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Chapter 121

Suddenly, Lu Shiqian felt like a mountain of flowers had bloomed, rainbows hung in the sky, sunlight streamed over the world, and snow covered miles of ground… Nothing was good enough to describe this scene. Words were too shallow to convey these emotions. 

There was a faint blush on Lu Shiqian’s face. This was clearly the God of Death. Why did he have to be so handsome? Was it because he was too lonely so he was compensated by a good face? 

The two stared at each other. There was a faint mood spreading between them. 

The Death God violently took off Lu Shiqian’s clothes. 

Jade white… soft… like the snow-capped mountains and clear spring water… flowers bloomed bright and colorfully… 

The bright and colorful color was the Death God’s nosebleed. Drop by drop falling, blooming like red flowers. They quickly sank into Lu Shiqian’s body. 

Sometimes, getting too excited wasn’t a good thing. You could end up harming the body. If you don’t believe it, please look at the Death God. 

The Death God was already stunned still!

There was a storm raging in his head without any signs of ceasing! Electricity flowed throughout his body!

Excessive stimulation can lead to heavy repercussions. If you don’t believe it, please check out the Death God. 

Lu Shiqian saw that the Death God didn’t move for a long time and his nose dripping a suspicious liquid, she reminded, “How come you’re still not checking?” Seeing him stunned still, she felt slightly indignant. Was her body so bad that he had no reaction at all? Forget it! All doctors were aloof from worldly matters anyways. 

The Death God was startled awake from his master’s words and both hands inadvertently grabbed Lu Shiqian’s chest.

A strange feeling!

Let’s touch a few more times!

Boom! His body reacted faster than his mind! Lightning struck! 

His nosebleed had already flowed into a small river!

Too much stimulation could lead to overheating. If you don’t believe it, look at the Death God. 

There was a rush of heat through the Death God’s body. The fact that his originally ice cold body could grow warm was extremely strange. What more, it was as hot as boiling water! He had never experienced something like this before!

But the check must go on! 

That string, that damned multi-colored bug, was too much! Lu Shiqian cursed it for it was the reason why she had to go through such an uncomfortable check. It was too difficult to bear, especially when she had to face a face that made the heavens dim. Wasn’t this obviously a huge blow to her?!

The Death God tried his best to stop the electric currents flowing through his body. Shocks came all over… carefully… check…

That bug was too tricky and ran this way and that. Aiyah, so evil! It completely disregarded that the Death God was both ice cold and boiling hot right now!

The Death God’s eyes changed. He abruptly lowered his head and kissed Lu Shiqian’s lips. He then began to suck!

Even if Lu Shiqian was a calm person, she still couldn’t help but widen her eyes. There were countless question marks in her eyes. Was this also part of the check? 

Lu Shiqian’s eyes were too innocent and her lips were too tasty. The Death God covered her eyes and continued trying to suck out that string. Ignoring the thunder in his head, he couldn’t help kissing her a few more times. His body was about to burst from the shock! He quickly got up and put on his veil, turned around, and didn’t dare to look at Lu Shiqian. He was scared that he wouldn’t be able to hold back if he saw her. 

“That… came out?” Lu Shiqian’s face was red as she asked. 

The Death God waved his hand and the bug appeared in his hand, wriggling disgustingly. He originally wanted to say, ‘Just a little bug is nothing in the eyes of this god.’ Yet, when it came to his mouth, he only let out a low yes. 

Lu Shiqian looked at that multi-colored bug and asked, “What are you going to do with it?” 

“I want it to die beautifully!” The Death God’s voice was biting. 

The bug seemed to feel its previous fate and began squirming. However, no matter how much it twisted, it couldn’t move out of the palm of the Death God. 

Even though she didn’t know how the Death God was going to take care of that bug, she did hear the roars coming from the sky above the Beastman Nation. It was the sound of the Death God tearing through the air!

When you’re overly excited, there will be uncontrollable actions. If you don’t believe it, please look at the Death God! 

After this struggle, Lu Shiqian’s mental defenses increased greatly. It could be considered an unexpected gain. 

Hong Jin came out from the magic space weakly. Even though Lu Shiqian cut off their vision and hearing, the magic beasts could still imagine what happened. He pitifully asked, “Master, when I change to human form in the future, can I also kiss you?” 

Yin rushed to say, “Me too!”

Shui Se snorted coldly, “Not good enough. You have to press down Master at the least!” 

Lu Shiqian: “…”

What kind of magic beasts did she contract with?!

The Beastman Nation’s coup d’etat ended. Lu Shiqian left behind over a hundred magic stones and prepared to return to Anping Town when she received a pigeon carrier from Fu Bo. 

“Lu Ningxiang was attacked by an assassin. Please return to the capital quickly, Eldest Young Miss!”

Lu Shiqian’s first reaction was to go to the capital and find out what happened. 

Lu Ningxiang could be considered the only mother she had in this world. Thus, children had the obligation to support their parents!

Moreover, the Lu family, whether it was to the family or to the country, was extremely important! If they don’t handle the matter well, the other nations may get ideas. In the end, Lu Ningxiang was a courageous and skilled general. As soon as she falls, the borders would collapse like sand and it would be much easier for other nations to attack!

There was also her cute little brother, Lu Xianghui! She missed him since she hadn’t seen him for half a year.

She didn’t hesitate and immediately left!

Fast horses crossed through mountains and rivers. When they went to rest at a hotel, they often heard people mention the latest fad Ren Woxing. Legend said that she was beautiful beyond compare and extremely strong. During the beastman siege, of course they didn’t forget to mention the black clad man and the man in white! Except, the black clad man and white clad man were described in an overly mysterious fashion  and couldn’t be compared to the Rank 3 Mage Ren Woxing, who slayed the enemy and captured the hearts of the people!

After rushing for a week, the capital Longyang City was in sight. With one breath, they entered the city! 

“Ai, stop! Isn’t that the trash of the Lu family, Lu Shiqian?” The guard stopped her and deliberately mocked. 

There was no choice. Her reputation was just too bad. There was no one that hadn’t heard of her in the capital. 

Lan Ruo’s beautiful eyes narrowed. Were these people blind or what?! Calling Master trash?!

“Aiyah, no doubt it’s a slut! Actually bringing back such a young man!” The guard didn’t know what was good for him and continued to mock. 

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