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Chapter 118

Even though it was a winning move, it was countered by the three forces. After taking a closer look, it was a God Rank domain!

Although it wasn’t that strong, but with the three domains together, it could fight against Fuyi’s domain. 

They were clearly Saints, how could they use God Rank domains? 

They grew into a deadlock once again. 

Furong smiled proudly, “You bunch of peasants, how do you like my demigod power? Hahaha!” 

Indeed, they were all demigods, and she was the demigod’s princess!

Demigods— as the name suggests— had half the blood of a regular person and half the blood of a god. They were both human and god. This was a race that had existed since long ago. When the Devil Dance Continent was sealed, some gods didn’t have time to escape and were trapped. Over the long years, they couldn’t stand the loneliness and got together with normal people. Their descendants were demigods. 

However, for some reason, it was difficult for gods and humans to conceive children. That’s why after 100,000 years, there weren’t many demigods. They hid in a corner and lived ordinary lives. 

In these past hundred years, humans developed extremely quickly. Hence, an idea grew in some demigods’ minds to rule over mankind! Furong was one of those people! She was responsible for taking over the Beastmen Nation and invading humans using their army. 

“So you’re just mixed breed,” Lu Shiqian coldly stated. Her voice wasn’t loud, but hit straight on the bullseye, making Furong shake in anger. 

“You! Go kill her!” Furong ordered the Death God.

Lu Shiqian’s heartbeat almost stopped. The Death God, was he being controlled?

If that was truly the case, she would never forgive herself!

The Death God’s voice was cold and ruthless, “A little cockroach dares to order me around?” With a wave of his hand, he hit Furong dozens of meters away, causing her to cough up a mouthful of blood. 

Furong’s eyes widened as if she saw a ghost. She didn’t believe it! She didn’t believe that her move couldn’t control him! Even if she couldn’t control him, her charm had never not worked on a man before. How could he bear to hit her? 

The Death God wiped his hand in disgust. So disgusting, what did he touch just now? How disgusting! Once again, he firmed his belief that it was still his master that gave him a whole new feeling. If it was Master, he didn’t mind… her chest being larger.

Lu Shiqian saw that the Death God was fine and finally relaxed her nerves. She flew into his embrace and gave him a hug. This guy worried her so much!

The Death God was startled. Master’s current appearance, it made him… it made him want to protect her. He resisted but couldn’t help himself in the end and hugged her back like she was his entire world. 

Furong indignantly yelled, “Impossible! Impossible!! How could you escape my control?!” 

The Death God searched his body and took out a red string. That string even wriggled around in the light. It was extremely disgusting. He applied some pressure and squeezed it to pieces. 

Furong’s eyes almost bulged out of its sockets. H-H-H-He… He actually crushed that thing to smithereens! Was there such a person in this world? She began to shake in fear. 

The Death God carried his scythe and walked towards her. His voice came straight from hell, “You harmed my master just now.” 


“You made her sad.” 

“I-I… Esteemed One, please spare me!” The demigod princess crawled on the floor like a dog begging for forgiveness. 

“You made her be in pain.” The pressure and chill increased with every step he took. 

“Please spare me! I’m a demigod, you can’t kill me!” The Death God’s pressure caused her to be unable to move. 

The Death God was unmoved and stood in front of her, “You. Are you prepared to accept your beautiful demise?” 

Lu Shiqian was speechless. Was death also divided into normal and beautiful? 

However, this was just right. Let’s see what this glorious death was! This woman was one she definitely had to kill, whether she was a god or not!

The Death God had no compassion for killing. No one’s crying or pleading would move him. He was, after all, the harbinger of death: the Death God!

Even God would find it hard to resist him!

The Death God waved his scythe and a huge crack appeared in the space behind him like an eye that was about to open. Black lightning seeped out from within like a starved monster searching for food!

The sky suddenly darkened and everyone present couldn’t help but tremble. There’s no one that wasn’t afraid of death. Anyone that said they weren’t had never experienced the terror of death!

With expressions of true fear on their faces, what kind of scene would the Death God bring upon them? 

Furong was already scared silly. She watched in horror as the crack behind the Death God grew larger and larger. 

“I’m usually quick when I take someone’s soul, and the dying person wouldn’t feel pain. But for you, it will be different.” A huge gale ripped past the Death God’s black robes, making him seem vastly different.

The crack behind him opened fully, and a world of death and terror was in full display before the others. The huge black door slowly creaked apart. 

Bones piled up into mountains, blood flowed like rivers, and eerie flowers sang the song of death. It was dark and silent, no light could be found here. A mutant dragon flew through the air…

Countless chalk white hands stretched out from within holding blood-red flowers. They formed a throne with it and placed it beneath the Death God.

The Death God sat atop the red throne. The scene was both horrible and disturbing, but it also contained a sinister beauty. 

The other hands held ice-cold chains as they stretched towards Furong. 

Within the bloody lake in the world of death, hungry mouths opened wide as if they knew that they were about to have a delicious meal.

“There are a lot of cute, hungry things in the lake of blood. They will tear your soul apart— don’t worry, it won’t be fast. They will savor it slowly. The process won’t be short, but will be interesting.” The Death God announced, “This is the death I grant you!” 

Furong was already scared to the high heavens. She didn’t know how to react anymore.

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