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Chapter 119

No matter how she thought about it, she didn’t expect this black-clad man to be so terrifying. Who could resist in the face of death? A great fear overtook her senses and allowed those white hands to chain her, pulling her towards the world of death. 

The world of death: that was a world the living couldn’t enter. Your hair and skin would fall and peel with the first step in, internal organs would corrode with the second, and the third step… you would then have your soul ripped to shreds by the “cute” monsters as the Death God called them (they’re absolutely horrifying).

The world of death included all kinds of monsters you couldn’t possibly begin to even imagine. 

It sure was a beautiful death!

When she was pulled in, something snapped in the woman’s mind. She hysterically screamed, “Kill them quickly! Hurry!” 

Furong didn’t realize in her fear that her mind control over those youths was already broken. The young men who recovered their minds saw Furong getting her just punishment and were overjoyed. At the same time, they hated that they couldn’t kill her themselves!

They were originally proud demigods; they originally had women they loved; they originally had a dear family, but everything changed since they met this woman! 

She desired their beauty and skills, and used some despicable method to force them to kill their beloved lover and families themselves. For decades, they were just a shell of themselves. Hurting others, killing others, doing many bad things, and even accompanying her in bed at night, letting her vent her anger… Even though their actions were controlled, their minds were still clear. Conscious in the face of such a cruel and dirty woman for so many years, every day felt like a year!

And now that this woman had such an ending, they were jubilant!

Not a single person was willing to move. All ten men glared at her and retreated to the side. 

You may be able to plead forgiveness from the heavens, but you can’t be pardoned for sins you do yourself!

Furong stared at Lu Shiqian full of hate, her eyes full of poison. Everything was her fault! If it weren’t for her, she wouldn’t have met such a terrifying black clad man! If it weren’t for her, she would still be the proud and lofty demigod princess! Even if she were to die, she can’t forgive her! 

“Ah, miss, be careful!” The brightest of the ten men and one who understood Furong fairly well reminded Lu Shiqian, “She wants to drag you down with her!” 

Lu Shiqian reacted extremely fast, but a multi-colored string entered her body even faster!

“Hahahaha! Even if I die, I have to drag you down with me! Very soon, you will lose your mind and become a mindless puppet! Very soon, you will accompany me to hell!” Furong went crazy. 

The Death God angrily shouted, “Pull that cockroach down already!” 

Those hands trembled and quickly dragged Furong into the world of death. 

A shrill scream echoed and the crack slammed shut. 

The Death God anxiously asked Lu Shiqian, “Are you alright?” 

The words that the woman said earlier resounded in his ears. He had never been so panicked before. 

Lu Shiqian also saw a multi-colored string enter her body. That string was similar to what controlled those ten men, but this one was multi-colored. However, Furong was already dead, she shouldn’t be able to control her. She gently said, “It’s fine. I’m all good.” 

“Miss, your string is slightly different from ours. It would be if you could… think of something.” It was still that handsome man. His name was Tie Mu and was a completely new person now. He was extremely grateful to Lu Shiqian but had no way to return the favor. 

He glanced at the other nine men and made up his mind. In this lifetime, they must repay this woman!

“Oh, what’s different?” Lu Shiqian found it strange. That man belonged to that woman with eyes like that of a mindless puppet. 

“The string in our body allows her to control us. The string in your body will destroy your brain, turning you into a… living dead!” Tie Mu solemnly revealed. 

Lu Shiqian was his benefactor, so he naturally didn’t want to see her harmed by such a vicious thing. However, once that enters your body, it’s extremely difficult to remove. Perhaps, it couldn’t be expelled at all!

“What is that string?” Lu Shiqian asked. 

“That is the thing our first generation created in order to control our tribe members. That string is also the last resort against an enemy we can’t fight against. Up to now, there is no way to remove it…” Tie Mu couldn’t keep talking. The more he spoke, the more despair he felt. 

“It’s fine. I won’t die. This life of mine… even God can’t take!” Lu Shiqian smiled carefreely. 

Tie Mu stared at Lu Shiqian in amazement. There was such a woman in this world? She was so open-minded and admirable! At the same time, there was an inexplicable sense of inferiority. They… were already dirty!

“Besides,” Lu Shiqian looked towards the Death God and smiled, “Even the Death God isn’t taking me. How am I supposed to die?” 

The Death God fiercely nodded his head, “En!” He wouldn’t allow anything to happen to Master!

His appearance now was once again completely different from the dark and cruel him earlier. 

Those ten people fell to the floor, “Please take us in!” 

Lu Shiqian’s face darkened, “What are you doing?” 

Tie Mu spoke, “Esteemed one, you are our benefactor, but there’s no way for us to repay benefactor! Please allow us to serve you! We will never betray you!” 

The other nine called out together, “Please take us in! We will never betray you!” 

Lu Shiqian uncomfortably said, “You don’t have to be like this. Scatter, you’re free now.” 

The ten insisted, “Please take us in!” 


She didn’t expect things to take a turn in such a strange direction!

“Esteemed one, do you… look down on us for being dirty?” Tie Mu suddenly sadly asked, “Do you dislike us for being ruined by that woman?” 

This was the deepest sorrow in their hearts. These men that were once so proud, after being humiliated for so many years, their hearts became fragile and were eager to redeem themselves. 

“…” Lu Shiqian agreed, “Alright, you can follow me, but I can’t guarantee how well you’ll live. In the years to come, you may be injured or even die. Are you willing?” 

The vigor of life suddenly erupted within their eyes. They answered loudly, “Yes! We are willing!” 

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