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Chapter 123

The most interesting was Xu Jun and Lu Caiyun’s reactions. 

Xu Jun was pushed to the ground by Lu Shiqian and he was so angry his face turned bright red. He cursed, “You trash! You dare to overturn the heavens?!” 

Lu Caiyun originally also wanted to open her mouth and yell, but suddenly saw Lan Ruo by Lu Shiqian’s side. Her soul seemed to drift out of her body at his beauty. Her eyes revealed an insatiable greed. On what basis did that incompetent woman have to own such a beautiful young man? 

Lan Ruo’s green hair that softly tumbled down was reminiscent of a cute green leaf. His eyes were like emeralds and emitted a captivating charm. His face was clear with lips like rose petals, figure strong and slender. He was considered beautiful amongst elves, much less humans. 

Lan Ruo naturally noticed Lu Caiyun’s eyes. That look made him as disgusted as eating bugs, too vulgar! 

Lu Shiqian coldly snorted, “Overturn the heavens? I exactly want to overturn the heavens. Tell me, who was it that found that quack and almost killed off my mother?”

While she was covering the other people’s eyes, she had Shui Se take a sample of Mother’s blood. She really was poisoned. She then grabbed the quack doctor and made sure he didn’t have any poison on him; otherwise, he would’ve been killed on the spot. She found poison in the servant’s bowl of medicine. Her face didn’t change, but her heart did. Who was so daring to poison in front of everyone? 

Xu Jun yelled, “Audacious! That doctor is obviously the best doctor in all of Longyang City! What quack are you talking about?!” That doctor was brought in by him. 

Lu Shiqian coldly glared at Xu Jun like a huge mountain pressing down on him, “Please carefully consider your words before speaking them, Second Father. If he truly was a capable doctor, then how could he not cure Mother’s injuries?” 

Xu Jun was stunned and couldn’t find the words to speak. His face grew vicious as he stared at Lu Shiqian. That trash changed too much this time around! It was necessary to remove her as soon as possible. The head of family position belonged to his daughter: Lu Caiyun! 

Lu Shiqian swept her gaze across the room, “Everyone leave.” 

Her words were extremely rude. These people stayed here day and night: half were sincere while the other half was eyeing the Lu fortune. When Lu Shiqian spoke, both the sincere and insincere were unwilling. 

“Give me an hour. Within an hour, if Mother does not get better, you can place any crime on my head!” Lu Shiqian declared, “At that time, whether you want to kill or beat me, feel free to! However, if anyone delays my treatment during this time, don’t blame me for being merciless!” 

Everyone looked at each other. Was it possible to make Lu Ningxiang better in a single hour? 

Xu Jun sneered. Good Lu Shiqian, don’t want to walk the road to heaven but would rather plunge into the murky waters of hell? He agreed on the spot, “Alright! I’ll give you one hour!” 

When Lu Ningxiang fell, Xu Jun became the temporary head. Everyone would naturally listen to him. With his lead, the room quickly cleared out, leaving behind only the poisoned Lu Ningxiang, her father Zhang Jun, the elf Lan Ruo, herself and Lu Yunxiang. 

“Eldest Sister, please be careful. Mother’s poisoning isn’t simple.” Lu Yunxiang’s voice as she walked by Lu Shiqian was quiet, but every word was enunciated. After saying so, she quickly exited the room. 

Lu Shiqian was slightly surprised before smiling. Looks like this Fourth Brother of hers wasn’t simple. 

Seeing that everyone left in the room was her own people, Lu Shiqian called out Shui Se. It was vital to cure the poison now!

Crystal Scorpion Shui Se shook his pincers. Poison and antidotes: those were his strong suits. Now that he was 18 Stars, very few poisons could stop him! 

Using his antidote function, Shui Se spoke in the mental platform, “Master, I took a look. Your Mother’s injury did not contain poison, but the medicine did.” 

Lu Shiqian’s face sunk. It better not be what she was thinking, or else… 

The antidote was very effective. After all, there were fewer than few Crystal Scorpions in the world! Much less an 18 Star one!

Lu Ningxiang’s poison was quickly expelled, except this poison was extremely fierce and harmed the body. Lu Shiqian quickly fed her mother half a bottle of the super gold medicine. 

Zhang Jun watched this scene incredulously. Was this truly his daughter: so sure, calm, confident, and bold? Her entire being was shining!

He then looked at Lu Ningxiang. She already opened her eyes and improved at an extremely fast pace! This entire process was like a miracle! 

Lu Ningxiang who had opened her eyes looked at Lu Shiqian with pleasant surprise. She thought of something and a trace of sadness appeared in her eyes but quickly changed to toughness. This big mess allowed her to see many things!

After two hours, the people who waited outside walked in and saw Lu Ningxiang improve by leaps and bounds! Their eyes were wide open and could visibly see the improvement. 

Xu Jun saw this and his heart sunk. 

Lu Caiyun nervously clenched her fists. She lowered her head after getting a warning gaze from her father. 

This little action of course couldn’t escape Lu Shiqian’s eyes. However, she didn’t move. 

“Now, I want to see Fifth Brother.” Lu Shiqian wasn’t making a request: she was merely stating a fact. Once she finished, she turned and left. 

Brother, my little brother, now sister has the ability to protect you! 

Remembering the unreserved concern and care for her in the past, Lu Shiqian hastened her steps. 

Closer, here! Once she opened these doors, she would be able to see her dear little brother. However, Lu Shiqian suddenly paused before opening the doors. 

Half a year ago, when Lu Shiqian was first sent off to the West County, there came a letter stating that Lu Xianghui became severely ill and went dumb. They put forth all their effort to save him, but this once promising child’s brain was burnt out, his behavior stupid. 

At first, the Lu family assigned a number of servants to take care of him, but the little guy unexpectedly began beating anyone he saw. Finally, there wasn’t a single servant left. 

To say that this servant regretted wasn’t far off. She was sent by Xu Jun to watch Lu Xianghui, but this guy would often be in a daze and scare her out of nowhere. She cursed her misfortune, especially the past few days. Who knows what happened to that fool to cause him to scream and throw a rant without stopping! How annoying!

Lu Xianghui stayed in a corner of the room, his body dirty and those once clear eyes foggy. He was using a small knife to stab a clay doll, “Second Sister, Second Sister, stab you to death… Second Father, Second Father, beat you to death…” 

Lu Shiqian called into the room, “Xianghui, little brother.” 

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