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Chapter 116

Honestly, even though these two young men’s eyes resemble dead fish, their movements weren’t slow at all. Each kick and punch whistled through the air. Their fists could also blast a hole in the ground; their kicks capable of breaking a stone pillar when they missed. They were tough opponents! Lu Shiqian relied on Yin and the white-winged unicorn’s merge in order to boost her speed and match the two. She occasionally threw a fireball here and there but couldn’t seem to hurt them. How odd!

There were strange markings on the body of the two. Like a human but not, like a beast but not, like a god but not. How strange!

Furong coldly smiled, “Dare to kick me and fight for men with me? I’ll allow you to personally see how I get this elf! Hahaha! I still haven’t played with elves yet!” She instructed the five men behind her, “Capture that elf for me!” 

Lan Ruo was enraged. This was the first time he felt the urge to kill a woman. This woman was so hateful, she should die!

A Rank 7 elf spell was used. Wood grew out of stones and held the five tightly. 

However, the five people cut the wood vines like tofu and joined forces to capture the elf. 

These five all had the same strange aura around them, and each of their moves was queer. Their strength was comparable to that of God Rank. Add in their gold equipment, their every attack was that much more powerful! Elves were natural mages and weren’t suited to close combat. What more, he was facing five who were able to block Fuyi’s God Rank strength with only three of them! 

Soon, Lan Ruo fell into the hands of the enemy!

“If you dare to touch him, I will definitely chase you to the ends of the world!” 

Lu Shiqian’s voice seemed like it came straight from hell. It didn’t matter if you cursed at her, if you hit her, if you hurt her. The only thing she couldn’t stand was when the ones she loved was harmed the slightest bit!

Furong sneered, “You don’t allow others to touch when you can’t touch? Aiyoh, look at this skin, so smooth!”  She then looked at Fuyi and said, “That horse is pretty good too. Didn’t meet for a while, but his growth is pretty impressive! Wonder how it’d feel when he’s under me…” 

“Wind Blows and Water Rises!”

“Rising Winds, Scudding Clouds!”

“Gale Winds and Pounding Rain!”

Three moves were used at once and an incomparable power rushed forth!

The wind came in gusts, each one more powerful than the last! The wind was like a sharp sword!

The rain poured harder and harder. When the rain eventually turned into ice, it disrupted their control over magic. The cloudy overhead embodied her current mood and charged towards Furong!

Furong’s pupils shrank. She didn’t expect Lu Shiqian to be so powerful. The wind and rain trapped her body and didn’t allow her to evade it. However, this woman of unknown origins would not just sit still and wait for death. She violently released her power and pushed herself to the side!

Lu Shiqian’s powerful move hit a small palace behind Furong. With a bang, the palace collapsed! 

The beastmen’s eyes widened. Holy, these crimson stones were extremely tough and haven’t received a single scratch for all these years, but were knocked down in one move by Lu Shiqian!

Lu Shiqian was quite surprised. This woman actually knew how to use the domain. Could she be a God Rank powerhouse? 

No, impossible. It was impossible for a Saint to contend against a God Rank. If she was a Saint, it was impossible for her to beat Fuyi!

Unless she was a God Rank powerhouse?

Hmph, no matter what rank she was, she cannot be forgiven!

Seeing that the people Furong brought along was obviously in the higher hierarchy of strength, Li Zhua hurriedly climbed to Furong’s foot, “Esteemed Furong, Esteemed Furong, you must kill them. After that, I will definitely allow you to be the Queen of the beastmen— no, it’s fine if you want to be king too!”

Furong looked at Li Zhua in disgust. If it weren’t for snatching away the beastmen’s power, she wouldn’t have gone to bed with him. Seeing his cowardly ways, she no longer had the patience to deal with him and stepped on his neck with her foot. She had better plans and no longer needed this thing anymore. With some slight force, she snapped his neck. 

Li Zhua’s eyes widened in disbelief at the fact that she would kill him. “Send four more people over to kill that eyesore woman.” Even though she managed to avoid that powerful attack, Furong felt jealous of Lu Shiqian. She was just a puny little Rank 3 Mage but was able to endanger her life! In time, she wouldn’t be an enemy she could go against! These types of enemies with so much potential needed to be cut in their roots! 

At the same time, she extended her claws at Lan Ruo’s face. 

The contract pattern flashed beneath Lu Shiqian’s feet and forcefully called Lan Ruo back into her magic beast space. This was the first time she forced a magic beast back since she didn’t want to force any of them against their will. That’s why she was even more enraged.

The angrier she was, the calmer she became. She had completed many missions before, and was able to keep a clear head better when she was mad. On another note, she could analyze quickest when she was anxious. This almost became instinct!

“Hoh, he was your magic beast?” Furong’s tone rose and she firmed her decision to not let her live past today. 

And Lu Shiqian, likewise, was determined to kill her!

“Who are you going to rely on to kill me now? That black clad man?” Furong pointed at the Death God who hadn’t moved since the start. There was no magic power fluctuations coming from his body and seemed to be the easiest to deal with. 

But the moment her words landed, the Death God moved!

Like the fleeting wind, the unseen shadow, he moved with unexpected speed and miraculous footwork!

The black clothes flew and a handsome man engaged in battle with Lu Shiqian was kicked aside. He waved his scythe and the others were also sent flying!

In a battle that Lu Shiqian seemed to have no upper hand in, those people were overpowered in an instant by the Death God. 

Looking at the three who were surrounding Fuyi, even though they were slightly inferior to him, Fuyi still couldn’t break out of their encirclement. That was strange, Fuyi already reached God Rank, defeating these three should be a piece of cake for him. Why was the Death God able to kick aside six of them in one move then? Was the Death God even more OP than God Rank?!

Before she could figure out why, her waist was held tightly by the Death God in a protective position!

The Death God’s black veil and clothes paired with Lu Shiqian’s soul merged silver hair and armor, creating a scene like that of the Emperor of the Night embracing the Snow Goddess. The wind blew lightly: clothes flew, hair fluttered. The two stared at each other wordlessly. 

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