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Chapter 16

Lu Shiqian personally took up the knife and grilled a deer-like magical beast, creating a mouth-watering fragrance.
    When she was a member of the Dragon Group, there were a lot of missions that involved camping out so she can survive in any environment. Of course, barbecuing was a piece of cake.
    However, none of the Lu soldiers have ever seen this before. In particular, the smell of grilled meat in the air was better than food from the number one restaurant in Jingdu. 
    After grilling the meat, Lu Shiqian used her knife and cut off a piece. The other parts were given to Big Head who distributed them to the rest of the group. The group of grown men went savage, stealing and picking from others, and ravenously tore off the meat disregarding the heat. On one hand, their mouths were burning from the hot meat. On the other hand, they were eating with immense satisfaction.
    Haha, this is such a cute group of grown men.
    A sense of pride bloomed in Lu Shiqian’s chest. Life is just like this: live openly and be proud of your accomplishments. But being too proud will lead to arrogance and make you unruly.  
    While they merrily ate and drank, a group of five people appeared in the distance.
    These five people are part of a small adventurer group.
    There are countless amounts of adventurers in the Devil Dance continent and naturally, many adventurer groups. They usually make a living by killing magic beasts and selling their magic cores and fur. More capable teams accept commissions, the most famous of which are Canglong, Crimson Wolf, and Raging Fire. These three mercenary groups have members across the continent. 
    These five people are just a normal adventurer group making a living by killing low-level magic beasts and selling cores. 
    They are composed of two second-rank practitioners, one Rank Three mage, one archer, and one female healer. The party leader was a young man in his twenties. 
    These five have been hunting in this forest for three weeks, but they have only gained a couple of furs. Not a single magic beast core was found. This occurrence is rather normal: most magic beasts that can form a core are one-star grade and above. But one-star beasts are usually either in a group or extremely smart, not easy to catch. This group had heard that there was some kind of beast rabbit in this forest that was one-star grade and not hard to catch. They came to try their luck but who knew it would be so bad? In these past three weeks, they could not even find a single strand of rabbit fur! At this point, they look extremely frustrated and fatigued. 
    “Big Brother, look! There seems to be people ahead!” The one who spoke was a good-looking warrior. He was also the first one to catch the scent of delicious grilled meat. 
    Who knows? They might be able to get a few scraps from them. Their own food had already been finished during these three weeks.
    Wan Feng checked out the group of people: there were around 50 of them, most are dressed in armor and they seem to be from some well-known family. He is rather reluctant to speak to those from wealthy families, but hunger overrides pride. He approached the merry group and said, “I am the leader of this small adventurer group, Wan Feng. Our expedition this time did not reap many rewards so will you please sell some food to us? 
    Those fifty people immediately parted for a beautiful woman in the middle. 
    Her jet-black hair seems like it can’t be tousled by the wind, a delicate face as white as the moon, and pitch-black eyes that seem to draw you in. Her body was long and slender. She stood elegantly, wearing a plain light-blue shirt. Nevertheless, it still couldn’t cover up her other-worldly beauty.
    Wan Feng almost went stupid with shock. He swore, he had never seen a girl more beautiful than this one. That girl is— naturally— Lu Shiqian.
    She looked a few time at this adventurer group and became slightly interested. If she could join a mercenary or adventurer group in the future, that would surely be a delightful experience.
    Seeing Lu Shiqian staring at him, Wan Feng revealed a bashful smile. For some reason, his face was completely red.
    “Big Head, ask our brothers to prepare some dry rations for them,” Lu Shiqian announced.
    “No, no, no, we are willing to buy,” Wan Feng immediately responded.
    “To meet is a kind of destiny. Since it is fate, what’s the matter with giving away a few bags of dry rations? No need to reject it,” Lu Shiqian laughed and said.
    With these words, both groups of people began to admire her. 
    A soldier thought, never knew the young miss was so charitable. She will even readily help those she had never met before: truly admirable. Who said that the young miss was a wanton and incompetent woman? Even if she doesn’t know martial arts, having a chivalrous heart is still commendable. Following the young miss definitely wasn’t the wrong move! Disregarding who exactly was cursing the gods for this arrangement a few days ago. 
    Wan Feng thought, this girl sure is unique. She had readily helped them without needing a reason, earning their admiration. Those words also struck deep into his heart: meeting is a kind of destiny!
    Wan Feng received the bag of dry rations when he suddenly put his ear to the ground. His face immediately turned serious as he said, “No good, we have been surrounded.”
    His voice had just fallen when a wolf howl sounded in the distance.
    One after another howls sounded continuously. 
    Wan Feng and his teammates’ faces changed. They can determine from the sound that the magic beasts surrounding them are one-star Forest Devil Wolves. These magic beasts travel in groups and are carnivores. They are also sly and fierce, a hard-to-handle magic beast!
    Furthermore, the amount of wolves surrounding them are, estimated, no less than a thousand! 
    Forest Devil Wolves are bloodthirsty, swift, and good at cooperating. But they are afraid of fire!
    These wolves are about half a person tall, two meters long, and greyish-black. They have surrounded the camp from all four directions, trapping Lu Shiqian and the others in the middle.
    The four servants assigned to Lu Shiqian have never seen such a scenario before. They only felt immense fear as they looked at those wolves slowly creeping towards them. As soon as they thought about how these beasts would tear and rip them apart, they began to shiver and their pupils dilated.   
    The Lu family soldiers have also never seen such a large group of Forest Devil Wolves. But even though they are the weakest of the Lu family bunch, they are still soldiers! They did not show excessive fear. Instead, they felt exhilarated as an indifferent attitude towards life and death emerged. 
    Wan Feng swore: he had never seen such a large group of magic beasts in his life. No wonder why all the rabbits have vanished without a trace; it was because a group of wolves had come! It looks like it’s the end of their little adventurer team. Thinking about his unaccomplished ambitions, he couldn’t help but feel resentful. He lifted his head and looked at Lu Shiqian. At this moment, she was in the middle of a protective circle formed by the Lu family soldiers. Even though she is a woman, she did not have the slightest trace of panic on her face. He was startled and lightly chided himself. If she has remained calm even in the face of despair, then even though he can’t defeat all these wolves, he must at least be courageous! He must squeeze out every ounce of heroism in his body and take a shot. 

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