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Chapter 15

The next morning, Lu Shiqian got onto the carriage bringing her to the West County. 
    There were 50 family soldiers and 4 servants going with her and they all cursed their luck. 
    Escorting the young miss to the West County, isn’t that just a nice way to get rid of them? Some of them, in their lifetime, probably won’t ever see the main house’s prosperity again; they won’t ever be able to enjoy the passion of hot-blooded women anymore. They had been abandoned and are finished!
    These fifty family soldiers are either the worst at martial arts or have the strangest temperaments. In short, being rid of them is a good thing. As for these four servants, they are the most stupid of the bunch and do not make good servants. 
    Even the carriage that Lu Shiqian is sitting in is the worst of all the carriages in the Lu family, credit to Xu Jun. Thanks to his “consideration,” this was the most broken one that could be found.
    There were three people sending them off: Lu Xianghui, Zhang Jun, and Lu Xianghui’s father Yuan Jun. 
    This paltry sending-off party could be described as disappointing, but Lu Shiqian was not depressed. The mouth was slightly tilted, forming a smile while sitting in the broken carriage, as if she were not being sent away but merely going on at outing. 
    “Big Sis, I will definitely go visit you! Definitely!” Lu Xianghui jumped on the carriage and gave her a dagger, hoping this dagger will protect his sister in his stead. 
    “I believe you will come,” Lu Shiqian then gave Xianghui five magic stones. With this, he should be able to advance quickly. Xianghui is a second-rank practitioner right now; she’s looking forward to his growth. 
    Lu Xianghui looked at his sister in awe. He had his doubts but shoved them away: this was not the time for it. He hid the magic stones in his shirt.
    “Be wary of Lu Caiyun and Xu Jun,” Lu Shiqian whispered into his ear. With his intelligence, he should understand what she is implying.
    She, an obstacle, has now been removed so of course they will start dealing with other people. Lu Shiqian isn’t worried about anyone else, but she is worried about this child. His talent is too high, too dazzling!
    Lu Xianghui squeezed her hand, indicating that he understood, and then jumped out of the carriage. He ran straight into the Lu family house without looking back once, never saying goodbye.
    Lu Shiqian waved to her father and lowered the curtain.
    From today on, the Lu family lost a Lu Shiqian while the Imperial City lost a wanton woman. There was one less incompetent woman, one less hussy…
    The carriage clanked noisily as it gradually drove far away.
    What is waiting for her on the road ahead?
    The Qin Empire is very large and no one knows exactly how many tens of millions of miles it contains. There are a total of 12 areas and 307 counties. The West County is located southeast of the Imperial City, and it covers 3 areas and 76 counties.
    A week has passed since Lu Shiqian and the party left.
    Sitting in the carriage, Lu Shiqian is currently learning Heavenly Swinging sword style from Xing Chen. In the past week, she figured out that if she channels the sword style, she can return to that mysterious place.
    “Feel the essence of the wind: it can fill the world or be as narrow as a single line.” Xing Chen continued, “Today, your job is to catch these birds.”
    A group of lively and adorable birds suddenly appeared. There were a total of thirty and they had red beaks and white feathers, small and cute!
    Cute is cute but Lu Shiqian soon began to hate them. These birds are extremely fast and even sly!
    In these few days of contact with Xing Chen, she had learned that if she can’t complete these tasks, she will be punished. These punishments range from electrocution, being roasted (literally), wind-shaving… wait, wait. There was not a single punishment that was the same making her wonder if this bearded old man is actually mentally disturbed. Otherwise, how could he have come up with so many ways of torturing someone?
    In order to escape punishment, Lu Shiqian began to seriously catch these birds that are mocking her.
    A while later, she was tired out and panting hard; yet, not a single bird was caught. 
    “Feel the wind, the wind will tell you the bird’s flight path,” Xing Chen reminded her from a distance.
    Lu Shiqian’s progress was very fast. In a short seven days, she had about mastered the first of the water and wind styles. This surpassed Xing Chen’s expectations and seeing Lu Shiqian calming down, he stroked his beard in satisfaction.
    Closing her eyes, she felt the wind’s motion. Gradually, the figure of a bird appeared in the darkness. Then there were two, three… According to her senses, Lu Shiqian’s hand shot out like lightning. Each strike caught one bird. Lu Shiqian is currently in a strange realm: the birds’ trajectory was completely clear to her.
    “Very good, today’s task was completed successfully by you. Make sure you remember this feeling,” Xing Chen nodded.
    “Can I learn some more today?” Lu Shiqian was in good shape today so she wants to learn more and quickly become stronger.
    Xing Chen chuckled and smiled, saying, “To have motivation is a good thing, but avoid being too hasty when learning martial arts. Thoroughly comprehend the things you have learned first.”
    Opening her eyes, Lu Shiqian felt refreshed and energetic. A cool breeze swirled around her body making her long hair blow around and appearing more elegant yet aloof.
    “Big Head, where are we now?” Lu Shiqian parted the curtains and asked.
    “Eldest Young Miss, we are now in Sandu County.” Big Head is the temporary leader elected by the group of 50. He has an amiable face and has a strong and burly body.
    Lu Shiqian saw the sun setting behind the mountains covering the world in scarlet. Seeing that it is evening already and the fact that I can only see trees ahead of us, we probably won’t make it to the inn in town.
    “Let’s make camp,” Lu Shiqian said.
    “Yes,” Big Head replied and commanded the men to set up camp.
    Originally, he looked down on Lu Shiqian but after a spending a week with her, he realized that she is not as willful or arrogant as in the rumors. He had never heard her complain even once while on the road. Particularly valuable is that she does not have a condescending tone when speaking to servants or slaves. Generally, noble ladies are especially arrogant towards those lower in class than them. But Lu Shiqian is not like that; she even drinks and chats with them sometimes! Other than not knowing martial arts, this young miss is not as harrowing as the rumors say she is. He looked at this captivating young lady; perhaps, following a mistress like her is not bad at all.
    The sky darkened and a few fires illuminated the surroundings. You can even smell the scent of delicious meat farther in.

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