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Chapter 122

Lu Shiqian’s face turned cold, “Are you done speaking? If you are, then please clear the way.” 

“Lu Shiqian, shame of the Qin Empi—” 

Before he could finish, leaves smashed against the city walls. They stiffly turned their heads and saw that the leaves cut a human shaped hole! 

This move by Lan Ruo was played beautifully!

Lu Shiqian coldly asked, “Can you let us pass now?” 

The guard swallowed hard, “Y-Yes.” 

Lu Shiqian drove her horse past with a natural look. 

The guard was stunned for a long while. The trash of the Lu family Lu Shiqian may not actually be trash. He had seen countless people, but not many people had her temperament. As he thought about it, he couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat. 

There was some earth-shattering news in the Qin Empire recently: there was an attempted assassination at the number one family of the Qin Empire!

A few days ago, the Qin Emperor Qin Feiran went on a hunt with the noblemen when a bunch of assassins appeared at the field! The attack was too sudden and in spite of herself, the matriarch of the Lu family was injured!

However, there were several points of doubt on the matter. First, the pillar of the nation was heavily injured, yet the Qin Emperor blocked the news from spreading. There were only a few rumors here and there. Second, Lu Ningxiang was obviously struck by a sword, but the imperial physician couldn’t do anything help it. The life of the matriarch was in danger!

The poor number one family of the Qin Empire, their eldest daughter was a waste, an incompetent grass bag, and the fifth son became a fool. At least the second daughter was relatively good. If Lu Ningxiang really couldn’t ride over this wave, then the next matriarch would most likely be her!

At this time, the Qin Empire was very uneasy. A powerhouse was heavily injured, more and more Song people were appearing at the borders too. What if war broke out again? 

Lu Shiqian listened to the discussions as she rushed home, drawing closer and closer. 

On which day would the pillar of the nation not have people coming and going? But now people were uneasy and had hidden intentions. Sometimes it would be the saying “the tea has cooled and the person has gone.”

Lu Shiqian knocked on the gates to the Lu residence!

A servant with tear streaks on her face opened the door. These few days, the residence was shrouded in gloom. For the servants, seeing that Lu Ningxiang was struggling to hold on, changing the matriarch wasn’t necessarily a good thing. Even though everyone outside believes that Lu Caiyun was virtuous, but the servants knew that if she became the matriarch, there wouldn’t be anything good for them. If that happens, getting beaten for punishment would be considered light. 

“Who are you looking for?” With her heart in chaos, the servant didn’t recognize that the beautiful and noble woman standing in front of her was Lu Shiqian. 

There was neither joy nor sorrow on her face as Lu Shiqian ordered, “Go report that I have returned.” 

The servant was confused, “Who’s returned?” 

“I, Lu Shiqian, have returned!” 

The servant was stunned before blubbering, “E-Eldest Young Miss?” They’re so different! Is she really Eldest Young Miss?

Lan Ruo looked at the stupid face of the servant and impatiently asked, “Still not going to report?” 

That servant finally responded and fumbled back to the residence, shouting: “Eldest Young Miss has returned! Eldest Young Miss has returned!” She was very excited. The eldest young miss that returned this time was too different, too beautiful!

However, according to the servants’ previous knowledge of Lu Shiqian, the news didn’t arouse much excitement, much less in this situation. Not a single person went to receive her. 

After a short time, Zhang Jun came out to greet his daughter with tear streaks on his face. 

Zhang Jun was greatly affected by time. Half of his hair had grown white. The past few days, he had been protecting his love without rest. He was scared and worried, making him seem even more haggard. Now that his daughter returned, he was both happy and anxious. He was happy from her filial piety, but worried since times were rough. Lu Shiqian was a simple child; would she be able to resist these tides? He originally sent her away from this cage, but now she returned on her own will. He didn’t want her to be amazing. He just wanted her to be safe. 

Zhang Jun held his daughter with tears streaming down his face. 

Lu Shiqian saw Zhang Jun and felt a pang in her heart. In her past life, she had never experienced a father’s love. In this world, she finally experienced that thick and pure love. It was a small thing, but unimaginably precious!

“Father, let’s go see Mother.” Lu Shiqian softly said. 

Zhang Jun burst into another bout of tears. How many times had he cried over the past few days? “Child, come with me.” 

He walked into the room with his daughter in tow and saw Lu Ningxiang lying on the bed with a ashen face. There was a mass of people surrounding her. 

That Second Husband Xu Jun and Lu Caiyun occupied the most prominent spot. Xu Jun’s eyes were swollen like walnuts, and Lu Caiyun also shed a few tears. Even though it looked tragic on the outside, if you looked closely, their faces were healthy and their eyes revealed some joy.

Third Daughter Lu Caixia’s father died early. She was soft and weak, useless. Currently, she was hiding in a corner crying her eyes out. She had her reasons. If her mother died, her days would definitely become much worse.

Fourth Husband Hua Jun and Fourth Son Lu Yunxiang knelt far away. They bowed their heads and no one could tell what they were thinking. 

Only Fifth Husband Yuan Jun was present crying sadly. Lu Xianghui was suddenly turned dumb as an indirect attack at him, but he didn’t dare compete with the second husband-daughter pair. 

There were also many servants there to change the water and distant relatives. 

Lu Shiqian frowned. Wasn’t it a sword injury in the rumors? Then why are Mother’s eyes purple-black and her face gray?

She took a few steps forward and pushed aside Xu Jun and Lu Caiyun. Lu Shiqian grabbed Lu Ningxiang’s wrist, and in the moment her clothes fluttered lightly, she covered everyone’s eyes. 

Lu Shiqian’s move could be called bold bordering audacious. The first thing she did when she returned wasn’t to bow in front of the matriarch but to grab her hand! It was blasphemy! 

After finishing, Lu Shiqian grabbed the doctor that prescribed the medicine! 

She then took the bowl of medicine from a servant’s hands and circled the contents of it once with her finger.

These actions were done faster than fast, and nobody reacted in time. By the time they returned to their senses, the “unfilial” “impudent” “audacious” curses were endless. 

However, Lu Shiqian was aloof like a cloud. Completely indifferent, she announced, “In the future, Mother’s medicine will be prescribed by me and fed by my father.” 

When this statement came out, there was another round of outbursts. 

First were the distant relatives that were so angry their beards shook, yelling at Lu Shiqian to not mess around. 

Next was the old doctor who closed his medicine box in a huff. As he left, he chastised Lu Shiqian for insulting him. He would not cure Lu Ningxiang’s injury and the life or death of the Lu family hereby had nothing to do with him!

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