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Chapter 124

The little body stiffened but quickly recovered. He didn’t greet his sister first and instead grabbed the servant, screaming at her. 

Lu Shiqian smiled slightly: this guy!

She stepped into the room and ordered the servant, “You go out first.” 

That servant didn’t care about Lu Shiqian. The trash of the Lu family actually dared to order her around! Recalling how she bullied that incompetent woman into crying many times in the past, she immediately crossed her arms: “What are you going to do if I refuse to leave?” 

Lu Shiqian’s face abruptly turned cold and there was a cutting edge in her voice, “Peeling the skin, tearing the muscles, removing the bones, dicing and feeding the dogs. Just a little servant that won’t obey orders, what use is there?” 

She didn’t have any concept of respect. She treated Fu Bo and the other servants equally courteously, but she didn’t mind killing off this disrespectful servant. 

That servant was overwhelmed by Lu Shiqian’s pressure. Heavens, was this still that incompetent woman? Her pressure was greater than that of generals and more vicious than Xu Jun! How could she dare stay any longer? She quickly agreed, “Yes, yes, yes. I’ll leave right away.” Saying that, she ran away like she was flying. 

After confirming no one else was around, Lu Xianghui’s big eyes recovered that spirit. He spun around and applauded, “Good move, Eldest Sister!” 

Lu Shiqian turned and hugged her brother, “I’ve troubled you, Xianghui.” 

Lu Xianghui’s face turned red before obedientely replying, “No trouble. It’s pretty fun acting crazy.” 

In fact, only he himself knew how much pressure he faced every day. It wasn’t hard to avoid the watching eyes, but it was difficult to face Mother’s disappointment and Father’s sadness. The hard part was to act dumb and crazy even though he was a peerless genius in martial arts. However, facing his sister, he was willing to swallow this hard work down. 

Lu Shiqian understood her little brother. This child had the temperament of a war-hardened general. In the future, he would definitely become a dragon amongst men!

But before that, she would be the one to protect him! 

“Eldest Sister, I’ve already absorbed that magic stone you gave me. I’m a Rank 3 practitioner now,” Lu Xianghui spoke with his wide black eyes. 

Lu Shiqian recalled that magic stone liquid she got in the Amethyst Palace.  That thing can help him advance another rank or two, but it can’t be used in the Lu residence. 

The clever boy looked strangely at his eldest sister and then glanced at the elf Lan Ruo. His eyes were full of mischief, “This one’s not bad. Find some time to get him in bed.” 

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. How old was this brat to know what being ‘in bed’ meant? 

Lan Ruo also turned red from these words. He was a blunt child that spoke whatever was on his mind. His heart was also pure. Those eyes were just like Lu Shiqian’s straightforward ones and he was completely seen through by Xianghui. 

She led Xianghui out and saw Xu Jun and Lu Caiyun leading a horde of servants over. 

Xianghui quickly covered up his bright eyes and acted dumb. 

Xu Jun glanced at the sister-brother pair and sinisterly asked, “Where do you two think you’re going?” 

Lu Caiyun ridiculed, “One of them is incompetent while the other is a fool. They truly are a perfect match!”

The Lu family would soon be theirs. What were a Lu Shiqian and Lu Xianghui to them? They only needed to take down Zhang Jun and then they could purge the family of this trash. 

Lu Xianghui clenched his fist tighter. It was fine if they mocked him, but it wasn’t if they mocked his eldest sister! 

“What kind of thing are you to yell at Ma—Eldest Young Miss?! You’re all pigs!” Lan Ruo walked forward and cursed. 

Fat meant being fat; fat pig meant being a fat pig! 

That Xu Jun ate well and slept well, long putting on weight. As for Lu Caiyun, even though she wasn’t as beautiful as Lu Shiqian, she was definitely considered pretty. However, she was addicted to wine and overate frequently. At such a young age, her waist was thick and her face was swollen as a result of overindulging. 

Therefore, Lan Ruo was extremely accurate in calling the two pigs. 

Xu Jun blew his top and cursed, “What kind of thing are you?! You da--!” 

Before he could finish, Lan Ruo quickly slapped his face twice. 

Elves were originally proud. How could they just stand by and watch others insult them? 

With this move, everyone was stunned still. Xu Jun was enraged. The first time. This was the first time he was ever hit! He felt his cheeks hurt beyond redemption! He angrily yelled, “Someone come! Someone come!” 

“If you dare to say another word, I’ll immediately kill you.” Lan Ruo’s voice wasn’t loud, but it was enough for Xu Jun to hear him. 

The words caught in his throat. He coughed harshly and felt terrified. 

Lu Shiqian didn’t give a glance at Xu Jun’s wretched state and merely walked away with her little brother. 

“Stop, cough cough, I’m telling you, cough cough, the Lu family no longer has room for your royal incompetency, cough cough cough, Lu Shiqian’s room, get… get out!” Xu Jun pointed at Lu Shiqian while a servant supported him on the side. 

Lu Shiqian turned her head and coldly smiled, “Second Father, be careful lest you cough up your stomach too!” She then walked outside with her little brother without looking back. 

“You—cough cough cough cough!” Xu Jun coughed like crazy due to anger.  

Greedily staring at Lan Ruo, Lu Caiyun did not care about her father’s suffering. She turned around and told Xu Jun, “I’ll go see what she’s trying. Let’s see what she’ll do without a room!” 

Without waiting for Xu Jun to agree, she took her servants and chased after them. 

Xu Jun knew his daughter. She was probably enamored with that darn green-haired man. He watched Lu Caiyun run off hating that iron did not turn into steel. His eyes gradually turned dark. 

Lu Caiyun caught up and mocked, “Hoh, where are you all going? You don’t have a place to go, why don’t you go to my animal penhouse to sleep? You just came back, and as a little sister, of course I have to take care of you.” 

She truly was seeking to get cursed and beaten, but Lu Shiqian had no way to deal with her!

This kind of person wouldn’t understand human speech!

Whatever, she didn’t want to live in this residence anyways. It would be a better idea to buy a house in the capital and open the first branch of her magic beast store instead. 

After making up her mind, Lu Shiqian walked towards the busiest street in Longyang City. 

In the most prosperous area, the cheapest house cost 50,000 gold coins and the more luxurious ones were no less than 100,000 gold coins. If there were multiple courtyards within the residence, it would be at least 200,000 gold coins!

A rather nice-looking residence caught her eye. It was wide and could accommodate hundreds of people. There was a garden with a fake pond inside, and the atmosphere was beautiful and tranquil. The price of this house was 500,000 gold coins. 

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