. In addition to the loss of techniques, being a Master Forger was a path that burned a lot of money: a special site, special furnace, and most of all, magic stones, ore, and gems. 

With so much talking about equipment, the main point is that these ten or so people all owned at least one piece of gold grade equipment. As for that woman, she actually had three pieces of gold equipment: her headpiece, arm, and waist guard. Furthermore, those three pieces all had three enchantments!

This woman held her head high with a lofty and sky-high sense of pride in her eyes. When she walked, her body twisted like a snake with extreme motions. 

She contemptuously scanned the room, and upon seeing the snow-white haired, appearance akin to that of a beautiful cold goddess of war— Lu Shiqian— her eyes suddenly turned cruel. 

There cannot be two beautiful people just as you cannot have too many flowers at once. Here, just one beauty, she, Furong, was enough!

She immediately pointed and ordered, “Kill her for me!” 

Two young men in their teens flew out from behind her. They were beautiful, but there was an aura around them that made others uncomfortable. They felt somewhat like puppets. 

Looking at the others behind Furong, all of them were extremely handsome, but they all had wooden expressions and muddled eyes. 

“What do you say? My men are quite good, aren’t they? They’re not only good in bed, but also good at killing!” Furong twisted her waist and said. 

Lu Shiqian flashed through the air like an elegant and snow-white leopard. She was not moved by the woman’s immoral words. 

Fuyi also took his pike and attacked. The one against three battle was amazing.

Furong’s eyes sparkled as she stared at Lan Ruo. That gaze was not ashamed at all and was just like a hungry wolf eyeing a fat sheep.

As an elf, Lan Ruo was naturally beautiful. His slender figure and elegant temperament caused people to feel an impulse to take him for themselves. 

Furong had had countless men, but very rarely did she meet one as high quality as this one. At first sight, she began to scheme. She coaxed, “Handsome boy, come over to this sister. There’s food if you want and water if you want. This sister promises to take you to cloud nine in bed.”

Lan Ruo was so angry his face turned red. He clenched his fists and scornfully reproached, “Shameless slut!” 

Furong became happier, “Hm? So spicy! Just what this sister’s lik--!” 

Before she could finish, there was a blow to her buttocks. Who knew when Lu Shiqian appeared behind her, but she landed a kick.

Furong wore red clothes and after getting kicked, there was a very obvious footprint left behind, shining with glory!

Lu Shiqian’s snow-white hair fluttered through the air as she domineeringly stated, “You dare to scheme against my people?!” 

Lan Ruo suddenly blushed. What did she say just now? He was one of her people?

Furong was so enraged her eyes spat fire and she gnashed her teeth. When had she ever lost so much face? Ever since she was aware, she got anything she wanted: money, power, men. She could get everything she wanted easily. A superior life, extreme beauty, and the great treatment wherever she went! Since when had she been kicked on her butt in front of such a large crowd? 

“You dare to kick me?!” A tyrannical look flashed past her eyes. She almost spit out that line through the slits in her teeth. Lu Shiqian cooly replied, “Yeah, I kicked you.” She then engaged with the two handsome puppets. 

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