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Chapter 17

He is the captain of team Silver Blue and a rank three mage. He and his companions quickly got into formation: two practitioners at the front, healer at the back, and archer responsible for sneak attacks. 
    The wolves didn’t immediately rush in revealing their intelligence. They are smart hunters and are waiting for the best moment to strike. There are a little more than 60 people on the other side, most of them carrying weapons. It looks like this may be a bit dangerous!
    A portion of the wolves separated into teams and prepared to attack from the right side to check out their strength. 
    Forest Devil Wolves are good at running, their bodies agile, and two dashed in to attack the enemy. 
    Wan Feng chanted a spell, waved his staff, and a plate-sized fireball hit one wolf in its face. The archer behind him, with a “swoosh” sound, shot an arrow at the other wolf which penetrated through its stomach.
    The two wolves were injured and fell to the ground howling in pain. A scorched and bloody stench filled the air.
    Lu Shiqian saw the real fireball spell for the first time in her life and thought that it sure is magical. So this is magic?
    The Devil Wolves very quickly organized a second attack. The attack this time composed of twenty wolves and they attacked from two directions. 
    Wan Feng quickly began to chant a spell while the two practitioners closely guarded him, swinging their weapons at any wolves that tried to harm him.  
    Mages are very important in large group battles. Their spells can hit a large amount of enemies at once but their bodies tend to be weak and aren’t fast. Another setback is the time needed to chant a spell. Before they finish, warriors and other team members need to protect them.
    Wan Feng’s staff flashed with white light and with a loud grunt, he cast a rank four spell— Fire Wall! 
    The effect was clear: ten wolves touched the wall and were set on fire, howling in pain. The group of wolves saw the power of Fire Wall and retreated a few steps. 
    Casting a rank four spell, Wan Feng’s magic power was almost completely drained. It was a very risky move using a spell one rank above his own because if he didn’t have enough magic to cast it, he would’ve been hit by recoil damage. 
    On Lu Shiqian’s side, twenty family soldiers went out. Under the team’s skill and cooperation, wolves were slowly slain.
    The Forest Devil Wolves quickly launched a third offensive. They had figured out the approximate strength of these people and 100 wolves were sent into the fray this time around. Twenty wolves were to deal with the Silver Blue team while the rest dealt with the Lu family soldiers!
    The real battle has only just begun!
    The wolves were very fierce, their teeth long and sharp, and charged towards the Lu family soldiers. 
    The sounds of the struggle would make a passerby cringe and chatter his/her teeth in fear. The wolves used their razor-sharp teeth to bite onto the soldiers’ weapons.
    A Lu family soldier parried the wolves’ teeth as he continuously stepped back. While retreating, he looked for an opportunity to safely send Lu Shiqian out of this predicament. The clever wolves seemed to see through their plan and three to four hundred wolves were sent to the back, cutting off their escape!
    In the end, the wolves vastly outnumbered the humans. In a situation where one person had to deal with two beasts at a time, someone was finally bitten by a wolf. Soon, more and more people were bitten. 
    The thick stench of blood began to drift through the forest.
    The wolves smelled the blood and became more savage. They became more bloodthirsty and attacked even more violently. 
    The Silver Blue team couldn’t hold off those twenty wolves much longer. The two practitioners were already injured and the archer’s arrows were depleted. The healer had already casted countless healing spells in an increasing cycle of injuries and wolves. The wolves increased to a point where even the healer had to avoid their attacks! Wan Feng’s Fire Wall spell had frightened the wolves so they didn’t dare attack him just yet.
    “Go protect that healer!” Lu Shiqian saw two wolves about to sneak attack the healer and decisively commanded. At this moment, a healer is vital. If the healer dies, their chance of survival will decrease substantially! Another reason is because Lu Shiqian felt obligated to protect this small squad. Even if they all die, it will be after all her Lu family soldiers are dead! 
    “Eldest Young Miss!” Big Head was not willing to obey the order. Their duty was to protect the young miss. The life and death of others is not related to them!
    “Obey your orders and go!” Lu Shiqian coldly barked as she harshly kicked a sneaky wolf that managed to get close to her. 
    For the past few days, she had practiced the Star Heritage and martial arts under the tutelage of Xing Chen. Her physique had also gotten a lot better than before. Furthermore, the martial arts from her previous world seemed to be quite effective: three wolves had already been sent flying by her. 
    Big Head stared as the young miss swiftly kicked and punched away her attackers. Her punches were like lightning, kicks swift as the wind, actions sharp and precise. Even though her moves were weird, they were strangely effective. He felt shocked: so the young miss was actually quite skillful!
    “Ah De, Ya Zi, you two follow me!” Big Head called as he prepared to go save that female healer. 
    Wan Feng felt a light breeze blow through the area. A peerless woman stood alone in the middle of a pack of wolves. She sent out fists like lightning, her legs kicking out with unexpected strength. She moved agilely but the moves she sent out were extremely new and strange. He had never seen moves like that before. But when these weird moves were combined with her it appeared elegant and exquisite. Her face was calm and her mouth seemed to be lifted in a carefree smile. This dangerous situation gave birth to an alluring beauty, shaking his heart. Wan Feng became dumbfounded as he stared in awe. 
    Yes, Lu Shiqian was smiling. She rushed forward, using this body’s power, and faced this pack of fierce wolves. At this moment, she felt a feeling similar to that of meeting an opponent back in her days as a member of the Dragon Group. The excitement of meeting a worthy opponent! Her fighting spirit was high but her mind was calm— a very contradictory state. 
    Accurate judgement and swift actions, this battlefield has turned into her one-man show! 
    The wolves recognized Lu Shiqian as a strong opponent and scrapped their plan to conserve energy.
    Thousands of wolves charged in at once!
    The four servants’ eyes rolled back and they fainted dead away.
    The Lu family soldiers and Silver Blue team let out a sigh of regret. They’re screwed!
    “We are not done yet! They must pay a hefty price if they want to eat us!” Lu Shiqian loudly declared.

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