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Chapter 120

“Go to the Qin Empire’s Anping Town in the West County and search for the housekeeper Fu Bo. Tell him that I told you to come. That is my base, I am entrusting you to guard it!” Lu Shiqian stated. 

“Yes, Master!” The ten people answered together.

“Right, in front of others, don’t call me ‘Master’ or ‘benefactor’, call me Eldest Young Miss.” Lu Shiqian didn’t want to expose her true power just yet.

“Yes, Eldest Young Miss!” The ten people found a new reason to live, their eyes burning with willpower. 

Lu Shiqian took out more than fifty magic stones and handed it to Tie Mu, “You must become strong. These things might be of use to you.” 

Tie Mu almost shed tears from the glands that have all but dried up over the last few decades. After suffering such inhumane torture for so many years, meeting this kind of master was truly God’s gift to them. He received the magic stones and jumped with the other nine, vanishing at the foot of the mountain. 

Fuyi reclaimed his throne and commanded thousands of beastmen. He now had a goal: to strengthen the Beastmen Nation and help Master in the back!

If those ten people could be said to have been granted a new lease on life, he was the same!

The Beastmen Nation celebrated for three days. Many merits were also given out. The cute tiger couple gained the most rewards. When they saw that Fuyi was the Beastman King, the two’s expression was particularly interesting— especially Ermao, who called Fuyi a ‘strange horse’ before. 

These things made everyone happy. The only thing that made people uneasy was that multi-colored string. It was like a bomb ramming against everyone’s heart. 

The beasts even held a heated conference in the mental platform, but because no one understood what a demigod was, there were no results. 

These few days, Lu Shiqian also felt the danger of this string. She was already banging heads with it. Lu Shiqian’s mind was extremely tough and her spirit was high. That thing wanted to defend itself, but it was no easy feat!

She was still not very strong yet. If she became a Rank 7 or Rank 8 mage, then this thing wouldn’t be able to affect her at all. However, she was only a Rank 3 mage right now. Her mental and spirit defenses weren’t strong.

But things tend to move in increasingly disturbing directions. Yesterday, she lost control of her hand and broke a cup. The string was already affecting her. 

On the fifth day in the Beastman Nation, the Death God suddenly rushed into her room and pushed her onto the bed. 

Lu Shiqian was surprised, “What are you doing?” 

The Death God replied, “Check!” 

He was thinking of ways the past few days, and in the end, he still decided that it was best to do a full-body checkup for his master. That damn thing, even if it hid inside a cell, he would catch it! 

Lu Shiqian almost choked on her own saliva. C-Check? Full-body too?

Is this really necessary? This guy is too impulsive, isn’t he? 

The Death God pressed on Lu Shiqian’s shoulders and sternly stated, “I’m going to check.” 

Lu Shiqian helplessly asked, “How are you going to check?” 

The Death God: “Full-body check!” 

Huh, this was the same as saying nothing.

Lu Shiqian took a deep breath, “How are you going to do the full-body check?” 

Feeling this person’s movement when they inhaled, the Death God suddenly tensed. Speaking of which, a full-body check, he… A huge current passed through his body. The poor child… thinking of something he shouldn’t have. 

However, what was this eager feeling inside of him? 

The Death God was truly the Death God, shameless when the time counts: “First take off your clothes.” 

“Huh? What?” Lu Shiqian was somewhat stunned. If she didn’t know that the Death God wasn’t a human, she would think that he was an exceptionally delusional pervert. 

The Death God looked into Lu Shiqian’s black eyes and felt somewhat embarrassed. However, he quickly recovered his usual fanfare. Embarrassment or whatnot, throw it to the side! “Take off your clothes.” 

“…” Lu Shiqian was helpless, “You have to tell me why at the least.” 

The Death God promptly responded, “That thing can hide. I must check carefully.” 

Oh my GODDDD!!! So how exactly are you going to check for it?! And what does it have to do with undressing?!!!! (TL: Author left this emoji 囧) 

The Death God turned his face and averted her eyes, “Clothes hinder the check.” 

Actually, he couldn’t tell his master that he could check through clothes, but suddenly wondered if taking off clothes would be more convenient. Also, the efficiency would increase and it prevents that thing from hiding in her clothes. Yes, that’s right!

Lu Shiqian uneasily asked, “Are you sure?” 

The Death God stiffly nodded, “I’m sure.” 

There shouldn’t be any problem if your child sees your body, right? Just like how it doesn’t matter if your pets see you, right? Eh, all animals are born naked, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Besides, seeing the way the Death God punished Furong, there shouldn’t be any difference wearing clothes and not wearing any to an existence like him, right? Furthermore, this is also to get rid of that damned string! 

Moreover, would a patient care about anything like that when he was undergoing surgery? 

After thinking it through, Lu Shiqian lay on the bed and said, “Take it off then.” 

Taking off clothes was a skilled job. 

Throughout history, all men and women in love had to pass through this stage in the bedroom. How well you could take off clothes often reflected the state of your relationship. 

However, to the Death God, this was a great test! 

Directly tear it off? Where do you start to tear it then? Horizontal, vertical, perhaps diagonal? Can he use fire to burn it off? What if he burned Master? Freeze it in ice and break it? What if he froze Master? Use his scythe to cut it? Split it in half down the middle? Or…

Lu Shiqian was wearing green robes similar to that of the Han Dynasty. To take it off, you needed to unbuckle the belt. 

The Death God decided to take it slowly and more gently.

His hand brushed past Lu Shiqian’s neck. It was so delicate and smooth. What would it feel like to kiss it? His hand moved to her waist and untied the string belt. That jade-like waist was revealed beneath the palm of his hands. Afterwards… the Death God suddenly hugged Lu Shiqian. They were so close that they could feel the different temperature of each body. 

Lu Shiqian was warm while the Death God was cold!

The Death God suddenly took off his veil and revealed his beautiful face. 

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