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Chapter 117

Sure enough, it felt better than he expected! Master’s waist was so good to the touch!

He endured the numbing sensation coming from his hands, but couldn’t endure the great current from Lu Shiqan’s eyes. The Death God immediately let go of his master and tried to sort out his thoughts, ‘Aiyah! What do I do? What do I do? I was about to kiss Master again!’ He not only wanted to touch, he wanted to kiss… Thinking back on the taste of those delicate lips, the Death God’s brain exploded and he went slightly dumb. 

Furong’s face twisted from anger. She never imagined that the black clad man that looked the weakest would be the most powerful one! She looked at the Death God again, but his entire body was shrouded in black like a huge black cage. You couldn’t see his appearance, but could feel the immense pressure. You could imagine how amazing a scene it would be if he actually tried. 

She suddenly envied Lu Shiqian. Why was this woman that was so pure surrounded by— if not handsome men— mysterious men? Hmph, I’ll snatch those men away!

Let that damn witch’s men kill her, wouldn’t that be fun? 

Lu Shiqian who was engaged with those handsome men noticed Furong’s gaze. Not good! That woman was targeting someone: the Death God!

She suddenly stopped defending and charged straight at the Death God. She slammed into his arms, the huge force knocking them away to the ground. 

The Death God looked at Lu Shiqian lying in his embrace. His hands unconsciously held her waist. That feeling was… unable to be described. 

On the other hand, Furong— who had just neared the Death God— curled her lips in a vicious smile. No one could escape her tricks, especially men! Even though that damn witch noticed something, she couldn’t change anything. In the end, that black clad man would be in the palm of her hands! By that point, she would take off his black veil and check out exactly what kind of body was underneath! Her interest ignited once again. 

Or she could leave this witch alive, force her to open her eyes and watch as he was under her!

She was in a daze from her own delusions. 

Lu Shiqian glanced at the Death God, turned her head around and anxiously asked, “Are you okay? Are you feeling unwell anywhere?” 

The Death God confusedly asked back, “What problems could I have?” 

Perhaps he should tell Master that his body… was very strange. No blow could harm him, and no evil would work on him. He was the most special amongst the Death Gods, one that would never die… However, seeing her concerned eyes, he didn’t say anything and enjoyed it. She would find out eventually anyways. 

Lu Shiqian was annoyed: this silly guy probably didn’t even know he was affected. Seeing that woman look so proud, perhaps… Her heart grew anxious and her hands were clenched on top of the Death God’s shoulders. 

You have to know that it was noon right now, and the sun was beating down hard. On the mountains, the air was very fresh. However, lying on the ground, the rocks were a bit cool… This was not the point! The point was that he was lying on the ground, and his master was randomly feeling him up! Powerful currents coursed through him. It was really, really… Especially since she didn’t realize that her body was pressing down on his. Her waist, stomach, and chest occasionally touched…

The Death God’s mind burst with black fireworks! He went dumb as if he a bomb exploded inside!

Due to the indescribable feeling rising up, he didn’t know what the best way to react was.

This poor, innocent guy!

But Lu Shiqian didn’t know what the Death God was feeling or experiencing. As his master, of course she should be concerned about the wellbeing of her contracted beasts. She was debating whether she should stick her hand inside his robes to check. 

“Hahaha! There’s no use! Very soon, this man will become mine!” Furong looked at Lu Shiqian struggling in vain and felt extremely proud. She laughed so hard the two rolls of fat on her chest bounced up and down. It would be very soon. That thing penetrated and took over the brain really fast. Even if his brain was more complicated than others, all it meant was a little extra time. 

Lu Shiqian stood up and cooled down like ice. Her mind quickly turned through countless possibilities and she found a key point in the end. So this woman was trying to turn her Death God into a mindless puppet like the ones behind her!

Thinking of this possibility, Lu Shiqian emitted an even colder aura. She always believed that even though the Death God was extremely strong, he was a clean slate and was coerced into becoming her magic beast. That meant she must live up to his expectations. Now that a woman of unknown origins tried to scheme against him, then she…

Then, she just needed to kill her! If she killed her, then the Death God may be able to break out of her mind control!

She secretly ordered a magic beast to buff her while channeling Silver Cannon. 

The woman twisted her body and slipped into the Death God’s embrace like a snake. An even more annoying thing was that she took his hand and pressed it to her chest. 

This woman was just too shameless!

Lu Shiqian seldom got angry, but she could feel her rage rising to the high heavens right now. At the same time, she was very worried that the Death God was being controlled by her. She also blamed herself for being a step late. 

On the other side, Fuyi roared and spread his domain, immediately enveloping the three incoming people!

Compared to the Saint Domain, the God Domain was much more oppressive. In their domain, they were God!

After reaching God Rank, they not only fought based on skill and spells, but also their domain. 

Those of the same rank could counter each other, but higher-ranking ones could break lower-ranking ones’ domains. 

Below Saint Rank, no one could resist the domain! 

Fuyi had just become a God and hadn’t mastered the domain yet. He could only use it once at a critical moment!

His domain was a world of fire and ice. Even though it was obviously frigid, it could burn a person to the point where even ashes wouldn’t remain. The domain’s range was quite large, and blue fireballs danced around inside. Anyone who entered the domain would, as long as he willed it, be surrounded by the flames and immediately die!

Woah, the God Rank domain made her heart race!

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